Letter Writing

Every person needs to write a letter at some point of time in his life. Letters not only carry formal discourses but are also means of friendly conversations. How language is used in a letter reflects the skills and finesse of the writer as well. Therefore, it is essential to master the skill of writing a good letter from an early age.

Formal Letter

Formal letters are letters used mainly for impersonal discourses. They are used while communicating with officials or associates with whom the writer does not share a personal relation. These letters can be recognized by their tone which is often a combination of politeness and formality and their short length. Read more

Informal Letter

Informal letters or friendly letters help us communicate with our distant friends and relatives which in turn helps us stay in touch with them. It gives us an insight into their lives and experiences while we share a part of ourselves at the same time. For this mutual exchange to occur satisfactorily, we need to study the basic rules and polish our skills through practice. Read more

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