What is the Problem Solution Paragraph?

Problem Solution Paragraph

“Sometimes Paragraphs are written by presenting Problems and Suggesting Solutions. Let’s understand the Problem Solution Paragraph with examples

Examples of Problem Solution Paragraph

Problem Solution Paragraph Example 1

Here is a detailed information structure on pollution. Study it and write a paragraph on Environmental Pollution:

Where?How?How to Control?
AirFactory smoke, CO gases from motor vehicleControl the haphazard growth of factories; steps to control co and industrial fumes by planting trees, etc.
LandUncollected garbagesProper steps for treating garbages.
WaterUntreated sewageTreating sewage and preventing the flow of industrial effluents.


Pollution is one of the greatest threats to our environment in the 21st century. The air is constantly being polluted by smoke from factories and by carbon monoxide (CO) and other poisonous gases emitted by motor vehicles. Even the ground we walk on-in both urban and rural areas—is polluted by uncollected garbages. Water is also being polluted, particularly due to untreated sewage, which kills aquatic creatures like fishes and plants. The best way to curb pollution is to plant trees and care for them. Throwing garbages everywhere must also be controlled in order to fight pollution on the land. To fight the pollution of water, sewage treatment plants must be built. We also must see that industrial effluents are not released directly into the rivers. Above all, we all should join hands in maintaining the ecological balance.

Problem Solution Paragraph Example 2

Here is a detailed information chart on sound pollution. Study the following chart and write a paragraph on Sound Pollution – the new enemy of mankind :

Sound Pollution – a serious problem of our times. It is chasing microphones us almost everywhere – schools, colleges, etc.Indiscriminate use of microphones – bullying horns – crackers during religious festivals – slogansTo make people aware of the dangers of sound pollution – strict laws


Of late, sound pollution has adversely affected our normal life in a major way. It is chasing us in almost every step. In schools, colleges, offices and even in hospitals we have an explosion of deafening sound. There are many causes of sound pollution. We are almost deafened by the blaring mikes or the record players which are often played in full volume. Secondly, we have noise pollution caused by various groups of people shouting out their slogans or the impatient automobiles always honking their horns. During some social and religious festivals crackers are burst indiscriminately. In recent times laws have been passed to take effective steps to control sound pollution. People must also be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution.

Problem Solution Paragraph Example 3

Here is a detailed information chart. From the information write a paragraph on The Pollution of the Ganga-Ways to fight it :

The Ganga – the longest river of India (2525 km).The Ganga is being polluted – less than 4mg of dissolved oxygen per litre of water in the Ganga ( normal requirement 6mg per litre) – fall in the growth in the fish – the worst affected stretch from Bansberia to Birlapur in West BengalUntreated sewage of 48 class I towns and 66 class II towns on both sides of the Ganga – industrial effluentsRs 37 crores for Ganga Action Plan in West Bengal – people must be aware


The Ganga is the longest river in India covering 2525km. But unfortunately, at present, this major river of India is being polluted. In some areas, the measure of dissolved oxygen is less than 4 mg, whereas the minimum requirement is six mg per litre. The stretch of the river flowing from Bansberia to Bírlapur in West Bengal is the worst polluted. As a result, there is a fall in the growth of fish. There are 48 class I towns and 66 class II towns on both sides of the Ganga. The untreated sewage of all these towns is released into the river Ganga. Moreover, industrial effluents are also responsible for the pollution of this river. Fortunately, the Ganga Action Plan has been formulated by the Central Ganga Authority. About 37 crores of rupees have been earmarked for controlling the pollution of the Ganga in West Bengal. But people must be aware of their responsibilities.

Problem Solution Paragraph Example 4

From the information structure given below, write a paragraph on Housing Problem- the ways to solve it :

Acute shortage of houses – one of the major problems of our national lifeThe cost of construction is very high. In rural areas, houses with mud walls and thatched roofs are often damaged by heavy rain and fireReducing the cost and saving the consumption of materials – successful techniques – experimental housing schemes of the National Building Organisation – Cost reduction of large scale housing projects as well as a house in rural areas


Housing is one of the major problems of our country today. In big cities, thousands of people dwell on the pavements. The cost of construction is going up every day and at present, it is very difficult for the common people to afford it. In rural areas, most of the houses are built with mud walls and thatched roofs. These are often damaged by heavy rains, floods, and fires. The National Building Organisation has evolved experimental housing schemes to reduce the cost of construction and to save the consumption of materials. These are designed to reduce the cost of large-scale housing projects as well as to adopt new techniques for the construction of houses in rural areas. However, maximum stress should be laid on the proper utilization of indigenous raw materials.

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Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise

Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise 1


Dowry – homicide, suicide, etc. in different parts of the countryAge-old beliefs – male-dominated society-passive roles women – lack of stiff opposition by socio-political leadersMass protest – especially by educated men and women-laws alone are not sufficient-creating a social awareness

Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise 2


Afforestation fast disappearance of greenery in urban and rural areasLarge-scale deforestation – rapid urban development lack of awareness – excessive greed – active gangs engaged in cutting treesFast-growing trees – such plant seedlings now being distributed by different agencies including the Central and State Government- awareness among people- responsibilities of the citizens

Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise 3


Transport difficulties almost a daily problemInfrequent service of buses – breakdowns number of buses lessthan adequate late running of trains – other modes of transport also not satisfactoryTo increase the number of buses – to improve the condition of the roads in order to provide better bus service and lesser maintenance output – special measures to tackle overcrowding during peak hours – the Metro and the Circular Railways help reduce the rush of passengers – improvement of railway services to help the daily commuters

Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise 4


Short supply of kerosene – long queue for a litre of keroseneIrregular supply kerosene – hoarders hold the articles for raising price – available in open market upon payment of higher ratesfair price shops should be effectively improved – fair price shops should be – opened co-operative societies may be formed – in the villages, kerosene should be supplied at a subsidised rate to the students and the persons below the poverty line

Problem Solution Paragraph Exercise 5


Hawkers- encroaching upon the pavements – gives rise to serious inconvenience of the pedestriansAcute scarcity of employment opportunities number of hawkers increasing everyday – they have no regard for civic laws – markets near railway stations, main roads, etc. to meet the needs of the daily commutersThe hawkers should be provided of hawkers with alternative accommodation -the pedestrians cannot be exposed to injuries in many areas, hawkers enjoy political protection – this must be stopped – we must think of the greatest good of the greatest number

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