10 Most Popular Short Story

A story is an imaginary account of people or situations that is told for entertainment. Everybody loves to read or listen to short story. But writing them is not a simple task.

In this post, we present you with 10 Popular Short Stories that will make you think again.

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Short Story

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Short Story #1

Never believe the wicked

Once, there was an old tiger who used to be cruel and hunt humans when he was younger. But as he got older and weaker, he couldn’t hunt anymore and suffered from hunger. He kept a gold bangle with him.

One day, he saw a man passing by and called out to him, offering the bangle. The tiger said he now prayed to God and hoped the bangle would be useful to the man. He claimed the bangle was of no use to him and would be helpful to the man.

The man, simple and religious, believed the tiger’s words. He thought he could help a poor animal by taking the bangle. But as he went close, the wicked tiger attacked and killed him. The moral is to never trust those who have done bad things.

Short Story #2

A man and his ass

Once, there was a man who sold salt. He had an ass to carry the heavy loads from a faraway town. Every day, they had to cross a stream.

One day, the ass slipped and fell into the river, making some of the salt dissolve. The load became lighter, and the ass felt relieved.

Thinking it was smart, the ass started purposely slipping into the water every day. This caused the man to lose a lot of salt and get very angry. He decided to teach the ass a lesson by not giving it any food for two days.

After that, the ass realized its mistake and never did it again. The lesson is, don’t try to be clever at the cost of causing problems for yourself and others.

Short Story #3

The stag and the hunter

Once, a thirsty deer went to a pool for a drink. While drinking, he saw his reflection and admired his impressive horns. But he felt bad about his skinny legs.

Suddenly, a hunter came with his dogs. Terrified, the deer ran away. But his horns got stuck in the bushes, and he couldn’t escape. The hunter caught him and killed him, showing that what once seemed nice can sometimes be a danger.

Short Story # 4

Look before you leap

Once, a fox accidentally fell into a well in the dark of night. He struggled all night to stay afloat and not drown. The next morning, a foolish goat, owned by a villager, came near the well while grazing.

Seeing the opportunity, the fox called out to the goat, saying the water in the well was clear and sweet. Thirsty, the goat jumped into the well without thinking. The fox quickly climbed onto the goat’s head and used her as a step to escape.

The goat learned an important lesson: to think before acting.

Short Story #5

Nobody trusts a liar

There was a cowboy who took care of his cows near a forest. He would often shout “tiger” to trick the villagers and then laugh when they came to his aid. The villagers became upset and eventually stopped believing him.

One day, when a real tiger came, the cowboy cried out for help, but no one believed him because of his past lies. The tiger attacked and killed the cowboy. This shows that nobody trusts a liar.

Short Story #6

United we stand, divided we fall

Once, there was a farmer with four sons who always fought. Worried about their future, the farmer decided to teach them a lesson. He asked each son to bring a bundle of sticks and try to break it, but they couldn’t.

Then, he asked them to untie the bundle and try breaking the sticks one by one, which they could easily do. The farmer told them, “If you stick together and work as a team, no one can harm you. You couldn’t break the sticks in a bundle, but you could easily break them when they were separated. So, stay united and live in peace.” The sons agreed to follow their father’s wise advice.

Short Story #7

Little friends may prove to be great friends


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Once there was a lion who lived in a den, and nearby, a mouse lived in a hole. One day, while the lion was sleeping, the mouse accidentally entered the lion’s nostril. The lion woke up in a fury and caught the mouse, ready to kill it. However, the mouse pleaded for mercy, promising that it could be of help to the lion in the future. Initially, the lion laughed at the mouse’s small size but eventually decided to let it go.

Sometime later, the lion got caught in a hunter’s net and could not free himself. In distress, he roared loudly. The mouse, recognizing the lion’s roar, immediately rushed to the spot and started gnawing the net. Eventually, it succeeded in freeing the lion, and said, “Dear king of beasts, I have done you a favour. Now, please run away to save yourself.” The lion was grateful to the mouse and quickly ran away. The story teaches us that little friends can prove to be great friends.

Short Story #8

Don’t try a thing you don’t know

Once, a tired fisherman had been fishing in a river for a long time. He took a break at a nearby house and left his net by the riverside. Nearby, there was a big tree where a monkey lived. The monkey watched the fisherman carefully, learning how to throw the net and catch fish from a distance.

The monkey wished to try throwing the net itself, so it went to the net and picked it up. But it was not easy for the monkey to handle the net, and it got tangled in it. Despite its efforts, the monkey couldn’t free itself.

When the fisherman returned and saw the monkey trapped, he became very angry. He beat the monkey to death, thinking it had caused trouble.

Short Story #9

Where there is a will there is a way

Once upon a time, there was a crow who was feeling really thirsty on a hot day. He looked around until he saw a water pot, but the water was too low for him to reach. This made him sad because he really needed a drink.

But the crow was clever. He saw some stones lying nearby. So, he picked them up, one by one, and dropped them into the pot. Each time he dropped a stone, the water level rose a little bit higher.

Finally, when enough stones were in the pot, the water reached the top. The crow happily drank the water and satisfied his thirst.

Short Story #10

The Blue Jackal

One night, a jackal sneaked into a washerman’s house to steal some food. However, he fell into a vat filled with blue water and ended up being dyed blue. Even though he managed to get out of the vat, he looked very unusual. When he returned to the forest, none of the animals could recognize him, and they were all scared of him. Surprisingly, they made him their king.

At night, the jackals started to howl, but the blue jackal could not blend in with them. Instead, he howled loudly, revealing his true identity to all the animals. The tiger, hearing the blue jackal’s howl, came and killed him.

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