11 Famous Moral Stories

Moral stories are one of the most practical platforms to impart education. They are tranquil, captivate children’s attention and alongside bestow valuable lessons. Not only children but also everybody loves to read or listen to Moral stories. But writing them is not a simple task.

In this post, you will find the top 10 Famous Moral Stories that will give you valuable lessons.

Moral Stories

Best Moral Stories Collections

Famous Moral Stories #1

The honest woodcutter

Once a poor woodcutter was cutting down a tree by the side of a river. Accidentally his axe slipped into the water. Losing his axe, the poor man sat down and wept. A god heard him cry and came out of the river to help him. He heard the poor man’s story, dived into the stream, and soon came out holding in his hand a gold axe. “Is this the axe that you lost ?” He asked. “No, my axe was not so beautiful as this, replied the poor woodcutter.

The god dived into the water again and brought up a silver axe. The poor man would not take this one either and said that it was not his. So the god went into the river for the third time and brought up the iron axe the man had lost. This the man received with great joy. The god was pleased that the woodcutter was honest. He gave him the silver and the gold axes as a reward in addition to the one iron.

Moral: Honesty is always rewarded.

Famous Moral Stories #2

A cheat is detected in the long run

There was once a sweetmeat seller. He was very dishonest. He used to give short quantities to the customers, One day he was detected by an intelligent customer who asked him why he did so. The sweetmeat seller smiled and said, “Sir, I have reduced your labour. You will have less to carry.”

The customer too was an intelligent fellow. He paid him six paise less. The sweetmeat seller protested.

The customer smiled and said, “Sir, I have also cut down on your labour. You will have the less to count.” So saying he walked away.

Moral: Paid back in one’s own coin.

Famous Moral Stories #3

Do not trust a false friend

There were two friends. One day they Were passing through a forest. By chance, a bear came up there. The friends got frightened. One of them climbed up a tree. He did not think for a moment about what would happen to his friend.

The second friend did not know how to climb a tree. He had the presence of mind. He lay on the ground as if he were dead. He knew that a bear does not touch a dead man. The bear came to him and sniffed at his mouth, nose, and ears. It took him for a dead man and went away. Then the other could not see it. So the snake fell into the pit and died.

Moral: Always see where you are going

Famous Moral Stories #4

A Greedy Dog

One day a dog stole a morsel of meat from a butcher’s shop. He was very glad to have it and thought of a hearty meal at home that evening. With the piece of meat in his mouth, he proceeded towards his home. On his way home he had to cross a river. There was a narrow plank across it. As he was going across the plank, he looked down and saw his own image reflected in the water. He took it for another dog with a bigger piece of meat.

“Ah, there is another dog with a bigger piece of meat !” he said to himself and added, “If can take that piece of meat away from him, I shall have a hearty meal also in the morning. I must have that piece at any cost.”

So thinking, he rushed at his own shadow to catch the piece of meat reflected in the water, Instantly, he fell down into the river and lost his own piece of meat. Thus, being led by greed, he had to lose what he already had.

Moral: Grasp all, lose all

Famous Moral Stories #5

The dog and the crow

Once a dog found a piece of bone. He was eating it sitting under a tree. There sat a crow on the tree. It wished to take away the bone for itself.

The crow was very cunning. It flew away. After some time it returned there with another crow. Both the crows went to the dog. One of them with the beak pulled the dog by his tail. The dog felt disturbed and annoyed. Again the crow bit the dog on his tail. The dog got very angry. He dropped the piece of bone on the ground and then looked back to see what the matter was. In the meantime the second crow picked up the bone and flew away with it, The dog ran after the crow but in vain. He was very sad.

Moral: The power of cunning

Famous Moral Stories #6

A man and his ass

A man dealt in salt. He had an ass to carry loads of salt from a distant town. There was a stream on the way. The ass had to cross that river every day. One day the ass fell into the river. Some of the salt melted in water. The load became lighter.

The ass felt relieved to some extent. t became clever. It began to let its feet slip every day. The dealer suffered a great loss. He became very angry. hic wanted to teach the ass a good lesson. He kept it without food for two days. The ass could realize its fault. le never did such a thing again.

Moral: Tit for tat

Famous Moral Stories #7

The Wolf and the lamb

There was a wolf. He was very wicked. He killed smaller animals for nothing. One day he was very hungry and moved about in the forest for prey but found none. This made him thirsty. He went to a stream to drink water.

To his great joy, he for a lamb drinking water. He wanted to kill the lamb and eat her up. He went to the lamb and said, “why do you muddle my water ?” The lamb said, “What do you say, Sir? The water runs from you to me. How can I muddle your water?” The wolf angrily said, “Do you argue with me? You scolded me a year ago.”

The lamb said, “Fine indeed. I was not born a year ago.” The wolf said, “Then it was your father who scolded me. I will not let you go.”

Saying this, the wolf fell upon the poor Jamb and ate her up.

Moral: A bad fellow has always an excuse for his misdeed.

Famous Moral Stories #8

The fox and the grapes

One hot day a fox was passing along by a vineyard. Ripe grapes hung in the vines. The fox was very hungry and thirsty. The sight of ripe grapes was a joy to him. He wanted to get some of the grapes. But they were beyond (his reach. He jumped again and again. But he could not reach the grapes in any way. He was very sorry about this. He said to himself, “The grapes are sour. I don’t want to have the grapes.”

Moral: Indifference comes after failure.

Famous Moral Stories #9

The farmer and the snake

It was a winter morning. A cold wind was blowing. A snake accidentally came out of its hole but could not return. It became almost stiff with cold. It lay on the way almost dead. A farmer was going to his field. He saw the shake in that plight. He felt pity for it. He warmed up the snake with fire and saved its life. There was the son of the farmer standing beside the fireplace. Coming back to life the snake was about to bite him. The farmer was very angry at this. He beat the snake to death with a stick.

Moral: Black will take no other hue.

Famous Moral Stories #10

The stag and the hunter

One day a stag was thirsty. He went to drink water in a pool. The water in the pool was very clear. The Slag saw his own image in the pool. He was charmed to see his own horns. They were fine to look at. So he admired them much. But he was sorry to see his thin legs.

They were very ugly to look at. All of a sudden a hunter came up there with his hounds. The stag was afraid. He began to run away. His legs carried him as fast as they could. But his horns got entangled with the creepers in the bushes. He was unable to run away. The hunter came up there and killed him. His charming horns were the cause of his death.

Moral: Handsome is that handsome does.

Famous Moral Stories #11

The Blue Jackal

A jackal one night got into a washerman’s house to steal some food. By chance, he fell into the washerman’s vat which was full of blue water. Somehow he got out of the pot but he was dyed blue. He looked very strange. He returned to the forest. No animat could recognize him. All the animals were afraid They made him their king.

The sun went down. After nightfall, the jackals howled as usual. The blue jackal could not along with the other jackals. He howled at the top of his voice. Then all the animals had no difficulty knowing what their king really was. The tiger came and tore him to pieces.

Moral: You can fool some people for some time, but not all people all the time.


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