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Essay on Unhealthy Lifestyle

    A person having a healthy lifestyle can earn lots of money however a person having an unhealthy lifestyle cannot because of a lack of motivation, interest, and concentration level. In this post, we have written a brilliant Essay on Unhealthy Lifestyles.

    Unhealthy Lifestyle

    Essay on Unhealthy Lifestyle (450+ Words)

    The greatest wealth is our own health. A healthy body can earn great wealth but, a wealthy person cannot earn great health. We live in a fast-moving world where individuals have no time for themselves. Most part of the life withers away in search of materialistic wealth in order to outshine others but, along the way, they lose their health.

    People eat junk foods and other unhealthy food items only for taste. They don’t even have time to nourish their bodies with the required diet.

    Wealth matters, but, is not as important as health. Spending lots of money on junk food in five-star hotels or on other entertainment sources like watching films for a day and so on has no advantages other than self-satisfaction. A healthy person becomes more active, lively, and energetic and works with full efficiency, however; a rich but unhealthy person gets easily tired and eventually losses the wealth of life for example health.

    A healthy person can earn lots of money however an unhealthy person cannot because of a lack of motivation, interest, and concentration level. Money is the source to carry on with a healthy life however good health is the source of living a happy and peaceful life. So, everyone should take many precautions in maintaining good health. Everyone should be away from bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

    At the point when we feel sick, it welcomes dissatisfaction and this often causes us to be irritated with the smallest mistakes that others make. We become inconsiderate and it can get going a chain of disagreeableness all around.

    Recent studies have shown that the increased stress of the present speedy life is leading to various medical conditions. Major among those are the heart and neurological problems. Good health assists an individual to keep a positive attitude toward work and life in general.

    An overweight person, who cannot walk through the garden path, might not enjoy the fragrance of the Flowers or enjoy the sight of a mother bird taking care of her chicks, primarily because his brain would be busy with different diseases he may experience the ill effects due to his obesity.

    If a person can figure out how to free his mind of unhealthy and negative thoughts like self-indulgence, he can stir up the will to improve his body. That will free him of most illnesses that are of psychological origin. When he is on the way to good health, he will encounter a superior mind.

    Essay on Unhealthy Lifestyle #The End

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