Healthy Eating Essay

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After going through our post “Healthy Eating Essay” you will be able to understand the importance of healthy eating.

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Healthy Eating Essay

Healthy Eating Essay (400+ Words)

The greatest wealth is our own health. A healthy body can earn great wealth but, a wealthy person cannot earn great health. We live in a fast-moving world where individuals have no time for themselves. Most part of life withers away in search of materialistic wealth in order to outshine others but, along the way, they lose their health.

People eat junk foods and other unhealthy food items only for taste. They don’t even have time to nourish their bodies with the required diet. A good and balanced diet reduces stress levels and promotes healthy life without any suffering. Thus, it stands out of utmost importance to individuals to examine the significance of a healthy body.

People eat junk food and other unhealthy foods just for the taste. They don’t even have time to nourish their bodies with the necessary food. A good and balanced diet reduces stress levels and promotes a healthy life without suffering. Thus, it stands out of great importance to those examining the significance of a healthy body.

A healthy diet is one that helps to maintain or improve overall health. A diet that contains all kinds of necessary ingredients in almost the required quantity is called the “Balanced Diet.” We should consume a balanced diet consisting of essential nutrition: liquids, adequate proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and calories We must eat fresh fruits, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, yogurt, etc. on time in order to maintain a healthy body.

Taking meals at fixed times and consuming the right quantity of food is essential for maintaining good health. Weakness can result from under-eating, and chronic under-eating can lead to under-nourishment and lower immunity, causing tuberculosis, asthma, and other illnesses.

It ought to be seen especially in children that they eat the required quantity of food since because of excessive exertion, they lose many of their calories. Also for growing purposes and brain and nerve development, they need additional protein and fats. We should not overeat. Chronic over-eating can cause several diseases like those of the stomach, heart, or liver.

Only fresh, well-washed, and well-cooked food that is free from dust and flies should be eaten. Foods containing excess fat, spices, chillis, and fried foods are harmful and should be avoided. Eating roadside food is not recommended. The last meal should be taken two or three hours before bedtime, and there should be a sufficient time gap between two meals to allow for proper digestion in the stomach.

Good health is not only the absence of disease, injury, or illness but also includes physical, mental, social, intellectual, and financial well-being, which leads to happiness. It is a priceless gift of nature and a basic requirement for a contented life.

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