Daily Reading Comprehension Test (Mon-Fri)

Daily Reading Comprehension Test Instructions

  • Read the following passage carefully.
  • Answer all five questions.
  • Each question carries one mark.
  • Time limit: 5 minutes.
  • Stay focused and manage your time wisely.
  • Remain silent during the test.
  • Good luck! Begin the test now.

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Once, a thirsty stag went to drink water from a clear pool. While drinking, the stag saw his own reflection in the water and admired his fine horns. However, he felt sorry for his thin legs, which he found ugly. Suddenly, a hunter appeared with his hounds, and the stag got scared and ran away as fast as he could. Unfortunately, his horns got stuck in the creepers of the bushes, and he couldn’t escape. The hunter caught up to him and killed him, making his once charming horns the reason for his demise.


Daily Comprehension Test

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What was the stag's reason for going to the clear pool?

2 / 5

What did the stag admire about himself?

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Why did the stag run away when the hunter appeared?

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What unfortunate thing happened to the stag when he tried to run away?

5 / 5

How did the stag's horns become the reason for his demise?

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