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Formal Letter Writing

Formal letters are letters used mainly for impersonal discourses. They are used while communicating with officials or associates with whom the writer does not share a personal relation. These letters can be recognized by their tone which is often a combination of politeness and formality and their short length.

What is a Formal Letter?Formal Letter Format
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Informal Letter Writing

Informal letters or friendly letters help us communicate with our distant friends and relatives which in turn helps us stay in touch with them. It gives us an insight into their lives and experiences while we share a part of us at the same time. For this mutual exchange to occur satisfactorily, we need to study the basic rules and polish our skills through practice.

What is an Informal Letter?Informal Letter Format
Personal LetterPersonal Letter Examples
Informal Letter Samples…………………………

Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a short collection of well-organized sentences which revolve around a single theme and is coherent. In this article, you will learn ‘How to Write a Paragraph’. Parts of a Paragraph Introduction: It constitutes the opening sentences of the paragraph. 

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Essay Writing

A basic essay mainly consists of three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Following Essay Writing Format will help you write a good essay. Parts of an Essay Introduction It constitutes the opening paragraph of the essay. It helps the reader get oriented with the topic. It states the purpose of the essay.

What is an essay?Essay Writing Format
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Précis Writing

A précis is an intelligent summary of a long passage. It aims at testing your understanding of the passage. As it is a summary, it is always shorter than the original passage. It expresses only the main theme as concisely as possible.

What is Précis Writing?Examples of Précis Writing
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Story Writing

A story is an imaginary account of people or situations that is told for entertainment. Everybody loves to read or listen to stories. But writing a story is not a simple task. In this chapter, we will learn the guidelines for writing a good story.

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Article Writing

An article is a piece of writing that is included in newspapers, magazines, or journals alongside other written works.

How to Write an Article?Article Writing Format
Article Writing Samples…………………………

Reading Comprehension

Communication skills help to understand a particular language, process it, and use it effectively. Let us examine the role of reading comprehension in acquiring Reading skills. Reading comprehension is the act of understanding what you are reading.

Introduction to ComprehensionWhat is Reading Comprehension?
Reading Comprehension WorksheetsComprehension Passages

Report Writing

Report writing is very similar to article writing, but the latter is more casual than the former. Reports are meant to be published in journals, newspapers, and magazines.

How to Write a Report?Report Writing Format
Report Writing Examples………………………………

Process Writing

For describing a process of doing something or preparing or manufacturing a thing one has to give a description of the series of actions done one after another until the desired result is got.

What is Process Writing?Describing a Process
Top 10 Process Writing Examples……………………………..

Diary Entry

A diary entry is a personal record of events and feelings affecting the writer. It is written for personal record and reflection; therefore, it may not always be objective in its view. It almost always details the events occurring in the present. 

What is Diary Entry?Diary Writing Samples
Personal Diary Writing Samples……………………………….

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue is a conversation between two individuals on a topic understood and related to by both. It is an exchange of thoughts and opinions on any kind of topic or issue. A dialogue may either aim to form a concurrence of thought or differentiate one’s point of view from the others.

Dialogue Writing – Format, Tips & SamplesDialogue Writing Examples

Speech Writing

A speech is a spoken discourse or an expression of ideas that are delivered in front of an audience by the speaker. 

How to Write a Speech?Speech Writing Format

Debate Writing

A debate is a formal way of arguing in favor or against a topic. But Debate Writing is Not an Easy Task. It is generally in the format of a speech. A debate is presented before an audience. 

What is a Debate?10 Controversial Debate Topics

Notice Writing

A notice is a kind of advertisement aimed at informing people about some upcoming event or new openings. They may include announcements about extracurricular activities at schools or public events like discount sales or social service camps.

Notice Writing Format & Examples………………………..

Message Writing

A message is a short record of information noted for conveying it to the person whom it is for and who is not present at the moment to receive it. The aim of a message is to convey information to its owner as soon as he or she is back. Therefore, it is usually written on a small slip of paper and left at a place easily visible to him or her.

Message Writing Format & Examples…………………………

Email Writing

An e-mail is the fastest way to communicate in writing. The word e-mail simply means electronic mail, which we send across the Internet or other computer networks. An e-mail can be sent from a computer or from a smartphone that has access to the Internet. In this article, we have written ‘how to write an Email’ with proper guidelines.

How to Write an Email?…………………………….