Formal Letter Writing

Formal Letter Writing is used mainly for impersonal discourses. They are used while communicating with officials or associates with whom the writer does not share a personal relationship.

These letters can be recognized by their tone which is often a combination of politeness and formality and their short length.

Formal Letter Writing List

What is a Formal Letter?Formal Letter Format
Formal Letter ExamplesApplication Letter for Jobs
Official LetterOfficial Letter Examples
Business LetterBusiness Letter Examples
Letter to Bank ManagerLoan Application Letter
Letter to the EditorIntimation Letters
How to Write a letter to the EditorAcademic Letter
Letter to the Editor of a NewspaperLetter for Leave Application
Leave Application for OfficeSick Leave Application for Office
Leave Letter for CompanyLeave Application for Fever
Leave Letter for FeverFever Application in English
Suffering from Fever ApplicationApplication for Fever One Day
Leave Application for JobLeave Letter for Job
Application for Fever to Class TeacherApplication to the class Teacher
Leave Letter for Class TeacherApplication to Principal
Writing an Application to the PrincipalWriting a Letter to Principal
Application to Principal FormatLeave Application to the Principal
Application to Principal for LeavePrincipal Application for Leave
Leave Application to ManagerLeave Application to Principal by Teacher
Application for Fee ConcessionLeave Application for Marriage
Application for Transfer CertificateQuitting Job Letter
Short Resignation LetterResignation Letter
Resignation Letter to HRResignation Letter Due to Health and Stress
Permission Letter to PrincipalLetter of Permission to Travel
Letter of Permission to be Absent from WorkPermission Letter
Vacation Leave LetterMedical Leave of Absence Letter
Sample Leave Letter for Personal ReasonExcuse Letter for Being Absent in Online Class
Excuse Letter for Being AbsentAsking for Permission Letters

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