Message Writing Format & Examples

A message is a short record of information noted for conveying it to the person whom it is for and who is not present at the moment to receive it.

The aim of a message is to convey information to its owner as soon as he or she is back. Therefore, it is usually written on a small slip of paper and left at a place easily visible to him or her.

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Message Writing

Message Writing Format


Date: (When the message is written)
Time: (When the message is written)

Name, (of the person for whom the message is meant.)

Body: Important details, e.g. Caller’s name and reason for calling (where applicable) and other information conveyed by the caller.

Message writer’s name

Tips for Message Writing

  • A message should be written in less than fifty words. So, keep it brief and to the point.
  • Practice writing messages focusing on conveying more information with few words.
  • While cutting down words, important information such as the date and time when the message is noted should not be missed.
  • Ensure easy understanding of the message by avoiding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Use simple or compound sentences instead of complex ones where possible.

Message Writing Samples

Message Writing Samples #1

Message from a telephone operator about the dispatch of a parcel.


24th March 2021
8.00 AM

Mr. Sunil,
Kamal, dispatch head of Extel Conglomerate called. He thanked you for the order and said that the package has been dispatched and should reach you within four working days.

Mallika (Telephone Operator)

Message Writing Samples #2

Soma writes to Khusi about the breakfast she has prepared and the evening plans.


15th March 2021
7.30 AM


I was getting late for work so I couldn’t wait for you to return home. I have prepared breakfast in case you are hungry. I will meet you in the evening. Till then, have a nice day.


Message Writing Samples #3

Anamika informs Anju about cousin Shruti’s trip has been postponed.


20th June 2021
4.17 PM


Your mother called to inform you that your cousin Shruti has postponed her plan to visit. Her flight was cancelled at the last moment due to turbulent weather. She will contact you when the arrangements are done for the next visit.


Message Writing Samples #4

The mother informs Moni about a call from the receptionist regarding a meeting.


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17th April 2021
7.30 PM


The receptionist at your office called to inform you that you have to attend the client’s meeting with your boss scheduled for tomorrow. Your boss has mailed you a brief about the same. You are asked to go through it as the earliest.


Message Writing Samples #5

Manika informs Soumen about his brother’s call regarding his grandfather’s illness and requests to come back to Kolkata as soon as possible.


25th March 2021
6.30 PM


Your brother Mohit called to inform you that your grandfather is seriously ill and has been admitted to the hospital. He asked you to return to Kolkata as soon as possible. I called our travel agent and booked a seat for you on the next flight out.


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Message Writing Samples #6

Mother leaves a note for Amitav to confirm his presence at Kiran’s 18th birthday party at a resort in Midnapore.


16th July 2021
7.30 PM


Kiran called to invite you to her birthday party which is on the 20th of this month. It is her 18th birthday so they are celebrating it at her uncle’s resort in Midnapore. He asked you to call back and confirm whether you will be attending.


Message Writing Samples #7

Mohit leaves a message for his mother about his urgent appointment with the passport office and the possibility of coming home late.


7th September 2021
5.45 PM

Dear Mom,

I have received an urgent call from the passport office. The officer needs a few details from me for my passport renewal. I have an appointment with him at 6 PM and the meeting may go on for another hour. Don’t worry if I come home late.


Message Writing Samples #8

Raj informs Rohit about an apology call from Eat All Pizza House for the incorrect order they delivered and the compensation they will offer.


31st February 2021
12.10 PM


The manager of Eat All Pizza House called to apologize for the incorrect order they delivered yesterday. As compensation, they will send a Large Spicy Chicken with Double Cheese Pizza free of cost this evening.


Message Writing Samples #9

Sananda informs Karishma about her internship application being accepted by RD Corporation.


31st January 2021
5.30 PM


The head of HR at RD Corporation called to inform you that your application for an internship at their organization has been accepted. They asked you to call them back as soon as possible to finalize your date of joining.


Message Writing Samples #10

Sana informs Jayita about Aunt Sarala’s call regarding the organic vanilla plant stems she bought from Kolkata for Jayita.


15th March 2021
5.30 PM

Dear Jayita,

Aunt Sarala called to inform you that she got the organic vanilla plant stems you asked for from Kolkata. She would like to know when you can visit her and pick them up. Please call her back.


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