Consumerism and the Present Generation Essay (500+ Words)

Consumerism and the Present Generation

Every generation of people is different in its own way. Is your generation different from your parent’s generation? Use specific reasons and examples to elucidate your answer. The present young generation is usually different from their parent’s generation. There are some ways during which both generations are different.

This difference doesn’t mean that one is sweet and therefore the other is bad. Both generations have some positive and negative sides. In my view, these are the following things in which both generations are different. Today present generation is completely based on computers.

The present generation knows alright the utilization of the web and chatting on computers. The present generation mostly prefers the utilization of computers. But our parents’ generation does not depend on computers. If truth be told, I would like to say most of the parents do not know how to use a computer.

The present generation has forgotten letter writing. They are using only emails. But our parent’s generation remains using letter writing. I have seen an honest example of this in my home. My parents and my in-laws do not know the use of computers. But youth has a commandment of computers.

In the present generation, every child is using mobile and other electronic items like iPods, laptops, modern watches, etc. Everyone knows that most children in the present generation sleep in a culture of consumerism. Consumerism does not just affect our funds. More essentially, it also affects our well-being. On the opposite hand, our parent’s generation remains using landline connections and other simple instruments. Parents are not crazy about these electronic items.

In my home, I have an MP3 player but my parents never use it. What I prefer most about my parents’ generation is that the skill to form the connection in family and neighborhood. But today’s generation doesn’t have that quality. The present generation always thinks about themselves and only for family members.

The present generation does not think for their relatives and neighbors. In a sense the present generation is self-centered. The contemporary generation enjoys globalization but our parent’s generation passes their whole life in one place. They do only one type of job. They do not like any change in livings.

Our present generation lives in an age of tough competition and so they try hardest to acquire knowledge to be successful in life. In comparison with parents’ generation, the present generation finds good job opportunities in the country and abroad. In our parents’ generation and the generations before their generation demand for physical comfort and consumer items were less. They believed in simple life and upstanding.

In the present generation craze for luxury items and consumers, items are high. The present generation believes in high living and high thinking. Finally, I would like to say there are many differences between the generations. But it will be good if we learn good things from our parents and parents learn the good things from the younger generation. This will lead to a happy and prosperous life for a person and a family. The rapid progress of a country needs this.

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