Short Stories for Kids

Who doesn’t love Short Stories? Stories are the easiest way to help a child learn about abstract virtues such as sympathy, selflessness, and self-control, honesty as most children are said to be naturally sympathetic when they have experienced or can imagine the feelings of others.

In this post, you will find the top 10 Short Stories for Kids.

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Short Stories for Kids

Collection of Short Stories for Kids

Short Stories for Kids #1

The fox and the grapes

On a hot day, a fox walked by a vineyard where he saw ripe grapes hanging from the vines. He felt both hungry and thirsty, and was delighted to see the juicy grapes. However, the grapes were out of his reach, and he jumped multiple times to try and get them but couldn’t. The fox was disappointed and told himself that the grapes were sour and that he didn’t want them after all.

Short Stories for Kids #2

The Wolf and the Lamb

Once upon a time, there was a cruel wolf who enjoyed killing small animals for no reason. One day, he wandered in the forest in search of prey but found none, and became very thirsty. He went to a stream to drink water and saw a lamb there. The wolf wanted to eat the lamb and approached her, accusing her of disturbing the water. The lamb politely replied that it was impossible, as the water was flowing from the wolf to her.

However, the wolf grew angrier and accused the lamb of insulting him in the past. The lamb calmly pointed out that she was not even a year old and couldn’t have done so. Nevertheless, the wolf attacked and devoured the innocent lamb.

Short Stories for Kids #3

The farmer and the snake

On a cold winter morning, a snake came out of its hole but couldn’t go back in, and lay almost lifeless on the road. A farmer passing by saw the poor creature in that condition and took pity on it. He warmed the snake with the fire and saved its life. The farmer’s son was standing nearby and, as the snake revived, it was about to bite him. The farmer became angry and, taking a stick beat the snake to death for its ingratitude.

Short Stories for Kids #4

A man and his ass

Once there was a man who used to sell salt. He had an ass to carry loads of salt from a faraway town. On the way, they had to cross a stream every day. One day, the ass slipped and fell into the river, causing some of the salt to dissolve in the water. As a result, the load became lighter, which made the ass feel relieved.

Thinking it was clever, the ass started to deliberately let its feet slip into the water every day. As a consequence, the man suffered a huge loss. He became very angry and wanted to teach the ass a lesson. He decided to keep it without food for two days. After that, the ass realized its mistake and never repeated it again. The moral of the story is to not be foolish and act cleverly, or else it can lead to problems in the future.

Short Stories for Kids #5

United we stand, divided we fall

There was a farmer who had four sons, but they always argued and fought with each other. The farmer worried about their future and decided to teach them a lesson. He asked each son to bring a bundle of sticks and then try to break them, but they couldn’t.

Next, the farmer asked them to untie the bundle and try to break the sticks one by one, which they were able to do easily. The farmer then advised them, “If you stick together and work as a team, no one can harm you. You couldn’t break the sticks in a bundle, but you could easily break them when they were separated. So, stay united and live in peace.” The sons agreed to follow their father’s wise advice.

Short Stories for Kids #6

The dog and the crow

One day, a dog found a bone and was happily eating it under a tree. A cunning crow saw the bone and wanted it for itself. The crow flew away and returned with another crow. Together, they approached the dog. One of the crows pulled the dog’s tail with its beak, annoying the dog. The other crow also bit the dog’s tail. The dog grew angry and dropped the bone, turning around to see what was happening. While the dog was distracted, the second crow snatched the bone and flew away with it. The dog tried to catch the crow but failed, and was left feeling sad.

Short Stories for Kids #7

Tit for tat

There was a tailor who had a shop in the market. Every day, a rich man’s elephant would pass by on the road in front of his shop, led by its mahout. The tailor would offer the elephant food to eat, but one day he had nothing to give. When the elephant held out its trunk, the tailor, unable to offer anything, pricked it with a needle, causing the elephant much pain.

The next day, the elephant carried foul water in its trunk and, when passing by the tailor’s shop, poured it onto the tailor’s body, as a tit-for-tat for the needle prick.

Short Stories for Kids #8

A Greedy Dog

One day, a dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. He was very happy to have it and planned to have a good meal at home that night. With the piece of meat in his mouth, he went towards his home. On his way, he had to cross a river using a narrow plank. While crossing the plank, he looked down into the water and saw his reflection. He mistook it for another dog holding a larger piece of meat.

He thought to himself, “Ah, there is another dog with a bigger piece of meat! If I can take that piece from him, I will have a good meal in the morning. I must have that piece of meat at any cost.”

Without thinking, he ran towards his own shadow to grab the piece of meat reflected in the water. As a result, he fell into the river and lost his own piece of meat. By being led by greed, he lost what he already had.

Short Stories for Kids #9

Belling the Cat


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A farmer had a problem with mice infesting his granary. He decided to get a cat to get rid of them. The cat did a good job at catching the mice. The mice were so scared that they did not come out of their holes even to find food.

One day, the mice had a meeting to find a solution. A young mouse with long whiskers stood up and suggested putting a bell around the cat’s neck so that the mice could hear when the cat was coming and escape in time. The other mice thought it was a great idea.

Then, one mouse asked the crucial question, “But who will bell the cat?” The mice were silent, and nobody had an answer to that.

Short Stories for Kids #10

Do not trust a false friend

Two friends were going through the woods when they came across a bear. The friends became terrified, and one of them climbed a tree without considering his friend’s safety. The other friend, who couldn’t climb a tree, lied down on the ground and feigned to die. The bear approached, sniffing around the friend’s lips, nose, and ears. Fortunately, the bear assumed his friend was dead and moved away. Unfortunately, the other companion was not present and died after falling into a pit. The fable tells us never to believe a dishonest friend.


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