What is Process Writing?

What is Process Writing?

For describing a process of doing something or preparing or manufacturing a thing one has to give a description of the series of actions done one after another until the desired result is got.

What is Process Writing?

Process Writing Tips

  • Process Writing description may be impersonal, and this can be done better in the Passive voice.
  • This description may also be given with the help of a series of Imperative Sentences.
  • In both cases, some cohesives or sentence linkers need to be used to indicate the order of the steps taken in the process.
  • Before starting the process of Writing a description, a student should begin with an introductory sentence like ‘the making/preparation of………has to go through a series of steps before the product can be obtained’.

Process Writing Examples

Process Writing Example #1

Describe the process followed in the making of tea, using the following chart :

Water is boiled – Tea is put into a teapot – Boiled water is poured onto the tea – Tea is allowed to brew for three minutes in the teapot – Sugar and milk are put into a cup – Tea in the teapot is now poured into the cup and stirred – Tea is now ready


Every day you take tea. Perhaps your mother or someone else makes it for you. Here is the way how tea is made. First, measure in a saucepan as many cups of water as the number of people that will take tea. Put the saucepan in the oven to boil. As the water is being heated, rinse a teapot with hot water and put into it a spoonful of the tea in each cup of water.

Now, pour the boiling water into the teapot and put the lid on the pot. The tea is allowed to soak in hot water for about three minutes. When the liquor is ready, strain it with a strainer into the waiting cups. Put sugar and milk to taste. Now your cup of tea is ready.

Process Writing Example #2


Good ripe yellow lemons bought from market – Good lemons are sorted out and washed in clean water – Abig glass jar is cleaned and made ready – Some green chilli and ginger are cleaned, washed and cut, some salt, some lemon juice but no water or oil-are put into the glass jar that has been made ready – the lid of the jar is closed tightly on the jar – glass jar with the material described kept in the sun for a few consecutive weeks-lemon pickles is now ready.

Answer: A pickle is some seasonal fruit or vegetable seasoned with spices, salt, vinegar etc. as preservatives and to be used when these fruits or vegetables are not available. Mango, lemon, tamarind, vegetables like carrots, brinjals, green chilli, lemon etc. are mostly used for making pickles. Pickles are pungent to taste and appetising. Lemons are full of vitamin C and the pickle made of lemons are delicious as well as good for our digestive system.

Now let us see how lemon pickle is prepared: At first some ripe lemons that have become uniformly yellow are bought from the market. The good lemons are washed clean of any dirt that may have stuck to them. Unlike other fruits used in pickle-making, lemons are used whole with their rind on. These whole lemons are put into a glass jar and onto them, some juice of a few more lemons is squeezed. Then into the jar sufficient but not excessive quantity of salt and rock salt is added.

Next, a handful of green chilli and ginger is cleaned, washed, cut and added to it. The lid of the jar is tightened so that no air can enter it. The glass jar with the ingredients (EMA) described is to be regularly heated in the sun for a few consecutive weeks. Now the lemon pickle is ready and may be served to add taste to your food.

Process Writing Example #3

Write a paragraph on the process followed in reporting news and its mode of publication, using the flow chart given below:

News items collected by reporters – Photographs snapped by staff photographers – Reported account edited & revised by the news editor and his men – News item made ready for the page and space allotted to it – News item composed on the computer screen – Composed matter laser printed – Print-outs was taken out and pasted on boards – Printed matter filmed and off-set plates made ready – Plates are inserted into printing machine – Newspapers printed, cut, folded, and delivered


Every day we read newspapers. But very few of us know how a newspaper is published. It passes through a number of stages before reaching us in its final form. The process of newspaper reporting starts with news items being collected by reporters or correspondents from the place of occurrence or from some eyewitness account. Then possible or necessary pictures are snapped by staff photographers. The report submitted is revised and edited by the news editor and his sub-editors and made suitable for publication. The items are then made ready for the pages and space allotted to them.

The items are composed on the computer screen. Thereafter the composed matter is laser printed. Print-outs are then taken out and pasted on boards. Printed matter is filmed and offset plates are made ready for final printing on newsprint. The plates are inserted into printing machines and the printed newspapers are cut, folded, and delivered to newspaper stalls and hawkers.

Process Writing Example #4

Study the flow-chart given below and then write a paragraph describing the process followed in snapping photographic pictures with a camera and developing and printing them:

A roll of negative film inserted into a camera – Picture of an object or human beings snapped by pressing the shutter button of the camera – The exposed film taken out from the camera in a dark room – Film developed by washing it in a basin of chemically treated water – The developed film allowed to dry up and printed on photo paper.


We have all seen pictures being taken with a photographic camera. But all of us do not have a clear idea about the various steps that followed from snapping to printing such pictures. Usually, it is done in the following manner. For taking photo pictures first a roll of light-sensitive negative film is inserted into a camera.

Thereafter the shutter button of the camera is pressed to allow light from the object to be photographed to enter through the aperture of the camera onto the exposed part of the film within. When all the frames of the negative have been exposed, the roll is taken out of the camera in a dark room. This is done to prevent sunlight from spoiling the impressions made on the film. The role of film is now washed in a basin of chemically treated water to develop the images and make them last even in sunlight. The developed film is then printed on photo paper.

Process Writing Example #5

Study the following chart and describe The process of soap-making in about 100 words.

Coconut oil, caustic soda and water – Heated for 30 Allowed to minutes – Allowed to cool – Common salt added – Kept for 12 hours – Cut to cake-like pieces – ready for use


Soap is a very useful thing in our daily life. It is prepared through a number of steps. First, coconut oil and caustic soda are mixed with water. The solution is heated for thirty minutes. Then, the heated solution is allowed to cool. After that, the required amount of common salt is added to that solution. It is left in that condition for twelve hours. As a result, the mixture becomes solid. Thereafter, it is cut into cake-like pieces. Now, the soap cakes are ready for use. We can make it ourselves at home or in school.

Process Writing Worksheets

Process Writing Question #1

Study the following chart and write about the Preparation of Tomato Sauce

Tomato bought from market – Sorting and removing rotten ones – Cleaning – Smashing – Juice extracting – Boiled for 30 minutes – Adding sugar and chilli – Sauce prepared

Process Writing Question #2

Study the following chart and describe how Lucchi’s are made at home.

Flour + oil/ghee – Adding little salt and water – Making dough and balls – Rolled out round – Heat oil in a pan – Frying – Serving hot

Process Writing Question #3

Describe how Handmade Bread is prepared at home.

Some flour – Adding little salt and water – Forming dough – Making into small balls – Rolled out to make it round – Baking – Ready to serve

Process Writing Question #4

Describe how Chowmein is prepared as ready food.

Chowmein bought from market – Boiled with little water – Adding a little salt – Slicing beans and onion – Frying with little oil in a shallow pan – Adding sauce to it – Serve hot with a fork

Process Writing Question #5

Describe how Mixed Salad is prepared.

Cucumber, onion, tomato sliced – Coriander leaves chopped – Green chillies cut and mixed – Lemons crushed – Salt, pepper added – Salad oil poured – Ready to serve

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