Essay on Consumerism and the Present Generation

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In this post, we present you with a brilliant essay on Consumerism and the Present Generation.

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Consumerism and the Present Generation

Essay on Consumerism and the Present Generation

Today’s young generation is generally different from their parent’s generation. This difference does not mean that one is good and the other is bad. Both generations have some positive and negative aspects. The current generation is completely computer dependent.

The current generation knows how to use the web and chat on computers. Most of the present generation prefers the use of computers. But our parents’ generation didn’t rely on computers. If truth be told, most parents don’t know how to use computers.

The present generation has forgotten letter writing. They are only using email. But our parent generation still uses letter writing. In the current generation, every child is using mobiles and other electronic items like iPods, laptops, modern watches etc. Consumerism doesn’t just affect our finances. More importantly, it also affects our well-being.

In contrast, our parent’s generation used landline connections and other simple devices. Parents are not crazy about these electronic items.

The present generation always thinks about themselves only with family members. The present generation does not think about their relatives or neighbours. In a sense, the present generation is self-centred. The contemporary generation enjoys globalization but our parents’ generation spent their entire lives in one place. They only do one type of work. They do not like any change in lifestyle.

The present generation believes in high living and high thinking. Finally, it can be said that there are many differences between generations. But it would be good if we learn something good from our parents and parents learn something good from the younger generation. It will lead to a happy and prosperous life for an individual and a family. It is necessary for the rapid progress of a country.

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