200 Words Paragraph

200 Words Paragraph

A paragraph is a short collection of well-organized sentences which revolve around a single theme and is coherent. A good paragraph expresses everything it has to say briefly. In this post, we have included the Top 10 ‘200 words paragraph’ that will leave a mark.

200 Words Paragraph Collection

200 Words Paragraph #1


Nelson Mandela is an African leader who, like Mahatma Gandhi, fought against the white tyranny of the people of South Africa. He was educated as a barrister-at-law. But instead of living in comfort and luxury as a successful lawyer he joined the African National Congress and devoted himself to the task of establishing equality among all Africans—white and black—by fighting against the policy of apartheid or segregation of the black native Africans from all positions of power and privilege. In 1962 the reactionary South African government imprisoned Mandela for life. But the continued struggle for freedom on the part of other leaders of the African National Congress compelled the S.A. government to release Mandela on February 11, 1990, after 27 years and 9 months of imprisonment. Then in the general election on the basis of universal adult franchise introduced by the government of President F.D.H. Clarke, the African National Congress came to power, and Nelson Mandela became the first black African to become the President of the Republic of South Africa. Mandela’s greatness does not consist only in his success in compelling the white S.A. government to abolish the hateful and inhuman apartheid, but also in his inspiring call to the blacks not to be revengeful against the whites for their past acts of tyranny, injustice, and exploitation.

200 Words Paragraph #2


Very great scientists have come and gone, but perhaps none of them has achieved things under the circumstances that Stephen Hawking has gone through. At 21, when Hawking was in his third year at Oxford he became afflicted with the serious Motor Neurone disease that disintegrated his nerve cells and atrophied his muscles. His speech became slurred. Other organs of communication also were lost. Doctors gave Hawking only two years more of life. Undaunted by this grim diagnosis Hawking not only completed his course at Oxford but went on to submit his Ph.D.thesis, marry and have three children. In 1974 he was made Fellow of the Royal Society, a rare honor for any scientist. Again, during a research visit to Switzerland, Hawking contracted pneumonia and his windpipe was operated upon. This caused complete loss of speech. Two books that have popularised his epochmaking theories about the Creation and the Universe are A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell. Academic honors have been showered upon Hawking and he is considered by many as the greatest physicist and mathematician after Einstein. Stephen Hawking has shown how human intellect and spirit can surmount the greatest of physical handicaps.

200 Words Paragraph #3


Modern civilization is based upon the use of machines. For doing their workday in and day out the machines need a constant supply of energy without which they would come to a halt. Our transport systems-diesel-run railways, steamships, motor vehicles, aeroplanes-all constantly need natural fuel to keep on moving. In the last three hundred years, much of human efforts have been spent in search of the sources of energy-coal, petroleum, and power generated from water–which will maintain the present rhythm of civilization unchecked. Not only that; as the population of the world increases, the need for energy will also increase. But there is the real fear that the world reserves for energy sources of petroleum, coal, and hydel-power are gradually being exhausted. That is why new and unconventional sources of energy like nuclear and solar energy need to be developed. While the advanced countries in America and Europe have the wealth and scientific know-how to produce solar and nuclear energy on a commercial scale, the poorer Asiatic countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh may develop an energy source by bio-gas-developing machines. But the point is that researches in the field of development of new energy sources must be carried on further and expedited.

200 Words Paragraph #4


Tobacco was first discovered in America. Its cultivation on a wide scale with the help of negro-slaves made it one of the major export items in the American economy. Other parts of the world like Burma and Cuba also cultivated tobacco. Cigarettes made of tobacco rolled in tissue paper helped spread a very harmful habit among the so-called advanced countries of the West. From there it spread to different other countries of the world. Attractive packaging and expert publicity helped spread the addiction of smoking cigarettes even among the poorer sections of the people. But recently it has been detected that the habit of smoking causes different kinds of serious physical ailments, beginning with coughing, sore throat, laryngitis, asthma, and ending with such a fatal disease as cancer. Besides, for no fault of their own even persons who are liable to inhale the cigarette smoke when in the company of a smoker may suffer from any of these diseases. This shows how dangerous the habit of smoking cigarettes is. It has been found that by abstaining from smoking a person may be cured of many diseases. Therefore, we should all steer clear of this bad habit of smoking cigarettes.

200 Words Paragraph #5


The computer is one of the marvels of modern science. Its origin may be traced to the mechanical calculating machine that was invented by Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, in 1834. The machine could not fully realize the purpose that Babbage had in mind, because of the inadequate engineering skill of the time. Today’s computers are electronic. A computer can work very fast because it runs on a small current of electricity that flows at a very high speed. With the help of stored information and data, it can do calculations of very large figures within a very short time. Within seconds a computer can add, subtract, multiply and divide very large figures. Such calculations would take even an expert mathematician a much longer time to complete. Today computers are used widely in all advanced countries in data processing which means compilation, correlation, and selection of facts. In all fields of research and industry and business, the use of computers is constantly on the rise. The benefits of computers are many. They economize time, speed up work, save labor and in the long run reduce costs. In all advanced countries, they are used in educational institutions, industries, research laboratories. government departments and so on.

200 Words Paragraph #6


Environment means a healthy natural balance in the air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources. But today all over the world this environment is being poisoned in a number of ways. The constant more in the world population is the main reason for environmental pollution. More population means more industry. Factories release toxic gases into the air, filthy poisonous waters from factories and mills For also released into the waters of rivers; trees are cut down for fuel and other commercial purposes, or for procuring land for building houses. This results in the fall in the supply of oxygen that the trees provide With the felling of trees animals and birds also lose their shelter and this destroys the balance in the ecology. Human beings suffer from various kinds of diseases like asthma, hypertension, different kinds of heart trouble, bronchitis, pleurisy, etc. Sound or noise pollution, especially in the cities, is caused by the hooting of cars and buses, playing music over the loudspeakers also subject people to another kind of environmental pollution. To prevent these hazards from endangering human, animal, and plant life measures should be taken before the situation goes out of control. More trees should be planted. Anti-pollution scientific methods should be devised.

200 Words Paragraph #7


Science has done wonders in present-day civilization. It has made human life easy and comfortable In ancient days the man had to depend solely on the mercy of nature and in then society manpower was the only source for doing any laborious work. As time passed, man invented new appliances and applied new techniques to do things in every walk of life. Man has now entered the atomic era. Today he has been able to penetrate many of the mysteries of space. In some countries of the West, science has developed human society to an unimaginable extent. We cannot manufacture today even a small needle without having recourse to science. It saves both labor and time. Railways, trams, buses, ships, and airplanes have made journeys easier and quicker. Again, radios, wireless, telephones, fax, television, computer help the spread of knowledge in no time. Science has worked miracles in the branch of medicine, though its task is not yet complete. However, the achievements of science are not an unmixed blessing. Unless scientific inventions are widely used for the benefit of mankind and civilization with a mission of peace and progress, they will eventually destroy the civilization that has been built up over such a long time and with such hard work.

200 Words Paragraph #8


No one needs to exaggerate the value of blood as a life-saving element. People suffering from diseases like leukemia and chronic anemia need a regular blood transfusion for their survival. Also, people who have lost much blood because of bleeding from wounds and injuries sustained in accidents and other violent deeds need blood to make good the lost blood. For all these emergency requirements the blood banks at government hospitals require a stock of blood from which people requiring blood may get it immediately at the critical moment. Physicians assure us that the amount of blood donated is soon replenished and the donation does not have any harmful effect on the physical condition of the donor. One has only to keep in mind that such donation of blood which has no ill-effect on the donor himself may save a precious life when it is hanging precariously needing the precious fluid. Social organizations, political parties, and other philanthropic bodies organize blood donation camps. If such organizations are genuinely interested in meeting a valuable social need, every right-thinking citizen should come forward and donate his blood, keeping in mind that his blood may save a precious life.

200 Words Paragraph #9


Modern life cannot be imagined without newspapers. A newspaper is a regular source of the important news of home and abroad. It represents the current and living history of the world. Newspapers are of various kinds dailies, weeklies, bi-weeklies, monthlies, etc. The main function of a daily paper is to publish news of general interest while the others mostly contain literary pieces and articles on important topics. Nowadays every newspaper has some special sections dealing with politics, everyday problems, off-beat news, business, sports, editorial page, feature pages, etc. So, the newspaper is one of the most powerful organs of dissemination of news and views among the public. It plays a very important role in educating the people and guiding them along the right path. If it wants to it can fight social evil successfully. A newspaper can also do us much harm. Used wrongly it can create hatred and enmity between man and man, section and section, nation and nation. Sometimes it publishes baseless reports or stories to create deliberately confusion in the minds of the gullible people. A newspaper is as powerful as any potent weapon. It can be used for both good and evil. Much depends on the outlook and motive of the people who are at the helm of the paper.

200 Words Paragraph #10


The phrase “Capital Punishment’ means a death sentence awarded by a court of law to someone found also on those who were found guilty of treason, serious robbery, rape, etc. Many people would support guilty of some heinous crime like murder deliberately committed. In the past, such sentence was passed capital punishment on the ground that a person who can destroy another person’s life or ruin a woman’s life by raping her is unfit to remain alive, and capital punishment is what he deserves. Besides, capital punishment also acts as a deterrent to others, who, without the fear of such extreme punishment, may commit heinous and inhuman crimes. But there are also people who think that a “tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye policy represented by capital punishment should not be followed by the state. A criminal, destroyer of human lives, however ignominious those lives may prove to be by their cruel actions. In because of his distorted and warped mentality, may commit homicide, but a state should not act as in many countries capital punishment is on its way out. Life imprisonment, incarceration in penitentiaries, and, when necessary, psychological treatment of those guilty of violent and inhuman crimes are recommended as substitutes for capital punishment.


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