Top 10 Paragraph Examples

Paragraph Examples

A good paragraph expresses everything it has to say briefly. A complete paragraph expresses everything without leaving any gaps as far as the information is concerned. It does not end abruptly without offering a sensible conclusion. In this article, you will find top-quality Paragraph Examples.

Paragraph Example

Paragraph Example #1


The Tsunami is one of the most terrible natural calamities not very well known to us even a few days ago. It is a Japanese name given to the mighty waves of the sea. The Tsunami is caused by an earthquake that occurred beneath the deep sea. Sometimes one plate of the earth’s surface goes under or above another plate. Such an incident generates force. As a result, the sea-water rises up causing mighty waves. The height of the waves is sometimes more than 60 feet. The waves rush to the sea-coast. It happens so suddenly that people on the sea coast find no alarm to take any precautionary measure. So casualty becomes grave. Houses collapse. Thousands of people are killed. The memory of a recent Tsunami in the South Asian Countries still haunts us. It took away about a million lives within a few minutes.

Paragraph Example #2


The earthquake is one of the dreadful natural calamities. When the surface of the earth shakes or trembles, we call it an earthquake. The earthquake is mainly caused by the movement of the plates of the earth’s surface. Sometimes it is caused by a volcanic explosion. We cannot know when it will take place. It lasts for a few seconds. But it has immense devastating power. It can destroy a town or city or a village within a few seconds. Sometimes flood follows the earthquake because a river may change its course or break the embankments. Large cracks appear on the surface of the earth. Millions of people are killed. Those who survive lose everything. The amount of property damaged by an earthquake cannot be measured. Epidemic follows an earthquake. Scientists are still unable to forecast an earthquake.

Paragraph Example #3


My first long journey by train was a pleasant experience. I planned to visit my uncle’s house in Siliguri. I had my seat and berth reserved in Kamrup Express on 24 December. I reached Howrah Station half an hour before the departure of the train. When the train reached the platform I took my seat in the compartment. The train began to move just at 5 pm. Most of the co-passengers were Bengali. Some of them were going to Guwahati. The train soon picked up speed. Vendors were moving inside the train with various wares. It was winter. I bought a cup of ‘ea from a vendor. It was quite dark outside. could see only fast-moving small stations and lights. The swing and the sound of the moving train made me sleepy. I had my dinner and went to the upper berth to enjoy asleep. I got up early in the morning. A quarrel between two passengers woke me up. I looked outside. It was foggy weather. I reached New Jalpaiguri station at 8 pm. Uncle was waiting on the platform to receive me. My journey would have been more pleasant if I had a companion with me.

Paragraph Example #4


Durga Puja is a great festival for Hindus. But it is the greatest festival of the Bengalee Hindus. The goddess Durga is worshipped in autumn. Devi Durga has ten hands that hold various weapons. She is shown as fighting with a demon. She stands on the back of a lion. Her sons Ganesh and Kartick, daughters Lakshmi and Saraswati are also worshipped with her. The puja is held for three days. There is a difference between rural and urban Pujas. Pujas in villages have less pomp but have more heart. In towns and cities, Puja’s budget crosses a few lakhs of rupees. Huge pandals are decorated with lights. Thousands of men, women, and children with new dresses visit puja pandals. It is a great occasion for fun, feast, and reunion of family members and friends. Rich and poor, high and low enjoy this festival. On the fourth day

Paragraph Example #5


The Moharrum is a great festival of the Muslims of the Shia sect. But it is not a festival of joy and happiness. It is an occasion to express mourning over the death of Hussain and Hassan. They were two grandsons of Hajrat Mahammed. Hassan was poisoned to death by his enemy. Hussain then became Khalif. He marched against his enemy, the ruler of Damascus. He camped in a field, called Karbala on the bank of the Euphrates. Here Hussain was killed and his men died without food and drink. Since then the Shia Muslims perform Moharrum in memory of Hussain and Hassan. They fast for ten days. On the tenth day, they bring out Tazia. They fight mock fights with swords. The Tazia is carried with a procession. On the occasion, beggars are fed.

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Paragraph Example #6


On October 10 the final match of the Bijan Trophy was played between our school team and the Town Club. The match was held at our school grounds. Our team won the toss. The match started at 4 pm. There was a huge gathering all around the field. Our team exhibited excellence in passing, dribbling, and shooting. But our strikers failed to score a goal in the first half. The goalkeeper of the Town Club was unbeaten. In the second half, the Town Club was about to score a goal through a counter-attack. But our defense was very strong. Now our team began to dominate the field. Pressure began to increase on the defense of the Town Club. They started fouling. Their sweeper-back was shown a yellow card. Frequent attacks made the opponent team puzzled. At last, our striker Subhas scored a unique goal just five minutes before the final whistle.

Paragraph Example #7


During the last Christmas holiday, a friendly one-day cricket match was played between the Golden Club and our school team. The match was held on 26 December at our school ground. Our captain won the toss and opted for batting. But the opponent bowler gave a blow at the start. Our opening batsman was caught behind in the very first over. He made not a single run. The second batsman also took the way to the pavilion after scoring just 15 runs. But our next two batsmen stood firmly. The score crept up. They made 124 runs from 130 balls. At last, our team scored 290 for 6 wickets. After lunch, the Golden Club started boldly. Their opening batsman scored 80 runs from 120 balls. But there was a rapid fall of wickets. Our bowlers were successful in taking quick wickets. The Golden Club scored 260 for all. The match was very exciting. We enjoyed the match.

Paragraph Example #8


The Saying, “Health is Wealth” means health is the source of happiness. Modern education aims at physical development for various reasons. There is a deep relation between body and mind. Sound health is the abode of the sound mind. Physical exercise makes up physically fit and mentally alert. Good health is necessary for making a good academic career. A meritorious boy or girl with bad health may cut a sorry figure in the long run. Physical fitness is also necessary for some professions. It is also necessary for national life. Swami Vivekananda advised the youngsters to play football instead of reading the Gita. Physical exercise is the only way to keep good health. Boys and girls should take part in all sorts of games and sports. Yoga is of great importance for keeping sound health. Health is wealth to both individual life and social life.

Paragraph Example #9


There is a saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man happy and wise.” Early rising is good for health. Less sleep is not good for health and more sleep makes us idle. So, it is proper to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. An early riser is healthy and cheerful. He gets the blessings of early morning. He comes in contact with nature. He gets fresh air. A morning walk brings him pleasure. He listens to the song of the birds. His feet touch dew drops on grasses. He finds more time to work. He does not need to make hurry. He performs his works slowly and steadily. The beauty of nature refreshes his mind. Early rising is necessary for a student. Early morning is the best time to devote to studies. So, we should try to acquire the habit from childhood.

Paragraph Example #10


There is a saying, “Time and tide wait for none.” The value of time is very great. We can regain lost money and lost health, Bu lost time is gone forever. So, we should know the use of time. This knowledge and habit of proper use of time are the secrets of success. Our life is short. But time passes swiftly. Our life is made of moments, So, to lose a moment is to waste a valuable part of life. By making the right use of the time we can do a lot. We should avail ourselves of every opportunity. If we do not know the use of time our life becomes miserable. We should know that a stitch in time saves nine, Idle time is said to be a thief of time. We are born to do a lot of work. Great men realize it. They never lose a moment. Gandhiji always used to keep a watch to watch his time. We should not say ‘later, we should do ‘now’

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