Top 10 Paragraph Examples

A good paragraph expresses everything it has to say briefly. A complete paragraph expresses everything without leaving any gaps as far as the information is concerned. It does not end abruptly without offering a sensible conclusion.

In this post, you will find 10 high-quality paragraph examples.

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Paragraph Examples

Best Paragraph Examples

Paragraph Example #1


Everyone knows that paper is made from trees. But when one looks at trees, one cannot imagine that something so soft and fragile as the paper is made is so hard and strong. Plant materials such as wood are made of fibres known as cellulose. It is the primary ingredient in paper making. Raw wood is first converted into pulp consisting of a mixture of Cellulose, lignin, water and some chemicals. The pulp can be made mechanically through grinders or through chemical processes. Short fibres are produced by mechanical grinding. The paper produced in this way is weak and is used to make newspapers, magazines and phonebooks.

Paragraph Example #2

My home

Home is the place where we return to rest after a day’s work, and where parents and children meet together and have a carefree and joyful time. Our family consists of three members—father, mother, and brother. We live in a rural area. It is free from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is especially famous for its scenic beauty. I am the most important member of the family. Everyone trusts my judgement and agrees to follow my suggestions.

Paragraph Example #3


The Dowry system is bad in society. It has turned the sacred matter of marriage into a business deal. The bride is regarded as a marketable commodity. Bride’s parents are often put under inhumane pressure for a handsome dowry. Sometimes they become destitute to give their daughters in marriage. In many cases, young brides are brutally tortured or pushed to commit suicide. To eliminate this social evil, a complete change in society’s outlook is necessary. Women should be treated as equal partners to men.

Paragraph Example #4

My friends

People live in society. Hence we cannot identify with those who live near us and work with us. This acquaintance sometimes turns into friendship. You will not find friendless people. Even monks have friends. I also have friends. Peter is my close friend. He is my friend since childhood. He comes from a poor family. But he is very talented. My next best friend is Lisa. She is a complete foil to Peter. She is the son of a big man. She is neither intelligent nor industrious. She often goes out hunting birds with a gun. I have some other friends. They are John, Nisha and Camellia.

Paragraph Example #5


There are many children in our country who are deprived of education and the normal joyous experiences of childhood. While upper-middle-class boys and girls attend school, they work in tea shops or small factories. They work as servants in middle-class and upper-class households. Parents are very poor, so children are forced to take up all these occupations.

Government should come up with strict laws to solve this problem. Along with the law, the government should introduce some economic reforms which will bring down the poverty line to some extent. Apart from this, to solve this problem, illiteracy needs to be eliminated and the birth rate must be controlled.

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Paragraph Example #6

FAMILY (100+ Words)

Family is where you learn your first life lessons. Your family members are the only assets that will always be with you. Whatever the circumstances, family members are always there to support one another. In a family, good values and morals are always instilled. We are prepared in the family to respect our elders and love our children. Our family consistently teaches us lessons about honesty, dependability, kindness, and so on. Family always gives us the feeling of being loved and cared for.

Paragraph Example #7

Health is Wealth (100+ Words)

Our greatest asset is our own health. A healthy body can earn a lot of money, but a wealthy person cannot. We live in a fast-paced world where people have no time for themselves. The majority of their lives are spent in pursuit of materialistic wealth in order to outshine others, but they lose their health along the way. Wealth is important, but it is not as important as health. Spending a lot of money on junk food in five-star hotels or other forms of entertainment, such as watching movies for a day, has no benefits other than self-satisfaction.

Paragraph Example #8

Co-education (100+ Words)

Co-education is an educational system in which boys and girls attend the same school or college. Co-education was uncommon in ancient times. It is a radical concept. Parents supported the case for adequate education for all children, regardless of gender. The countrymen realised that in the free world, boys and girls must move together and work hand in hand in all aspects of life. They began sending their children to co-educational schools. Co-education encourages competition among boys and girls through the activities they participate in at school. That is why students at co-educational institutions perform better in all aspects of their lives.

Paragraph Example #9

Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is an attitude or mindset characterized by optimism and happiness. A positive person hopes for the best and expects success in his life. Although many may scoff at the idea of ​​staying positive all the time, it has a plethora of benefits not only for the mind but also for the body. Positivity brings happiness to the soul and lightens one. It evokes our goodwill and joy.

Paragraph Example #10

The Importance of Breakfast

You probably already know that it is important to have a king-size breakfast every morning. do you know why Your body is hungry in the morning because you haven’t eaten for about 8-10 hours? Breakfast is therefore the first meal of the day, and therefore, the most important. Imagine driving without fuel; This is exactly how your body feels without fuel from a nutritious breakfast. Nowadays many people skip breakfast to lose weight. Nutritionists are alarmed by this trend, as it is mandatory to eat breakfast within two hours of waking up. Depriving the body of energy can lead to serious health problems in the long run. Forget silly celebrities and their absurd ways to lose weight. Never miss breakfast!

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