Article on Mother

George Washington, the first President of America, once said “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the intellectual and physical education I got from her.”

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Article on Mother

Article on Mother (1000+ Words)


The birth of a child marks not only the beginning of a new life but also the birth of a mother. From the very moment, a child opens its eyes, it seeks the comforting presence of its mother. The bond between a mother and child is innate and powerful, with the child eagerly imitating and following the mother’s every movement. The mind of a child is remarkably receptive, mirroring the mother’s actions with great enthusiasm. The mother, in turn, devotes herself entirely to her child’s well-being, encompassing aspects such as health, clothing, diet, entertainment, education, sports, and the cultivation of competitive aptitude. It is through love and affection that a mother captivates the heart of her child.

The influence a mother holds over her child is extraordinary. She shapes her child’s character through her exemplary deeds, gradually allowing them to find their own independence. The foundation laid by a mother, fueled by affection, perseverance, discipline, guidance, and even tears, equips her child to navigate the vast ocean of life. Through her wise and graceful actions, she molds her child into an individual of noble qualities. The mother inspires her child to learn by participating in activities that foster character development and personal growth. She creates an environment in which the child can naturally absorb knowledge.

At times, a mother may resort to stern measures to discipline her child and impart valuable lessons. She may deny the child certain privileges or forbid engagement in undesirable activities. In rare instances, she may resort to physical discipline, wielding the rod as a symbol of authority. However, despite these outward displays, her heart remains tender. She is deeply concerned for her child’s well-being, striving to liberate them from any shortcomings.

Contrary to societal norms, there are mothers who rely on inspiration and positive reinforcement to guide their children. They teach and reshape their children’s mindset, acknowledging the significant impact modern science and child psychology have on shaping outlooks. Regardless of the approach taken, a mother’s influence profoundly impacts her child’s life, enabling them to forge their own destiny.

A mother experiences immense fulfillment when she witnesses her child grow into a courageous individual who performs noble deeds, a result of her teachings on the importance of values, sacrifice, and patience. An ideal mother never encourages her child to live as a helpless creature reliant on charity and assistance from others.

Motherhood can be described as a continuous act of sacrifice. A mother willingly foregoes her own comforts, working tirelessly to provide her child with good food, clothing, and education. She endeavors to earn a living, ensuring a promising future for her child. The essence of selflessness embodied in motherhood is a natural and remarkable quality found within mothers. From the early stages of a child’s life, she assumes the mantle of a trusted advisor, offering guidance throughout their journey. It is of utmost importance that we deeply respect and hold our mothers in the highest regard, not merely because they are mothers, but for their unparalleled devotion and incredible sacrifices on our behalf.

A mother encompasses everything one needs. She understands and knows us intimately, acting as our steadfast partner in everyday life and its challenges. In times of great responsibility and stress, she shoulders the burden, ready to fight our battles both personally and professionally, to help us achieve challenging objectives in our work or business. We owe everything to our mothers.

The words of George Washington, the first President of America, resonate deeply: “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the intellectual and physical education I received from her.” Lord Buddha, too, emphasized the significance of a mother’s love, stating, “As a mother even at the risk of her own life, loves and protects her child, so let a man cultivate love towards his mother without measuring her.” These quotes serve as a testament to the universal importance of mothers throughout history.

While children may profess their love for their mothers and view them as their closest allies, it is disheartening to observe a decline in values and emotions. The essence of genuine affection and deep sentiments is swiftly being replaced by superficial displays and grand gestures. Nonetheless, we continue to celebrate Mother’s Day every year in May, or at the very least, send greetings on this special occasion.

However, there are unfortunate cases where children, especially those who have become independent and are working far from home, forget about their mothers. Despite their prolonged absence, their mothers wholeheartedly pray for their happiness and well-being. A mother’s unwavering dedication to her children transcends all circumstances, as she remains a constant well-wisher throughout their lives.

In conclusion, a mother’s love is a sacred bond that shapes lives and molds destinies. It is a selfless and unconditional love that knows no bounds. From the moment of birth, a mother devotes herself to nurturing, guiding, and supporting her child. Her influence is profound, extending beyond mere caregiving to instilling values, fostering growth, and preparing her child to face the world.

Through sacrifices, she ensures her child’s welfare and success, acting as a trusted advisor in every aspect of life. We must hold our mothers in the highest regard, acknowledging their unparalleled motherhood and the extraordinary sacrifices they make for us. Let us cherish and respect our mothers not only on Mother’s Day but every day, for their love is truly unparalleled and irreplaceable.

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