How to Write Dialogue Between Two Characters

A dialogue literally means a talk between two people. It is an exchange of thoughts and opinions on any kind of topic or issue.

In this post, you will learn how to write dialogue between two characters.

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How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters? Tips

  1. Written dialogue should appear spontaneous; Therefore, do not include elaborate sentences.
  2. While writing dialogue, make sure that your thoughts are expressed clearly.
  3. Make a brief outline at the beginning so that all the important points are given enough credit.
  4. Arranging ideas in a logical sequence is equally important. Jumping back and forth with thoughts makes the piece look immature.

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters? Explanation

Dialogue does not have any distinct format. However, some rules need to be followed to avoid confusion while pairing a statement with its speaker.

When the names of speakers are not mentioned, the dialogues should be written within quotation marks.
Example: “I have an appointment today.”
“What time is it?”

In such cases, attributions like he said, she replied, etc. should also be included.
Example: “I do not trust that man,” he said.

An attribution when used at the beginning of a sentence should always be followed by a comma (,).
Example: She said, “This is the clue we were looking for.”

When the names of the speakers are included, they should be followed by a colon mark (:).
Example: Rita: How may I help you?
Mr. Rao: Could you tell me the way to the boardroom?

Every time the speaker changes, a new line should be used.
Example: Mother: What time will you be back?
Sara: The class will get over by 4, so I should be home by 4.30.
Mother: I may not be home when you come, but I will make some snacks for you before leaving.

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters #Example 1

Q. Conversation between ticket checker and ticketless passenger.

T.C.: Your ticket, please.

Passenger: Ticket! Sorry, sir, I could not buy a ticket at NGP station. When I reached the station, the train was about to leave. I would have missed the train if I had tried to buy the ticket.

T.C.: You should have come to the station earlier.

Passenger: I caught the bus on time, but it broke down on the way and had to walk to NGP station.

T.C.: You’ll have to pay the fine in addition to the fare.

Passenger: Can’t you waive the fine?

T.C.: No, I can’t.

Passenger: What’s the train fare to Darjeeling?

T.C.: It was Rs. 250/ – You’ll have to pay Rs. 500/- as fine. So it’s 750/- in all.

Passenger: Here’s the money. Please give me the receipt.

T.C.: Yes, I’ll. (Writing the receipt)

Passenger: Thank you.

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters # Example 2

Q. A dialogue between an officer and a candidate for a job.

Officer: Have you come in response to our advertisement in the Times of India of August 10, for a typist?

Candidate: Yes, sir.

Officer: What’s your name and how old are you?

Candidate: My name is Pinaki Ghosh and I’m twenty-seven.

Officer: What are your qualifications?


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Candidate: I passed the Higher Secondary Examination in the second division, and am now doing B.Sc. with Honours in Chemistry.

Officer: Have you any professional training?

Candidate: Yes, sir, I have had training in typewriting, with a speed of 50 words per minute.

Officer: Have you brought your certificates and testimonials?

Candidate: Yes, sir. Here are they.

Officer: (After seeing the certificates and taking notes) Well, you may go now. We will inform you in time.

Candidate: Thank you, sir.

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters # Example 3

Q. A dialogue between a Reporter and a Secretary.

Reporter: Hello, my name is Mr. Thomson. I am a reporter for IBN and would like to meet Mr. Jack.

Secretary: Do you have an appointment?

Reporter: I do not have a formal one, but I spoke to him on the phone and he said that I could come today.

Secretary: You will have to wait for some time since Mr. Jack is in a meeting right now.

Reporter: How long will the meeting last?

Secretary: It should be over in about 15 minutes.

Reporter: That’s fine with me.

Secretary: Would you like some tea or coffee?

Reporter: No, thanks for asking.

Secretary: You’re welcome. Please have a seat. I will let you know as soon as he is free.

Reporter: I appreciate your cooperation.

How to Write Dialogue Between two Characters # Example 4

Q. A dialogue between two friends.

Anjuna: Hi Sweta, what a pleasant surprise! It’s a pleasure seeing a school friend after so many years.

Sweta: Indeed it is. How are you and what have you been up to?

Anjuna: I am great. Do you remember the paintings I made for pleasure in school?

Sweta: Yes I do, and I always told you what a great artist you would be one day.

Anjuna: Well, I guess you were right there.

Sweta: What do you mean?

Anjuna: After college, I studied painting at J. K. School of Art and today I am a professional painter.

Sweta: Oh really? That’s great news. I never doubted your potential.

Anjuna: I know, and I believe that the confidence you showed in me was one of the factors which encouraged me to conquer my dreams.

Sweta: Don’t flatter me. This is all the fruit of your hard work.

Anjuna: I am not. Believe me. I never considered my drawings of any consequence. It was you who saw the talent in me and gave me the boost I needed.

Sweta: Well then, I guess I deserve a treat.

Anjuna: You deserve more than that, but a treat is surely in order.

Sweta: Let’s have coffee.

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