Top 10 English Paragraphs in 2022

English Paragraphs

English Paragraphs revolve around a single idea. The first line of the paragraph often gives the main idea. All the other details support the main idea of the passage.

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English Paragraphs #1


Obedience means obeying other’s orders. A society cannot exist for a single day without obedience. It is born of man’s love of social life. Obedience is of various kinds, We should obey our parents for our own welfare. Our parents know better what is good for us and what is not. They sacrifice a lot for their children. So, it is our duty to obey them. We should obey our teachers to learn. Our teachers are no less important than our parents. We cannot learn anything if we do not obey our teachers. Everybody wants to live in peace in society. So, we should obey the laws of the country, Laws teach us how to live and behave in society. We should be obedient to our superiors. It is the key to success. Obedience in the army is a must. It creates discipline in an army. The absence of obedience in the army cannot be imagined. Obedience and slavery are not the same things. Obedience is a great virtue. It is a mark of a civilized person.

English Paragraphs #2


The meaning of friendship means a sincere bond between two persons. Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. So, he needs companions. But a companion cannot be called a friend. A good and true friend should possess some qualities. It is said that a friend in need, is a friend indeed. But we should not seek a friend only when we feel the need. A true friend not only helps us in need but also corrects our faults and shows us the right path. He always stands by us in our difficulties. A friendless man is an object of pity. But true friendship is rare. An open foe is better than a false friend. A true friend is a blessing, a false friend is a curse. A false friend may lead us to the way to hell. So, we should be careful in selecting friends.

English Paragraphs #3


Unity means living and working together. At first, the man was alone in this world. But he found it impossible to live alone. Then the idea of unity came to him because unity is strength. Unity gives us strength. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Unity is needed in a family. A family breaks down for want of unity among the members. A united joint family is the source of happiness. Unity 1s needed for the welfare of society. A man alone in society is weak. Even a strong man cannot protect himself. United effort can give us social security. Unity is very important in our national life. History gives us many examples of the value of unity. We lost our independence for want of unity. We had to divide our country because we were not united. Even at this moment, we are not conscious of the importance of national unity.

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English Paragraphs #4


Leisure means rest from work. Even a machine needs rest. Modern life is the struggle for existence. Constant work makes our life dull. Overwork tells upon our health. So, we need rest from work. All care and no joy mar the happiness of life. The value of leisure is great. It gives us new energy. It makes us more efficient. The Bible also gives importance to the necessity of leisure in life. Leisure makes life charming. But leisure should not be confused with idleness. Idleness is a negative attitude to life. Leisure gives man a chance to make life more meaningful. There are various ways of spending leisure. Hobbies are excellent pastimes. Cinema, radio, TV, Video games, etc. are some of the ways of spending leisure. But we should use leisure fruitfully.

English Paragraphs #5


Newspaper is one of the most powerful media. The first newspaper in India, India Gazette was published in 1774. Newspaper is a sort of Contemporary history. Newspaper collects news publishes them and circulates. The newspaper is an account of the present time. It is a record of current events, happening in the country and abroad. All kinds of news—political, economic, commercial, sports, etc. are published, Newspaper is of great importance in modern life, It is a strong medium to form public opinion, Every section of society finds it necessary to go through a newspaper. It has some educative value, Politicians and thinkers spread their ideas through newspapers. The newspaper tells us of the latest discoveries and inventions of the world. It 1s the easiest way of increasing general knowledge. But the newspaper has a bad side also. They can mislead people with false and fabricated news. Any sort of bias is very harmful. The newspaper should give impartial and correct pieces of information.

English Paragraphs #6


Television is a great gift of science. It is the most powerful medium of modern times. It offers double the benefits of cinema and radio. A variety of programs are telecast. Television is the most important and effective instrument of entertainment. It relays live telecasts of important events. It is also the best medium of advertisement. It helps mass education. The teaching of History, Geography, Science, etc. are made effective with the help of television. It plays an important role in the world of sports and games. But it has some demerits. It is used for image building of certain individuals. Some programs are not fit to be seen by the students. There is a risk to be addicted to television. So, studies suffer. It also affects eyesight. So, programs should be carefully selected.

English Paragraphs #7


We live in an age of science. Science has made us civilized. Every progress in human civilization is the gift of science. Science has solved our problem of getting basic needs. It has helped us to grow more food. It has given us comfortable shelter. Science has given us clothes. Science has made the world small. The train, aircraft, car, and other speedy transport take us from one place to another within a short time. Science has brought about a revolution in the field of communication. We can talk to a friend living in a distant country. The field of entertainment is filled with cinema. TV., radio, video, etc. The gifts of science to medicine and surgery are considered to be untold blessings. Science can diagnose hidden diseases. It has been able to prevent most fatal diseases. Science has done something beyond our imagination in the field of space research.

English Paragraphs #8


Science is a great boon to human civilization. All signs of Progress in civilization have been made possible by science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. It has given us electric fans, lights. fans cool us, lights remove darkness. Lift, washing machine, etc. save our labor. Car, train, bus, aircraft have made our travel speedy and comfortable. The computer has taken the excess load of our brain. Science has given us life-saving medicine. Surgery can do something miraculous. Thus science is a blessing to us. But it is a curse at the same time. Science has given us speed but has taken away our emotions. It has made our machine. The introduction of the mobile phone has destroyed the art of letter writing. Science has made war more dreadful by inventing sophisticated weapons. Peace has become scarce. But who is responsible for making Science a curse? Certainly, it is the evil intention of a few scientists and malignant politicians.

English Paragraphs #9


National integration means one nation as a whole comprising different groups of people. India is a vast country with different languages, religions, etc. So, the force of disintegration looks for a chance to flourish. There was no idea of national integration in ancient India. During British rule, we got the idea of one nation. It is very important to promote the concept of national integration. Our country has been passing through anxious moments since independence. Separatist forces are gradually gaining strength. Communal elements, caste, linguistic problems have threatened unity. The policy government is also responsible for the growth of terrorism and separatism. Economic justice has not been given to every part of the country. Various tribes in remote areas have been neglected. Their needs should be considered. Politicians should be more generous. They can divide as well as unite the people.

English Paragraphs #10


My favorite subject is History. The range of History is very wide. There is a history of every subject. Any research on any subject is helped by the earlier research. History keeps the record of earlier research. It is not merely a chronicle of the dead past. Past is still living in History. It breaks the limits of time. The range of History is extended from the remote past to the age we live in. It is interesting to everybody. Who does not like to know the history of his village or town or country? Who does not like to know the history of his ancestors or the ancient people of his country? The study of History broadens our outlook. It develops patriotism. It teaches to love one’s country. History teaches lessons because it repeats itself. History is thus a great teacher. History teaches how to take our present Steppings flawlessly.

English Paragraphs #The End

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