Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising is the most effective means of promoting one’s own business or requirements. In fact, Newspaper Advertising keeps the wheels of life moving in modern society. We take the help of advertisements for

  • Situation Vacant [to fill up the vacancy in various posts]
  • Sale or Purchase of things [to promote sales or to buy things]
  • Situation wanted [wanting appointment in various situations]
  • Educational [for institutions, tuition, private tutor, coaching centres, etc.]
  • Accommodation wanted [wanting accommodation in various fields]
  • Matrimonial [seeking alliance for brides and grooms]
  • Houses & Flats [to let or to require houses and flats]
  • Public Notifications [notifications of public interest]
  • Lost and Found [to inform missing persons or things]
  • Miscellaneous [health, tours, travels, etc.]
Newspaper Advertising

Types of Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper advertisements are mainly of two types – Classified Advertisement & Display Advertisement.

  • Classified Advertisement [Little space with other advertisements in the same row]
  • Display Advertisement [ Larger space in special column with an Art Pull as desired by the advertiser]

Newspaper Advertising – Tips

  • It should be brief and clear.
  • The language should be very catchy.
  • All important information should be included.
  • Full sentences are not always necessary.
  • Even a common expression becomes interesting when it is unusually told.

Newspaper Advertising Samples

Newspaper Advertising Sample #1

Q1. Suppose a reputed company wants to advertise for recruitment of some salesgirls on a commission basis. Draft an advertisement for the same.



Wanted young, energetic, and smart salesgirls to sell cosmetics on a commission basis. Apply within a week.
Box-Kol. C54321 The Telegraph

Newspaper Advertising Sample #2

Q2. Suppose you want a paying guest accommodation in the Salt Lake area for an IT engineer in a Computer Company in Sector III of Salt Lake. Draft an advertisement for the same.



Wanted paying-guest accommodation in the Salt Lake area for an IT engineer at a Computer Company
Contact Ph. 9434605242

Newspaper Advertising Sample #3

Q3. Write an advertisement for an A-1 three-bedroom flat at Ballygunge to be let out.



Available an A-1 three-bedroom flat (1200 sq. ft) on the ground floor at Ballygunge. Rent Rs 8000 pm. Company or bank preferred.
Write to Box – 2411 The Statesman

Newspaper Advertising Sample #4

Q4. Someone has lost his original mark sheets, certificates, etc. while travelling by train. Write out an advertisement requesting to return.



Lost my original mark sheets, certificates of Madhyamik Pariksha, and some other important papers in a red-coloured bag on the Howrah-bound Tarakeswar train. Anyone having information is requested to contact me. Ph No. 9737456145.

Newspaper Advertising Sample #5

Q5. Suppose you have found the passport of a person. Write out an advertisement requesting the owner to contact you.



Found a Passport in the compartment of the Sealdah-Barasat train and deposited it at Barasat Police Station. The owner may collect it from the P.S. by giving proper identification.

Newspaper Advertising Sample #6

Q6. Write an advertisement for the sale of a two-storeyed house in good condition at New Alipore. Mention some other vital points.



For sale is a two-storeyed south-facing house, well-furnished, all mosaic, 1500 sq. ft, at New Alipore. The house has a car parking space and a lawn. Rs. 30 lakh on offer. No middleman,
Write to Box-783401 The Telegraph

Newspaper Advertising Sample #7

Q7. Write an advertisement for purchasing a plot near Eastern By-Pass. Mention some essential points



Required Freehold land more or less 5 kts near Eastern By-Pass at Gariahat Connector for residential purposes. It must be litigation-free.
Write to Box-5475 The Telegraph.

Newspaper Advertising Sample #8

Q8. Suppose your sister is in class VII. She requires guidance in English. Draft an advertisement for a tutor for her.



Required a tutor for teaching a girl of class VII at a residence near Bhawanipur market, Kolkata. Write to Box-3456 The Times of India.

Newspaper Advertising Sample #9

Q9. A beautiful, educated and homely girl is wanted for an alliance with a well-established groom, Write out an advertisement. Mention if there is any bar for caste.



Seeking a beautiful, educated, simple, and homely girl from a respectable family for a well-established groom in North Kolkata. Caste no bar. Send details with a photo.
Write to Box-4687 The Statesman.

Newspaper Advertising Sample #10

Q10. Make a draft of the advertisement on behalf of the National Insurance Company for Car Insurance. You should mention that the Insurance Company and Maruti Udyog Limited have tied up to bring to the Maruti Vehicle owners a unique convenience.


National Insurance Company Limited and Maruti Udyog Limited have tied up to bring to the Maruti Vehicle owners a unique convenience-a-one spot solution for your car insurance requirements.
National Insurance Company
3 Middleton Street, Kolkata-700 001

How to Publish an Advertisement?

You may contact the Advertisement Department of a Newspaper personally or through an agent. However, you may also send a copy of the advertisement by post with a forwarding letter. But in all cases, the forwarding letter must bear the signature and full address of the sender. A copy of the advertisement must be enclosed. And it should be prepaid.

Write a forwarding letter to the Advt. manager of a newspaper for the insertion of our Classified Advertisement.

The Manager, Advt. Dept. The Times of India, Kolkata 700 001

The advertisement to be published in the ‘CLASSIFIEDS’ section of the Sunday issue of the ‘Time of India’ is enclosed herewith. An A/C Payee cheque of Rs. 600 (Rupees six hundred only) payable at SBI, Jadavpur Branch is attached. It is as per the approved rate of advertisement in your daily. Please arrange for publish it next Sunday.

(Full signature and Address)

Enclosed Advertisement: Wanted a trained teacher, M.A. in English for a CBSE school. Apply within 10 days with attested copies of testimonials. Box-SW The Times of India Kolkata 700 001

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