Only Science is not enough Essay (600+ Words)

Only Science is not enough

Science is knowledge, systematic, and formulated knowledge. Knowledge is power. The primitive man used to roam from place to place in search of food and shelter. He was feeble and at the mercy of nature. The sun, the moon, the stars amazed him. He worshipped the forces of nature. The development of the wheel and the discovery of fire were the accomplishments of primitive man.

The beginning of the scientific arena was a ‘small step for man but a giant leap for mankind’. The advent of science has changed the life of man. With his intellect, man has proved his superiority over other beings on earth. Man ventured on the sea and discovered unknown land. He also discovered that the world is round and it revolves round the sun. The laws of gravitation were discovered by man.

Man discovered electricity, invented the telephone, radios, wireless, fax, television, the computer. Airplanes, trains, trams, buses, cars, ships have made journeys easier, quicker, and more comfortable. With the help of science, man has been able to conquer not only this earth but space also. With the successful landing on the surface of the moon, the distance between the earth and other planets is considerably reduced.

The important discoveries and inventions in the field of medical science, have provided relief to mankind. It has led to a low mortality rate and increased life expectancy. The Discovery of penicillin is an epoch-making (755) incident. The causes of smallpox, malaria, filaria tuberculosis, polio, plague, cholera, were identified. The human body can be operated upon for curing cancer. Open-heart surgery can be conducted easily. The discoveries of antibiotics and drugs have reduced the suffering of mankind to a great extent.

Agriculture also has been benefited from scientific inventions. Improved methods of irrigation better quality seeds and use of fertilizers and manures have also helped to increase the yield. New tools and implements, tractors, and power tillers have benefited the farmers in various ways. New hybrid seeds and drought-resistant seeds have helped to increase the yield. Science has lessened manual labor.

With the advancement of science, discovery, and invention of pieces of machinery and the establishment of factories, various industries have produced goods to make human life comfortable. If we go strictly by the literal meaning of civilization it is an advanced stage of social development that people have achieved. Science has definitely and irrefutably helped up in this direction Now the question: ‘Is science enough’? Can only science give a man joy, mental peace, and solace in sorrow? The answer is: ‘no’, Only Science is not enough.

Science has given man materialistic comfort and physical comfort. Only science cannot raise moral value and cannot give aesthetic pleasure and joy. What science cannot give, poetry can give, philosophy can give, holy renderings of prophets and seers can give. So for material comfort, physical comfort, and food, for safety and shelter man will depend solely on science. But for spiritual joy and aesthetic pleasure man must read scriptures and read poetry i.e. literature and find comfort in all kinds of fine arts.

Literature, painting, music, and all kinds of fine arts yield aesthetic pleasure and appeal to people of all ages, all countries, and all times. Man’s knowledge of life is deepened and enlarged, feelings are sharpened, sensibilities are quickened by the reading of poetry and literature. Cultivation of fine arts improves moral faculties It can be said that science is for material gain and physical comfort while fine arts are for mental joy, pleasure, and comfort. Only science will make a man robot. So science and arts both are equally required to make this world a happy abode for mankind.

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