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George Washington, the first President of America, once said “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the intellectual and physical education I got from her.”

After going through this post, ‘Article on Mother’, you will be able to understand the importance of a mother in your life.

Essay on Mother

Article on Mother (800+ Words)


The moment a child is born, the mother is born as well. When a child gets a sense, it looks up at its mother and starts to follow the mother’s movements. The mind of a child is generally very sharp. It copies the activities of the mother eagerly. Mother takes all the care of her kid from all points like health, dress, diet, entertainment, education, sports, and development of competitive aptitude. The mother attracts the kid through love and affection.

There is an extraordinary job the mother does in influencing the kid. The mother develops her character through her optimal deeds. She steps back little by little and sets the children free. The foundation made by the mother through affection, persistence, discipline, direction, and tears permits them to cruise upon their ocean. It is the mother, who shapes the kid, to become a nobleman through her great, insightful, and elegant activities. The mother motivates the kid to learn by consenting to the activities which are important for character building and improvement. The mother creates an environment for the child to learn enough in a natural manner.

Sometimes the mother uses specific hard measures to discipline and teach valuable lessons to her kid. She denounces kids by denying them food. She forbids the child to indulge in undesirable activities. Sometimes, she makes the dreaded beating with the rod. She shows her dismay. She warns of the carefulness. But she is very soft from the inside. She is a well-wisher of her kid. Her only point is that she needs her kid free from inadequacies.

Going against the norm, there are the moms, who have the confidence in inspiration to correct their kids. They teach their kids and change their mindset. Modern science and a theory on children can have a significant impact on their outlook. Whatever strategy she applies, profoundly affects the life of a child, which helps in developing destiny on his own. The mother feels incredible achievement when she notices her kid growing up as a lion-hearted man/woman who can do respectable work as a result of her teaching about the value of qualities, penance, and tolerance. An ideal mother never intrigues her son/daughter to live like a weak animal who lives on charity and help from others.

We can describe motherhood in terms of sacrifice. She ignores her comforts and works hard for good food, good wear, and good education for her kid. She earns money and promises her kid a good career. It is a natural and noteworthy quality that is wholly found in a mother. She bears the responsibility of motherhood not only from the young age of her kid, but she remains a trusted adviser throughout her life. It is very important that we should give deep respect and pay the highest regard to our mothers not just because they are mothers, but for their unmatched motherhood and incredible sacrifices towards us.

The mother means everything. She is the one who understands you best and closely. She is your co-partner in everyday work and different issues. Sometimes she takes on a tremendous amount of responsibility and works under tension, when you need her, to take up its battle, both personally and professionally, to accomplish the troublesome objective in your work or business. We should owe our mothers for their everything.

George Washington, the first President of America, once said “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the intellectual and physical education I got from her.” Lord Buddha said, “As a mother even at the risk of her own life, loves and protects her child, so let a man cultivate love towards his mother without measuring her”. These demonstrate that there has been incredible significance for mothers all over the planet all along.

Though the children also love their mothers and treat them as their best friends, values and feelings are on the downfall. They are being replaced quickly with grandeur and show. We are celebrating Mother’s Day every year in the month of May or at least sending a greeting on the occasion.

There are some cases when the children especially the individuals who are not depending on their parents and are working away, have forgotten their mothers. They don’t go home for quite a long time but their mothers still pray with all their hearts that they stay blissful and happy. She will ever remain a well-wisher of her children regardless of the circumstances.

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