Global warming and the future of mankind Essay (500+ Words)

Global warming and the future of mankind

An increase in the average temperature on the surface of the earth is called by scientists as global warming. Global warming is the result of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapor, and various chloro-fluro-carbon gas are called greenhouse gas.

These gases are like green glass in the atmosphere. Sunrays fall on the earth’s surface penetrating this atmosphere. Due to the low temperature of the earth’s surface, the radiated rays from the earth’s surface are converted to infrared rays, and a part of this ray is absorbed by greenhouse gases and a part of this ray goes out.

As a result, the atmosphere and the surface of the earth absorb this extra heat and keeps the environment warm. But if the quantity of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere increases abnormally the radiated rays from the surface of the earth cannot go out. It returns to earth and the temperature of the earth’s surface increases gradually.

The rise in temperature of the earth’s surface and the adjacent atmosphere is called the global Main reason for global warming is an increase of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. The causes of the increase of greenhouse gases are

  • Burning of fossil fuels such as coal, mineral oil like petrol. diesel, kerosene, and natural gases, an increase of carbon dioxide for deforestation,
  • Increase of methane gas due to decomposition of plants and bio-waste,
  • Increase of chloro-fluro-carbon by use of solvent, refrigerant, plastic foam, etc,
  • Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer resulting increase of nitrous oxide, Owing to global warming ice of polar region will melt quickly and water level of the oceans and seas will rise. The low areas of the sea shore will be submerged.

If the water level of the sea rises twenty inches shore areas of India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives will go underwater. Due to the change in weather frequency of floods, drought, cyclones will increase. Due to the dryness of the soil and sand desert areas will spread. As a result of an increase in temperature, pests will increase and agricultural products will decrease. Forest will be destroyed. The ecosystem will be in danger.

The direct effect of global warming is an increase in heart disease and heart stroke. Scientists, researchers, and environmentalists are trying their best to discover how global warming can be controlled. Though they have not yet come to any conclusion they have mentioned some measures for lessening the rate of rising of temperature. The following measures can be taken

  • To reduce the burning of fossil fuel, to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizer, to reduce wastage of petroleum products;
  • To encourage aforestation so that ecological balance is maintained;
  • To increase the use of non-conventional energy:
  • To make people conscious about the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Mousam Bhavan of Delhi declared the year 2009 as the warmest year. Earth is now under the grip of rising temperature. World Meteorological Organization has declared the year 2010 as ‘World’s Warmest Year’. If global warming is not controlled the future of mankind and human civilization is dreadful.


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