Top 10 English Paragraphs

A paragraph is a short collection of well-organized sentences which revolve around a single theme and is coherent. A good paragraph expresses everything it has to say briefly.

English Paragraphs revolve around a single idea. The first line of the paragraph often gives the main idea. All the other details support the main idea of the passage.

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English Paragraphs

Best English Paragraphs

English Paragraphs #1

Good Habits

A person’s nature is a set of habits. If a man develops good habits, he develops good character. If he develops bad habits, his nature becomes bad. So he should try to develop good habits. Good habits make a man much better. They make him healthy, wealthy and wise. Some good habits are getting up early, cleanliness, abstinence from alcohol and telling the truth. Getting up early is very beneficial for people. Keeping clean is a good habit. It protects a person from disease and improves his health. Good habits are a man’s most valuable asset.

English Paragraphs #2

Ideal Student

An ideal student acts as a role model for others. He rises early in the morning, walks outside in the garden or in the field or in the park and regularly goes to school after breakfast where he pays close attention to his studies. He takes great care in doing his homework. He is definitely a brilliant student who participates in sports and extracurricular activities. He is of excellent character. He supports his classmates in a variety of ways and shows respect for his elders and teachers. He certainly brought great fame to his school and parents and shone in later life. He is loved and admired by all. One such person is my friend Mr John.

English Paragraphs #3

The Titanic

The Titanic was the largest and grandest luxury ship that sailed from Southampton, England on April 10, 1912, to New York. The best steel of the time was used in its construction, and Mr Smith, its captain, thought that it would never sink. On the night of April 14, 1912, while everyone was asleep, the ship struck a huge iceberg that tore a hole in her deck. The crew made every effort to plug them but in vain. Lifeboats were thrown into the sea but they could only carry a thousand people. Others went down to rest there forever. Captain Smith was one of them.

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English Paragraphs #4


Since March 8, 1990, Women’s Day has been observed by SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) comprising seven countries namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives. The day is celebrated to highlight the problems of the girl child in these countries. It is very sad that girl children are subjected to extreme neglect and disrespect, especially in underdeveloped countries. The birth of a girl child is seen by parents as a cause of pity. They are deprived of proper nutrition, education, economic opportunities and social status or respect. We must eliminate these prejudices and provide a bright future for girls by educating them.

English Paragraphs #5


An aim is a goal or objective to be achieved in life. To be successful in life you must have a goal. My goal in life is to become a teacher. We all know that teaching is a very noble and responsible profession. I’ve discovered that our country’s increasing misery and distress is the result of its people’s ignorance and illiteracy. So I decided to spread the knowledge among the masses as much as possible within my humble capacity. As a teacher, I want to be a loving and respectful person.

English Paragraphs #6


In our country, there are numerous children who are unable to receive an education and enjoy typical childhood experiences. While children from upper-middle-class families attend school, those from poorer families are often forced to work in tea shops or small factories or to serve as domestic helpers in households belonging to the middle or upper classes. These children are compelled to take up such occupations because their parents are very poor and unable to provide for them.

Government should come up with strict laws to solve this problem. Along with the law, the government should introduce some economic reforms which will bring down the poverty line to some extent. Apart from this, to solve this problem, illiteracy needs to be eliminated and the birth rate must be controlled.

English Paragraphs #7


Every advancement in human civilization is a gift of science. Science has solved the problem of obtaining our basic needs. Science helped us grow more food and gave us comfortable shelter, clothes and more. Science has made the world smaller. Trains, planes, cars and other high-speed transportation take us from one place to another in a short period of time. Science has brought about a revolution in communication. We can talk to a friend who lives in a far country. The entertainment field is full of movies. TV, Radio, Video etc. The gift of science in medicine and surgery is considered to be an infinite blessing. Science has been able to prevent the most deadly diseases. Science has done something beyond our imagination when it comes to space exploration.

English Paragraphs #8

Technical Education

Training in a specific branch of applied science, such as engineering, agriculture, weaving, spinning, etc., is considered technical education. It contrasts with liberal education which aims to impart general knowledge of arts and sciences. In the modern era, technical education is extremely important. Today, a country’s prosperity is determined by its industrial development. The more advanced the country is in industry, the more prosperous the country is. Technical knowledge is now the backbone of industrial progress, which holds the key to national prosperity.

English Paragraphs #9


The Dowry system is bad in society. It has turned the sacred matter of marriage into a business deal. The bride is regarded as a marketable commodity. Bride’s parents are often put under inhumane pressure for a handsome dowry. Sometimes they become destitute to give their daughters in marriage. In many cases, young brides are brutally tortured or pushed to commit suicide. To eliminate this social evil, a complete change in society’s outlook is necessary. Women should be treated as equal partners to men.

English Paragraphs #10


Everyone knows that paper is made from trees. But when one looks at trees, one cannot imagine that something so soft and fragile as the paper is made is so hard and strong. Plant materials such as wood are made of fibres known as cellulose. It is the primary ingredient in paper making. Raw wood is first converted into pulp consisting of a mixture of Cellulose, lignin, water and some chemicals. The pulp can be made mechanically through grinders or through chemical processes. Short fibres are produced by mechanical grinding. The paper produced in this way is weak and is used to make newspapers, magazines and phonebooks.

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