Summary Essay Examples

The summary essay is a brief account of the chief points of an essay. There’s no hard and fast rule about the length of the summary, but so much can be half of the original essay.

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Summary Essay

Summary Essay Examples

Summary Essay Examples #1

ESSAY: When we survey our lives and efforts, we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings. We notice that the whole of nature resembles that of social animals. We eat food that others have produced, wear clothes that others have made, and live in houses that others have built. The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs has been passed on to us by other people through the medium of a language that others have created. Without language and mental capacities, we would have been poor indeed comparable to higher animals.

We have therefore to admit that we owe our principal knowledge over the least to the fact of living in human society. The individual if left alone from birth would remain primitive and beast-like in his thoughts and feelings to a degree that we can hardly imagine. The individual is what he is and has the significance that he has not much in virtue of individuality, but rather as a member of a great human community, which directs his material and spiritual existence from the cradle to the grave. (193 words)

Rough Draft

  • Humans are social animals.
  • They depend on each other for necessities and social needs.
  • Humans use language to communicate with each other and further their mental development.
  • Humans are superior to animals as they live in societies that guide their material and spiritual existence.

TITLE: Man and society

SUMMARY: Human beings have their actions and desires bound up with society as they are social animals. They depend on each other for food and clothes and share their knowledge and beliefs, and use language created by others to communicate, which helps in their mental development. They are superior to beasts because they live in human society. An individual left alone since birth would grow utterly beast-like. Human society guides man’s material and spiritual existence. (76 words)

Summary Essay Examples #2

If you will, believe me, you who are young, yours is the golden season of life. As you have heard it called, so it verily is the seed-time of life in which if you do not sow or if you sow tares instead of wheat, you will arrive at little. And in the course of years when you come to look back if you have not done what you have heard from your advisers and among many counsellors there is wisdom you will bitterly repent when it is too late.

The habit of studies acquired at universities is of the highest importance in the afterlife. During the season when you are young in years, the whole mind is, as it were, fluid, and is capable of forming itself into any shape that the owner of the mind pleases to allow it or constrain it, to form itself into. The mind is then in a plastic or fluid state but it hardens gradually to the consistency of rock or iron, and you can not alter the habits of an old man. (180 Words)

Title: Youth: The Quintessence of Life

Youth is the golden and seed-time of life. Unless one listens and acts up to the advice of one’s superiors then, one must repent in the end. Youth is a fluid state of mind any good habit incurred now will stand in good stead in the afterlife. After that mind hardens and no good habit can be formed. (58 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #3

Variety is the spice of life – is it not? We all practically live and strive for having better food, but food remains insipid without the addition of spices. The only difference between a good curry and a bad curry lies in the presence or absence of spices. The absence of variety makes life drab and monotonous. A man working six hours a week will have his rest on Sunday. A man wearing a coat for five days will like a shawl on the sixth day. If a man lives in Calcutta for six years, he will like to spend a month outside. We hear that Tagore could not live in the same house for a long time.

He used to change his residence pretty often, which shows a poet’s longing for novelty. Life is many stringed instruments and we must give proper attention to all the strings. Ever since its creation man has gone on from progress to progress by responding to new circumstances. So, for the development of civilization, new circumstances and a new environment are necessary. (179 Words)

Title: Variety Makes Life Challenging

Change and variety add joy to life like the spices of our food. Without variety, life becomes dull and drab. After hard work for hours, a man needs rest and change. Our progress has been due to the response to changes and such changes are necessary for the development of civilization. (51 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #4

Everyone has continual control during his life with the variety of experiences known as art. Their experience ranges from the craft level found in the design and execution of the practical things of life to the more imaginative because less material level is required for the enjoyment of music, painting, sculpture, and literature. In the fine arts, human creativity is no longer concerned with producing an object which will be required for use anyhow, whether it is beautiful or not, but with providing a stimulus for the satisfaction of human emotion in its various levels of manifestation.

The majority of human beings since they are culturally underprivileged, are satisfied if their emotions are roused easily and mechanically by the more simple emotional easily identified sentimentalities that easily assimilate emotional reflexes-by dance, and music, by the identified references of cinema organ sentimentalities, by the picture with a story or easily assimilated moral, and by the simple violent plots of the cheap magazine. The culturally privileged demand a more complicated satisfaction. They require because they are educated on the aesthetic aspects of the arts. (180 Words)

Title: Art for the Simple and the Educated

Art, whether as a craft expressed in articles of everyday use or as fine art which aims solely to simulate human emotions, affects everybody most people, are culturally underprivileged. Like a simple but violent satisfaction from an easily assimilated form of art. But the culturally privileged demand a deeper satisfaction from more complex art forms. (55 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #5

The study of history depends more than any other branch of science or literature on the availability of a large number of books. The history student nowadays is often discouraged or hampered by the lack of them, especially of those older standard works which have gone out of print. Even before the Second World War publishers were not willing to risk reprinting works often running into several big volumes for which the demand, was uncertain and the cost of production high. During the war air raids destroyed over a million books in one district of London alone, and reduced to ashes the entire stock of one firm which had specialized in historical works.

Since the war paper has been costly and scarce; the costs of printing and binding have risen sharply; and the demand, though greater, is still not large enough to make worthwhile the republication of many books which historians regard as essential. The main reason for this insufficient demand is the disappearance of the private library. Private libraries were common in Victorian Times but they no longer exist in modern small houses where there is no room for bookshelves. (190 Words)

Title: The decline of the Study of History

The study of history, which requires a large number of books, has suffered at present, especially because older standard works are out of print as publishers fear taking risks of reprinting many-volume books. Air raids during the war destroyed the stock of a publisher’s firm specializing in history books. The demand has even lessened in the post-war period with higher production costs and the disappearance of the private libraries-so characteristic of Victorian days. (72 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #6

Speech is a great blessing, but it can also be a great curse, for, while it helps us to make our intentions and desires known to our fellows, it can also, if we use it carelessly make our attitude completely misunderstood. A slip of the tongue. the use of an unusual or ambiguous word, and so on, may create an enemy where we had hoped to win a friend.

Again different classes of people use different vocabularies, and the ordinary speech of an educated man may strike an uneducated listener as showing pride; unwittingly we may use a word that bears a different meaning for our listener from what it does to men of our own class. Thus speech is not a gift to use lightly without thought, but one which demands careful handling. Only a fool will express himself alike to all kinds and conditions of men. (148 Words)

Title: Speech: A Blessing or a Curse by Use

Speech helps us to communicate with others but it may cause misunderstanding if used carelessly and make enemies instead of friends. The same word means different things to different classes of people. The speech of the educated may be offensive to the uneducated-turning the blessing into a curse. (48 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #7

Man is the architect of his own fate. If he makes a proper division of his time and does his duties according he is sure to improve and prosper in life; but if he does otherwise, he is sure to repent, when it is too late and he will have dragged a miserable existence from day to day.

To kill time is as culpable as committing suicide, but our life is nothing but the sum total of hours, days, and years. Youth is the golden season of life. In youth, the mind is pliable and soft and can be moulded in any form you like. If we lose the morning hours of life, we shall have to repent afterwards. It is called the ‘seed time of life’. If we sow good seeds, we shall reap a good harvest when we grow up. (142 Words)

Title: Man is the Architect of His own Destiny

Man is the maker of his own fate. If he makes the best use of his time, he will prosper and und happiness in life. If he wastes his youth, the seed time of life, he will repent afterwards and will live a miserable life throughout. (46 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #8

It is sometimes said that the pleasures of giving are peculiar to the rich, and no doubt the pleasure of giving is one of the greatest and purest that wealth can bestow. Still the poor also may be liberal and generous. The widow’s mite, so far as the widow is concerned, counts for as much as the rich man’s gold.

Moreover, as regards kindness and sympathy which are far more valuable than money, the poor can give as much as, perhaps even more than the rich. Money is not wealth. A proverb says: “A man’s true wealth is the good that he does in the world”. When he dies, men will ask what property he has left behind, but Angels will inquire, “What good deeds hast thou sent before thee?” (130 Words)

Title: Helping Others is Universal Virtue

The joy of helping others is not the monopoly of the rich. The poor also can help their fellowmen with words of advice and sympathy. This sort of gift is nobler than the money of the rich. A man’s wealth consists of the good that he does to the world. (51 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #9

The lot of our Indian peasant is certainly a pitiable one. He labours under many disadvantages. In the first place, he is illiterate, and does not, therefore, care to know more than he has inherited from his ancestors. He laughs at his tiny piece of land from morning to evening and if the seasons favour him, earns what barely suffices to meet his daily demands. He does not grumble to pay his rent so much as he does for the loss of his plough cattle. He lives in debt over head and ears, yet he does not care to save anything for the morrow.

To ameliorate his condition, the supply of good plough cattle, the adoption of preventive measures to save the animals from diseases, and, last of all, primary education should engage the serious attention of the Indian Government. (138 Words)

Title: The plight of Indian Peasantry

The Indian peasant is poor and illiterate. Ha works hard but can earn his bare living. He is heavily in debt, yet he lies by nothing. Government should try to supply them with healthy cattle and give them free primary education. (41 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #10

The aim of culture and religion is the same. Men are all members of one great whole, and the sympathy which is in human nature will not allow one member to be different from the rest or to have perfect welfare independent of the rest. The expansion of our humanity to suit the idea of perfection that culture forms must be a general expansion. Perfection, as culture conceives it is not possible while the individual remains isolated. He must carry others along with him in his march towards perfection. Culture lays on us the same obligation as religion which says that “to promote the kingdom of God is to increase and hasten one’s own happiness.

Culture is a harmonious expansion of all the powers which make the beauty and worth of human nature. Culture is not consistent with the over-development of any power at the expense of the rest. Here it goes beyond religion, as religion is generally conceived by us. (162 Words)

Title: Culture Complements Religion

Culture leading towards perfection like religion is complementary rather than competitive to the latter. Like religion culture also professes perfection taking all together leaving none isolated. Culture means the harmonious development of all powers and not the over-development of anyone at the cost of others. Here it transcends religion in insisting on harmonious development. (53 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #11

Perseverance is the very hinge of all virtues. On looking over the world, the cause of nine-tenths of the lamentable failures which occur in much of their history lies not in the want of talents, but in the manner of using them, in flying from object to object, in starting away at each little disgust, and thus applying the force which might conquer anyone difficulty to a series of difficulties so large that no human race can conquer them.

The smallest brook on earth by continuing to run has hollowed out for itself a considerable valley to flow in. Commend me, therefore, to the virtue of severance. Without it, all the rest are little better than fairy gold which glitters in your purse, but taken to the market proves to be state or cinders. (134 Words)

Title: Perseverance is the Key to Success

The best virtue man can possess is perseverance. 90% of the world’s failures can be accounted to a lack of perseverance instead of talent. Perpetual hesitation, want of strong resolution, and failure to tackle difficulties singly adds up to huge ones making it impossible of conquering. Perseverance should therefore be cultivated at all costs. (53 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #12

Films should contribute to human understanding and progress rather than hinder them antisocially. The excitement of gangsterdom is permissible so long as the antisocial quality of gangsterdom is not held up as something desirable. Frivolous gaiety may be introduced, but it should not be presented as the be-all and end-all, of living. Life can be made exciting and romantic provided it is not permanently distorted.

For there can never be much human progress if we distort things by pretending the world is very much better than it actually is. Thus the attitude of a film to the grimmer side of life can not be worthwhile if it glosses it over, since that only confirms our backwardness. Nothing bad should be treated approvingly. The introduction of gangsterdom, war, idle luxury; slums unemployment, poverty, and their accompanying misery, crime, and disease, should not leave the audience complacent, but should if anything inspire them with a determination to end them. (159 Words)

Title: Social Purpose of Films

Films should help human progress by not glorifying antisocial themes. Life can be made exciting without distorting it and suggesting that it is perfect. Films should not avoid the darker sides of life’s problems and inspire the audience to get rid of these problems. (44 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #13

Speech is a great blessing, but it can also be a great curse, for, while it helps us to make our intentions and desires known to our fellows, it can also, if we use it carelessly make our attitude completely misunderstood. A slip of the tongue. the use of an unusual or ambiguous word, and so on, may create an enemy where we had hoped to win a friend.

Again different classes of people use different vocabularies, and the ordinary speech of an educated man may strike an uneducated listener as showing pride; unwittingly we may use a word that bears a different meaning for our listener from what it does to men of our own class. Thus speech is not a gift to use lightly without thought, but one which demands careful handling. Only a fool will express himself alike to all kinds and conditions of men. (148 Words)

Title: Speech: A Blessing or a Curse by Use

Speech helps us to communicate with others but it may cause misunderstanding if used carelessly and make enemies instead of friends. The same word means different things to different classes of people. The speech of the educated may be offensive to the uneducated-turning the blessing into a curse. (48 Words)

Summary Essay Examples #14

From the moment we are born, we can not live alone; we stand in continual need of assistance from all around us, for body and soul and spirit; we need clothes that other men make; houses, which other men build, food, which other men produce; we have to get our livelihood by working for others, while others get their livelihood in return by working for us.

As children we need our parents to be our comforters, and to take care of others: we can not exist a day without our fellowmen; we require teachers to educate us: books and masters to teach our trade; and when we have learned it and settled ourselves in life, we require laws made by other men who died hundreds of years before we were born, to secure to us our rights and properties, to secure to our comforts in our station; and we need friends to comfort us in sorrow and to share our joy. (161 words)

Title – One can not live alone

We cannot live alone in this world. We need the help of a host of people-the farmers for food, the weaver for cloth, the mason for houses; for consolation in sorrow, teachers for education, lawyers for property, and above all, parents to bring up in our childhood. (47 words)

Summary Essay Examples #15

One night a holy man, Abu Ben Adhem by name, suddenly woke up from a deep dream of peace and saw in his moonlit room an angel writing something in a book of gold. He did not feel at all frightened. The peaceful face of the angel made Abu bold and he said to the angel, “What are you writing?” The angel looked up and replied in a kind and sweet tone, “I am taking down the names of those who love God.” “And is my name one among them?” Asked Abu. But the angel replied, ” No, it is not.” “I pray thee then,” said Abu, “To write me down as one who loves his fellowmen.”

The Angel wrote and vanished. The next night the angel came again with a great light which awaked Abu Ben Adhem: and he showed Abu the names of those who had been blessed by the love of God. And behold! the name of Abu was at-he top of the list. (166 words)

Title – To love men is the best way to love God

One night Abu Ben Adhem was sleeping in his room. An angel came there and wrote down the names of the lovers of God. But Abu’s name was not there. At Abu’s request, the angel wrote his name as a lover of man. The next night it was seen that Abu’s name headed the list of the lovers of God. (60 words)

Summary Essay Examples #16

We call anything beautiful that gives us pleasure, and that depends as much upon ourselves as upon what is outside us. Perhaps the majority of people find the sea beautiful when it is blue. If someone has lived in Italy as a child and has to live beside the grey northern seas when he is grown up, he will think that the grey seas are ugly: and that nothing can be so beautiful as the blue Mediterranean. But suppose a Scottsman who loves Scotland has to go and live in Italy. He might find the blue sea after a little while very uninteresting. Only when he went home and saw the grey sea again would he find the sea beautiful.

We are made in different ways, and grey may be just as beautiful as blue, just as the cry of a baby may be found sweeter in someone’s ears than the finest note of the finest singer that ever lived. Nothing is beautiful or ugly in itself, but thinking makes it so. (172 words)

Title – Test of Beauty

Nothing in this world is beautiful or ugly in itself. Things appear beautiful or ugly according to the idea of our beauty of ourselves. The same thing may appear different to people brought up in different environments. Generally, speaking the majority of people consider a thing beautiful that gives pleasure. But this depends on our outlook. (56 words)

Summary Essay Examples #17

Man first appeared on earth half a million years ago. Then he was little more than an animal. Even so, early man had certain advantages over animals. He had a large brain, he had an upright body with quick-moving hands. He invented a language to communicate with his fellow men.

This ability to speak was of supreme value because it allowed men to share ideas and plan together: speech enabled ideas to be passed on from generation to generation. These special advantages put men far ahead of all other living creatures. Since those far-off times, when he first made his appearance, man has achieved a great deal. (110 words)

Title – How Man Makes Himself

From his first animal-like existence man developed with the help of a big brain and quick-moving hands and the invention of language and speech. He achieved much by communicating with others and passing on knowledge to posterity. (37 words)

Summary Essay Examples #18

Charity is a universal duty, which it is in every man’s powers sometimes to practice, since every degree of assistance given to another on proper motives, is an act of charity; and there is scarcely any man in such a state of weakness that he may not on some occasion benefit his neighbour. He that can not relieve the poor may instruct the ignorant, and he that can not attend the sick may reclaim the vicious.

He that can give little assistance himself may yet perform the duty of charity by inflaming the ardour of others and recommending the petitions which he can not grant, to those who have more power to bestow. The widow that shall give her mite to the treasury, and the poor man who shall bring to the thirsty a cup of cold water, shall not lose their reward. (143 words)

Title – Universal Aspect of Charity

Charity, being universal duty, must be practised by all and everyone can practise it easily according to his capacity. Apart from money, any help in words or actions like nursing, teaching, or reforming the vicious is charity. Failing to do anything personally may influence others even. (47 words)

Summary Essay Examples #19

Religion is based I think, primarily and mainly on fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by in all your troubles and disputes. Fear is the basis of the whole thing-fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty and therefore, it is no wonder if cruelty and religion go hand in hand.

It is because fear is at the basis of those two things in this world that we can now be a little to understand things and master them with the help of Science, which has forced its ways step by step against the Christian religion: against the churches, and against the opposition of all the old precepts. Science can help us to get over this grave fear in which mankind has lived for so many generations. Science can teach us no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make this world a fit place to live in. (186 words)

Title – Science Versus Religion

Fear of the unknown and the wish to get help from other sources in his distress led men to put faith in Religion. Science has made man independent of all this. With the help of Science man has gotten over the fears of unseen powers. As a result, Science is thus undermining the awe and fear of Christianity and the power of the churches. (64 words)

Summary Essay Examples #20

Mankind in general is not sufficiently acquainted with the import of the word justice. It is commonly believed to consist only in the performance of those duties which the laws of society can oblige. This, I allow is sometimes the import of this word, and in this sense, justice is distinguished from equity. But there is justice still more extensive, and which can be shown to embrace all the virtues united. Justice may be defined as a virtue that urges us to give to every person what is his due.

In this extended sense of the word, it comprehends the practice of every virtue that reason prescribes or that society should expect. Our duty to our maker, to each other, and to ourselves is fully answered if we give them what we owe them. Thus justice, properly speaking, is the only virtue, all the rest have their origin in it. (150 words)

Title – Meaning of Justice

Justice, as commonly understood, means performing the duties approved by society and in this sense, it differs from equity. But justice in the broadest sense implies the virtue of giving everyone one’s due. This includes one’s duty to God and to society as also all other virtues. (47 words)

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