Notice Writing Format & Examples

A notice is a kind of advertisement aimed at informing people about some upcoming event or new openings. They may include announcements about extracurricular activities at schools or public events like discount sales or social service camps.

The main purpose of a notice is to grasp the attention of the masses and encourage them to participate in the event described. It should carry all the relevant information so as to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the minds of the readers.

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Notice Writing

Notice Writing Format

(Heading of the Notice)

Issued By (Name of the organization issuing the notice)

Details of the Event
(Here describe the event and mention all the relevant details pertaining to it.)

Contact Details

Name and
(of the person issuing the notice)

Notice Writing Tips

  • The heading should be self-explanatory and crisp at the same time.
  • Ensure that basic information like contact details and the detail of the event are listed accurately.
  • The sentences in the body should be short and easy to understand. They should be easy to absorb in the passing.
  • Suitable decorative templates could be used to grasp the attention of the readers; however, these templates should not be allowed to interfere with the content of the notice.
  • Hard and fast grammatical rules do not apply to notices. You could use capital letters in the middle of sentences to highlight words. Underlining and use of short phrases are also accepted.
  • Attempt to make the reader feel involved by using personal pronouns like you, your and us.

Notice Writing Samples

Notice Writing Sample #1

Q. Vice Principal Mr. A. Biswas of Debra High School warns against disciplinary actions against indiscipline students.

Disciplinary Actions against Guilty Students

Debra High School
19th April 2021

It has been observed that many students are indiscriminately breaking school rules and influencing others to do the same.

We would like to remind you that leaving your class during lectures, loitering around the school building, or playing in the compound in the absence of a teacher is not permitted and will be recognized as a violation of school rules.

Remember that the absence of the principal gives all the more rights to the disciplinary authorities to punish you. Strict actions will be taken as and when any student is found guilty of such actions.

We, therefore, urge everyone to be conscious of their behaviour to avoid being penalized.

By Order,

Mr. A. Biswas
Vice Principal

Notice Writing Sample #2

Q. Shilpi Roy, President of (the Dramatics Association) notifies about the annual play of the P.K Sunadr School Dramatics Association.

Dramatics Association’s Annual Play

P. K. Sundar High School,
23rd November 2020

This is to bring to your notice that the Dramatics Association will be holding its annual play at the 3rd-floor auditorium this weekend.

The play is open to all. The entry fee is priced at Rs 10 for students and Rs 20 for teachers and staff.

It is compulsory for all members of the Association to be present.

Shilpi Roy
President (Dramatics Association)

Venue: 3rd Floor, P. K. SundarSchool Hall
Date: 28th November 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 7.00 PM–10.00 PM

Notice Writing Sample #3

Q. A notice about a 15% discount by the British Council Library to school students till 30 August.


Copyright Notice:📚 Teachers and students are granted permission to use, reproduce, and distribute this content solely for educational and non-commercial purposes. 🚫 Unauthorized copying, distribution, or reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Any infringement may result in legal action. 


30% Discount for School Children

St. Xaviers School, Park Street
3rd August 2021

This is to bring to your notice that the British Council Library is offering a discount of 15% to all school-going students. We also offer you a lifetime membership at a discount of 40%. Visit us at the address mentioned below carrying your school I.D. cards and becoming a part of the British Council.

We encourage all our students to make the best out of this exceptional opportunity.

Venue: Park Heights
5th Floor, Park Street
Kolkata – 700016

Contact: 011 1111 333; 011 7683 5983

Offer valid till 30th August

Notice Writing Sample #4

Q. Mrs. Dipika Sarkar, the principal of Debra High School, informs the students about the cancelled Gujarat trip because of the drought in that region and the collection of refunds.

Trip to Gujarat Cancelled

Debra High School
13th September 2020

Kindly note that the school’s trip to Gujarat which was to be held in October has been cancelled because of the drought situation in that area.

We will inform you as soon as a new location and the dates for the trip are finalized. If anyone wishes to cancel his registration, he can do so at the receptionist’s desk. You can submit your fee receipt and collect your refund immediately.

Mrs. Dipika Sarkar

Notice Writing Sample #5

Q. Mr. R. M. Biswas, Principal, M. M. National High School notifies of the beginning of a fabric painting course on 24 August 2021.

Fabric Painting Course to Begin Shortly

M. M. National High School
18th July 2021

This is to bring to your notice that the certificate course in fabric painting which is to be conducted by Mrs. Jaya Singh will begin on Monday 24th August 2021.

All registered students are requested to attend the first session. A few seats are still available and interested students can register on a first-come, first-served basis in the Warden’s office.

Mr. R. M. Biswas

Notice Writing Sample #6

Q. The president of the Rajani Cultural Society informs about Patriotism Week in the college.

Patriotism Week

Rajani College
5th August 2021

This is to bring to your notice that the following week will be observed as Patriotism Week in the college.

All students are urged to participate and dress accordingly during the week. Traditional clothing is encouraged.

Rakesh Khanna (President)
Rajani Cultural Society

Dates: 10th (Mon)–15th (Sat) August 2021

Notice Writing Sample #7

Q. Mrs. Asha Pramanik, Principal, of New South High School, notifies all about the absence of the summer club this year due to maintenance work of school during the vacations.


School closed from 26th April-14th June 2021

New South High School
24 March 2021

This is to inform you that the school will not organize the summer club this year.

Keeping in mind the poor condition of the school building, it is decided that the maintenance work of the structure needs to be undertaken at the earliest.

The last working day of school will be the 25 April following which it will remain closed for all until the start of the next academic year, i.e. on the 15th of June.

Mrs. Asha Pramanik
The Principal

Notice Writing Sample #8

Q. Suman Roy, Head Boy, Lowada Secondary School, notify students of the Grandparents Day celebration in school on 8 September 2020.

Grandparents Day

Lowada Secondary School,
4th September 2020

This is to bring to your notice that Lowada Secondary School will be celebrating ‘Grandparents Day’ next week on the 8th of September 2020. The function is being held to felicitate our grandparents for their impressionable presence in our lives. Kindly collect the entry passes for the same from your respective class teachers.

Time: 4 pm
Venue: Vidhyasagar Hall
Chief Guest: Dev

For further information, please contact me on the following number.
Suman Roy
Head boy

Notice Writing Sample #9

Q. Senior Football Team Captain Mahila Sen notifies students of the upcoming interschool football match

Interschool Football Match

St John’s School, Salt Lake, Kolkata
27th November 2020

This is to inform you that our sports club has organized an interschool football match on Monday the 15th of December 2020 on the school ground at 11:00 AM sharp. All are invited to watch and cheer. As students of both the participating schools will be present, please be on time to catch the best seats.

Mahila Sen
Senior Football Team Captain

Notice Writing Sample #10

Q. Monali Dutta, Secretary, Eco Club, invites participation in the Save the Earth Week organized by Nature Club.

Ban Plastic To Save The Earth

Debra School, Debra
18th July 2021

The Future Club is organizing Save the Earth Week from the 2nd to the 8th of August 2021 on the school premises. Ban on Plastic will be the theme of the week and will include activities like street plays, t-shirt painting, and the best out of waste competition. Entry is free for students of all the colleges in the city. Join us in large numbers bringing along all your friends and acquaintances.

For further details, contact the undersigned.

Monali Dutta
Secretary Eco Club

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