Paragraph Stories

Everybody loves to read or listen to stories. But writing them is not a simple task. In this post, we have added the top 10 paragraph stories.

Paragraph Stories

Paragraph Stories

Paragraph Stories #1

Never believe the wicked

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There was a tiger. He was very cruel in his youth. He was a man-eater. In his old age, he became very weak. He could no longer hunt down any animal. So he suffered much for want of food. ad a gold bangle in his possession. He sat in an open place in the forest with that bangle.

There was a road along with that open place. When the tiger saw any man passing by he said to him, “Brother, here is a good bangle. I wish to give it to you. Don’t fear. lam old and infirm now. I now pray to God five times a day and doing it will be useful to you. Don’t fear, come to me and take other religious acts. This bangle is useless to me. It will be useful to you. Don’t fear, come to me and take this.”

A man was passing by the way. He was simple and religious-minded. He believed in the tiger. He thought that he would help a poor man with that gold. He went near the tiger and was about to receive the bangle. The wicked tiger caught him by the neck and killed him.

Paragraph Stories #2

A man and his ass

A man dealt in salt. He had an ass to carry loads of salt from a distant town. There was a stream on the way. The ass had to cross that river every day. One day the ass fell into the river. Some of the salt melted in the water. The load became lighter.

The ass felt relieved to some extent and became clever. It began to let its feet slip every day. The dealer suffered a great loss. He became very angry. hic wanted to teach the ass a good lesson. He kept it without food for two days. The ass could realize its fault. le never did such a thing again.

Paragraph Stories #3

The stag and the hunter

One day a stag was thirsty. He went to drink water in a pool. The water in the pool was very clear. The Slag saw his own image in the pool. He was charmed to see his own horns. They were fine to look at. So he admired them much. But he was sorry to see his thin legs.

They were very ugly to look at. All of a sudden a hunter came up there with his hounds. The stag was afraid. He began to run away. His legs carried him as fast as they could. But his horns got entangled with the creepers in the bushes. He was unable to run away. The hunter came up there and killed him. His charming horns were the cause of his death.

Paragraph Stories # 4

Look before you leap

A fox was once passing by a well after sunset. It had been dark. So he did not notice the well. He slipped down into the well. He remained there all night and suffered much. Somehow he saved himself from drowning. Near that well there lived a villager. The villager had a goat. The goat was quite foolish.

In the morning, while grazing about, she went near the well. The fox on seeing the goat said, “Come friend, you have not tasted such clear and sweet water in your life as you may find in this well. have drunk and drunk, and yet I want to drink.” The foolish goat was a bit thirsty. She could not check herself. She at once jumped into the well. The fox got upon the head of the goat and got out of the well.

Paragraph Stories #5

Nobody trusts a liar

Once there was a cowboy. He tended his cows by the side of a forest. To make fun, he would often cry out ‘tiger’. ‘tiger! The villagers would come running to help him. The cowboy stood giggling. The villagers got angry and went away.

They were befooled every time. One day a tiger really did come. The cowboy cried and cried for help but none came to his help. They thought that the cowboy was making fun of them as before. The tiger fell upon him and killed him.

Paragraph Stories #6

United we stand, divided we fall

There was a farmer. He had four sons. They quarrelled with one another. So the farmer was very anxious about their future. One day he called his sons to him. He told them to bring a bundle of sticks. They did so. He then told each of the sons one after another to break the bundle of sticks.

They tried but in vain. Then the farmer told them to untie the bundle and break the sticks one by one. This time they could break the sticks easily. The farmer then advised them by saying, “If you are united nobody will be able to harm you. You could not break the sticks in a bundle. But you could easily break the sticks when they were separated. So live together in peace.” The sons promised to follow their father’s advice.

Paragraph Stories #7

Little friends may prove to be great friends

A lion lived in a den. A mouse also lived in a hole nearby. One day the lion was sleeping. The mouse was running up and down. By chance, the mouse got into the nostril of the lion. The lion woke up. He was very angry. He caught the mouse with his paws and was about to kill it. The mouse prayed for mercy. It said that it might be of use to him in the future. The lion laughed at the small mouse and let it go.

After some days the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He could not tear the net. So he began to roar. The Mouse could know the lion from its roar. It went there without losing time and gnawed into the net. It said, “O king of beasts. I have cut into the net. Now run away for your life. I have been able to do a good turn to you.” The lion was glad and ran away.

Paragraph Stories #8

Don’t try a thing you don’t know

A fisherman was fishing in a river. He had fished for a long time and was tired. He went to a house nearby to have a smoke. He left the net by the riverside. There was a big tree beside the river. A monkey lived in that tree. Sitting at a distance, the monkey watched carefully how the fisherman threw his net and caught fish.


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The monkey wished to throw the net into the river. So it went to the net. It picked up the net and tried to throw it But it was not an easy thing for the monkey to do. In trying to do so it got entangled in the net. It tried hard but could not get free. The fisherman came in the meantime. He was very angry. He beat the monkey to death.

Paragraph Stories #9

Where there is a will there is a way

One day it was very hot. A crow was very thirsty. He went out in search of water. He flew here and there. At last, he saw a water pot. He flew to that pot. But he found that the water in it was at the bottom of the pot. He tried again and again but could not reach the water with his beak. He was very sad.

But the crow was very clever, He found some pieces of stone at a small distance, He carried them all to the water pot one by one, He then dropped the stones into the pot until the water rose to its brim. Then he drank water and satisfied his thirst.

Paragraph Stories #10

The Blue Jackal

A jackal one night got into a washerman’s house to steal some food. By chance, he fell into the washerman’s vat which was full of blue water. Somehow he got out of the pot but he was dyed blue. He looked very strange. He returned to the forest. No animat could recognize him. All the animals were afraid They made him their king.

The sun went down. After nightfall, the jackals howled as usual. The blue jackal could not along with the other jackals. He howled at the top of his voice. Then all the animals had no difficulty in knowing what their king really was. The tiger came and tore him to pieces.

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