Value of Sports and Games Essay

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Sports and games teach us the value of discipline, collaboration, leadership, judgment, courage, and determination to win. These things also assist us to develop our traits of personality, which is very important for developing a talented person.

Value of Sports and Games

Value of Sports and Games Essay (800+ Words)

Sports and games are as important as food, education, and other essential things for children. Games and sports are significant means of entertainment. Nowadays students are busy with their studies. They have a ton of books and various subjects to study. They need some change, which can be given by sports. The outdoor games and sports revive the students and make them able to regain their lost energy. Sports and games produce mental freshness and the students take an interest to concentrate on studying more.

Sports and games are also extremely valuable for good health. The outdoor games are more helpful, where the students share the company of nature and inhale fresh air. They get a lot of physical exercise while playing games outside on the playground. It keeps them physically and mentally fit. Sports and games make the students dynamic which is vital at that age.

Sports and games teach students the value of discipline, collaboration, leadership, judgment, courage, and determination to win. These things also assist the students to develop their traits of personality, which is very important for developing a talented person.

Sports and games teach them the requirement of sacrifice, discipline, elegance, liberality, and solidness, which enable them to effectively lead life. These characteristics in a man carry superfineness to act effectivity regardless of the circumstance and the task they come across. Citizens with such potential can contribute a lot to society and the country to which they belong.

Games likewise give an outlet to excess fat and weight and keep the students solid and dynamic. This aspect is crucial to keep the students healthy. Sports activities are the best means to utilize time in a positive way. They do not waste their time loitering and going on undesirable activities.

India is the second most populated country on the planet. We should have a high standard in all sports. But the fact is otherwise. We need to figure out some way. To create sports activities the best institutions are schools and colleges. Making sports compulsory in all schools and universities for empowering various students to partake in sports is vital. It will also facilitate the country to select the best teams out of the crowd.

There are certain other advantages as well. Great athletes become well-known in the public arena. They earn name and fame for themselves, their institution, and the country.

The sports give various opportunities to the students who are good and position holders. They get good jobs in good organizations. Sportsmen are given preference over others. There are numerous athletes who have picked the game as their profession. They get great money and an opportunity for venturing out to various destinations, places, and countries and appreciate life.

We see that the majority of the great athletes are from western and other developed countries. The reasons are obvious. They play games and sports right from childhood and primary school. India is progressing rapidly. We are now capable of affording expenditure on sports activities right from primary standard to empower us to improve the image of the country in sports.

That can be possible only when the children are provided opportunities right from the beginning. If required sports can be made a compulsory subject and marks can be added to the result, which will attract the students towards hard work with an interest in succeeding in sports. That will make an equation to create an ever-increasing number of athletes. The Government and the school administration have to ensure adequate sports facilities in all the schools and colleges. That will inspire the students to take part with a more prominent interest.

It is very clear that games and sports have extraordinary value in life. The games should be played keeping their nobility in mind. The nobility of the games should be maintained. There is a need to create a sports atmosphere in all the schools and colleges for attracting a maximum number of students to take part in the events.

The teachers need to ensure that the students are given the opportunity to show genuine ability, effortlessness, nobility, and liberality. The students should be motivated for maximum participate in sports to gain a genuine advantage from games. Many Indian sportsmen have won laurels for the country in many events. The aim of each and every student should be to accomplish a good position in sports activities.

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