How to Write an Email?

An e-mail is the fastest way to communicate in writing. The word e-mail simply means electronic mail, which we send across the Internet or other computer networks.

An e-mail can be sent from a computer or from a smartphone that has access to the Internet.

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In this post, you will learn how to write an Email with proper guidelines.

How to Write an Email?

Facts about E-mail

  • An e-mail is sent using an account that stores all your sent and received messages online.
  • E-mail accounts can be created with e-mail service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL.
  • Most of these service providers do not charge you to create an email account.
  • An e-mail account is operated through a personal e-mail address (e.g. ) which can be accessed only with a password (a series of letters or numbers).
  • Your password is a secret and should never be shared with anyone!
  • You can send written messages, photos, videos, and audio files through e-mail.

What does an E-mail Look Like?

Most e-mail service providers allow users to customize their online profiles. Each user can choose from a variety of themes and set their preferences. It is similar to setting themes on your computer.

An e-mail looks like a letter except that it is not handwritten. Let us examine the differences between a letter and an e-mail.

Printed or typedPrinted or handwritten
Sent via the InternetSent via the post office
Is received instantlyTakes days to reach the recipient

How to Write an Email

Components of an E-mail

An e-mail consists of two main sections:

  • The header
  • The body

The following fields are part of the header:

  • The To field
  • The Cc field
  • The Bcc field
  • The Subject line

The body of the e-mail consists of an introductory paragraph and a short description in writing. It consists of

  • A salutation
  • An opening sentence
  • The information in detail
  • Closing line
  • Signature line

Learn How to Write an Email With Examples

Email Sample #1

Q. Write an e-mail to the editor of a daily expressing strong contempt over a gender-biased piece written by one of his correspondents titled ‘Working women destroy families.
SubjectDo working women indeed destroy families?

Dear Editor,

With due respect, I would like to draw your attention to the article titled ‘Working women destroy families’ published on 9 September 2020. The piece was insensitively written and expressed strong prejudice against women who manage both their careers and homes.

The article mentions that working women lack affection for their families as they are only concerned about climbing the career ladder. It further stated that children whose mothers are career-oriented are left to fend for themselves. The writer painted a disillusioned picture of women by concluding that working women destroy their families by giving importance to their jobs.

The high cost of living compels both parents to work so that the family and the children can get the best facilities. I have been brought up by a mother who was a working woman, and at no point in time did I feel that she was neglecting me. Although the possibility cannot be denied, it was grossly inappropriate to allow such a biased piece to be published in your prestigious daily.

Educated women are crucial to a better tomorrow, and I think that instead of being misjudged, they should be treated as equals in society.

I hope your publication takes care henceforth before publishing articles that are poorly researched and drafted.

Yours sincerely,

Bipin Paul
V.I.P Enclave

Email Sample #2

Q. Write a reply to a thank-you e-mail written to you by a man whose injured brother you rushed to the hospital and paid the admission charges. Sign the e-mail as Vinay Roy.
SubjectRe: Thank you for your timely help

Hi Prakrit,

It was my moral duty to help your brother the other day. In fact, I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to help someone in need. Often, we avoid taking accident victims to the nearest hospital to shirk formalities. However, we don’t realize that we may also fall into a similar situation someday, and will wish for timely assistance as we lie helpless on the road.

Thank you for taking the time out and writing to me. I now have two friends, and let’s hope that we continue to stay in touch.


Email Sample #3

Q. A family which has recently moved into the apartment next to you habitually scatters garbage outside the door leaving the floor area in a mess. In addition, the youngest child in the family has spoiled your main door by scribbling on it with permanent markers. Write an e-mail to the secretary of the society complaining about the family and request him to take immediate action. E-mail address of the secretary:
SubjectTroublesome neighbours in B/10

Dear Mr. Ray,

I would like to bring to your notice that the Sahanis who moved into our society last month is becoming a nuisance for us and the whole building.


Copyright Notice:📚 Teachers and students are granted permission to use, reproduce, and distribute this content solely for educational and non-commercial purposes. 🚫 Unauthorized copying, distribution, or reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Any infringement may result in legal action. 


I live on the second floor of the B wing in Vinayak Enclave. The Sahanis stay next to me in B/10 and have some strange habits. Every morning the sweeper picks up the trash bags that we keep at our doorstep. The Sahanis just scatter the garbage outside their door instead of using a trash bag. This makes the floor a party house for cats and rodents. The floor is always stinking as a result and the sweeper has a difficult time cleaning the mess.

Their youngest son has been scribbling on the doors of other apartments with markers. When I tried to talk to the parents, they rudely slammed the door in my face. We have tried to communicate with the Sahanis several times explaining that they are causing a great deal of inconvenience. However, they don’t seem to pay any heed to our requests.

I request you to arrange for a society meeting and address this issue at the earliest.
I look forward to your response.

Vinay Roy

Email Sample #4

Q. Write an e-mail to your father requesting him to send you extra money next month as your hostel is organizing a trip to a neighbouring hill station and you need to contribute a thousand rupees for your stay and meals.
SubjectExtra money for the class trip

Dear Dad,

My hostel has organized a two-day trek to a nearby site next month. Each student has to contribute a thousand rupees. The amount will be used for food and accommodation during the trek.

The school authorities have either asked us to make an online transfer or pay cash. If you wish to make an online transfer, you can use the details that I sent in the previous e-mail. However, you could also give me the money when you come to meet me this weekend.

I look forward to your reply.


Email Sample #5

Q. You are the secretary of the Dramatics Department of your school. You will be going to Peak Skills Performing Arts Centre next week for a performance. Write an e-mail to Rohit Roy, the administrator in charge of the centre informing him about your arrival and requesting him to make arrangements for your lunch and accommodation for a day.
SubjectArrangement for a group of 10 performers

Dear Mr. Roy,
As you have been intimated by our principal Mr. Bhanja, 10 students from South Point High School will be coming to Peak Skills Performing Arts Centre to participate in the Annual Drama Festival. As the secretary of the Dramatics Department, I have been asked by Mr. Bhanja to inform you about our arrival so that you can make the necessary arrangements for us. The details are as follows.

Number of students: 5 boys, 5 girls
Handicapped students: None
Accommodation: A medium-sized green room for a day
Breakfast: Yes
Lunch: Yes
Food preference: Vegetarian
Arrival date and time: 15 September, 8 am

Please let me know if you need any further details and I will be pleased to provide you with the same.

We look forward to having a wonderful time at the festival.

Thanks and regards,
Prakash Mandal
Dramatics Department
South Point High School
M: 9733277611

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