Picture Compositions for Class 4

This post presents a collection of Picture Compositions for Class 4 students.

These exercises are designed to stimulate creativity and enhance visual storytelling abilities.

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Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Teddy)

Title: Teddy on a Park Bench

The picture shows a teddy bear sitting on a wooden bench in a park. The teddy bear is brown and cuddly. It has black button eyes and a friendly smile. It is a sunny day. There are tall trees in the background with green leaves. The grass in the park is green too. I wonder who owns the teddy bear. Maybe a child lost it in the park. Maybe it is waiting for its owner to come back.

Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Smiley Face)

Title: Smiley Friends in a Box

The picture shows two smiley face plushies sitting inside a cardboard box. The smiley faces are round and yellow. They both have big black eyes and wide smiles. One smiley face has a pink tongue sticking out. The smiley faces seem happy to be together in the box. Maybe they are playing a game or going on an adventure together.

Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Pencil Hearts)

Title: Colorful Heart

The picture shows a heart shape made out of coloured pencils. There are many pencils in different colours. Some colours are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and black.

The tips of the pencils are pointed together in the centre of the heart. The pencils are arranged on a white background. The heart made out of pencils looks happy and colourful. It reminds us of art and creativity.

Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Penguins)

Title: Two Penguins

The picture shows two penguins standing on a big, grey rock. The penguins are black and white and they have orange beaks and feet. There is a big mountain in the background covered in white snow.

The two penguins look like they are best friends. Maybe they are taking a break from swimming in the ocean to rest on the rock. I wonder where they are going!

Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Earth)

Title: Earth and Moon Buddies

The picture shows Earth and the moon together in space. The earth looks big and blue. It has white clouds swirling around it. The moon looks smaller, white and grey. Behind Earth, the bright yellow sun shining. Space looks very dark when the Earth and Moon are floating in space.

Earth and the moon are neighbours in space, with the moon travelling around Earth. They look like good friends playing together! The bright sun behind Earth gives them light and warmth.

Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Pansy)

Title: Raindrops on a Purple Pansy

The picture shows a close-up of a purple pansy flower with sparkling water drops on its petals. The pansy flower has soft, velvety petals. The water drops are round and clear and some are rolling off the edges of the petals. There are other pansy flowers in the background, but they are blurry.

The water drops look like tiny jewels on the pansy flower. They make the flower sparkle and shine!


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Picture Compositions for Class 3 (Meerkat)

Title: Meerkat Meeting on a Stump

The picture shows seven meerkats standing on a round, brown tree stump. The meerkats all have black eyes and noses with brown and light brown fur. They are furry animals and have long tails.

Five of the meerkats are standing on their hind legs and might be looking out for danger, like hawks while one in the middle looks up at the sky. Another meerkat sitting down might be keeping watch on the ground for prey, like scorpions or insects. They all look alert and ready.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Clock)

Title: Wake Up Time!

The picture shows a retro alarm clock sitting on a bed of coffee beans. The alarm clock has two bells on the top and a round face with black hands. The numbers on the face are easy to read. The time on the clock shows 7:20. The coffee beans are brown and round.

The alarm clock is set for early in the morning, perhaps because the person who owns it has to wake up early for school or work. The smell of the coffee beans might help them wake up feeling energetic!

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Mushrooms)

Title: A Fun Bunch of Mushrooms

The picture shows a group of mushrooms sitting on a wooden table. They look like they have just been picked from the forest. The mushrooms have white stems and round, brown caps. They can be found in many places, like forests, fields, and even on dead trees. Some mushrooms are safe to eat, and some are poisonous. These mushrooms look like they could be part of a meal. Perhaps they will be sliced ​​into a salad or stir-fry. They can also be cooked whole. Button mushrooms are delicious and good for you!

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Deer)

Title: A Curious Deer

The picture shows a deer standing in a field of tall grass. The deer is light brown and has big, dark eyes. It has two ears that are pricked up and a wet black nose. The deer’s fur is spotted and it has a bushy tail.

The deer in the picture is standing alert. It has its head turned slightly to the side. It might have heard a noise or seen something interesting in the distance.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Horse)

Title: Winter Fun

The picture shows a white horse running through the snow. The horse is running fast and its legs are kicking up snow as it goes. The horse is a light grey colour, almost white, and it has a long, flowing mane and tail.

The snow is white and fluffy. There are some trees in the background. The horse looks happy and free. It seems like it is enjoying running around in the snow.

The picture is a nice winter scene. It shows the beauty of nature in the wintertime.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Egret)

Title: The Patient Egret

The picture shows a white egret standing in a stream of water. The egret is all white and has a long, thin neck. It has a yellow beak and long legs.

The heron is looking for fish to eat. It is very still and quiet, so that the fish won’t see it coming. The heron’s long neck and legs help it to wade through the water easily. In the picture, the egret is very patient. It is waiting for the perfect moment to catch its lunch.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (White Flower)

Title: A Bunch of White Flowers

The picture shows a bunch of white flowers. Each flowers have six white petals that spread out wide. The petals are thin and delicate, and they look soft and smooth. In the centre of the flower, there are stamen that are tipped with yellow pollen.

The background of the picture is blurry and shows other green plant parts. We can’t see the stem or leaves of the flower in this close-up picture. This makes the white colour of the flower stand out.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Rabbit)

Title: Happy Rabbit

The picture shows a happy rabbit hopping through a field of colourful flowers. The rabbit is brown and white, with long ears and a fluffy tail. It has a big smile on its face and its eyes are wide with excitement. The rabbit looks like it is having a lot of fun. Its front legs are held up in the air.

The field of flowers is full of colour. The flowers are different sizes. The flowers look beautiful in the sunshine. This picture looks like a happy and peaceful place. The rabbit looks like it is enjoying the flowers and the sunshine.

Picture Compositions for Class 4 (Wallnuts)

Title: A Pile of Walnuts

The picture shows a pile of walnuts sitting on a rough, grey surface. The walnuts are all different shapes and sizes. Some are round and plump, while others are more oval-shaped and thinner. Their shells are different colours too, some are light brown and some are dark brown. Their surfaces are bumpy and uneven, with some darker brown markings and lighter streaks.

It looks like a fun challenge to try and untangle the pile! You wouldn’t know how many walnuts are there without taking them apart. It looks like a squirrel has collected these walnuts, perhaps for the winter.

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