Daily Reading Comprehension Test (Mon-Fri)

Daily Reading Comprehension Test Instructions

  • Read the following passage carefully.
  • Answer all five questions.
  • Each question carries one mark.
  • Time limit: 5 minutes.
  • Stay focused and manage your time wisely.
  • Remain silent during the test.
  • Good luck! Begin the test now.

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After his father Bindusara, Ashoka became king. When he became king, he called himself Devanamapriya (loved by the Gods) and Priyadarshi (the beautiful one). He ruled until 232 BC. Kalinga was in an important place. It was at the center of routes for trade and pilgrimages. So, Ashoka wanted to take control of it. In 261 BC, there was a big fight called the Kalinga War. According to Megasthenes, Kalinga had a strong army. Ashoka had a hard time fighting them. He won over Kalinga, but a lot of people died in the war, about 150,000. This war changed Ashoka a lot and had big effects on him.

The sadness and deaths caused by the war changed Ashoka’s life a lot. He gave up the policy of conquest by force. After the war, Ashoka decided not to hunt or eat meat on some days. He also abandoned the life of luxury. Ashoka was inspired by the ideas of Buddhism. So, he made Buddhism the main religion in his kingdom. People captured during the war were made to work on farms. This increased the productivity of the land and brought economic prosperity to the empire. Ashoka decided to stop fighting in wars and believed in not hurting anyone. This made the Mauryan army less strong. After winning over Kalinga, Ashoka’s empire became much bigger. It went from the northwest Hindukush Mountains to the southern River Pennar. His empire also included the parts of Nepal, Kabul, Heart, and Kandahar provinces in the west.


Daily Comprehension Test

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What titles did Ashoka use to refer to himself as a king?

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What significant event led to Ashoka's change in attitude and policies?

3 / 5

What impact did the Kalinga War have on Ashoka's behavior?

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What was the main religion that Ashoka promoted in his kingdom?

5 / 5

How did Ashoka's empire expand after winning over Kalinga?

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