Article on Discipline

Discipline involves following specific, well-defined rules and is crucial for dutifulness, self-control, expertise, and maintaining a civilized society. Without discipline, decay, and chaos prevail. 

Article on Discipline

Article on Discipline (450+ Words)

Discipline involves following specific, well-defined rules and is crucial for dutifulness, self-control, expertise, and maintaining a civilized society. Without discipline, decay and chaos prevail. As Aristotle stated, “Discipline means obeying rules that are created by society for the benefit of all.”

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Let’s consider the solar system as an example of how regulations maintain harmony and equilibrium. Talents also thrive in disciplined individuals, making it vital for personal and societal success. Without discipline, there would be no structured regulation, scientific advancements, or innovative accomplishments.

Military forces require discipline to face enemies bravely. The army follows specific rules that demand loyalty to the nation and superiors, a sense of partnership, and the ability to adapt to crises. The absence of discipline could have disastrous consequences.

Furthermore, discipline is becoming increasingly important in student life. Neglecting discipline during school years could be detrimental to one’s career and character development.
Generally, students tend to neglect discipline in their work, and their procrastination and casual attitude can lead to feelings of discouragement and disappointment. Due to the lack of discipline, individuals cannot utilize their full potential.

Numerous great personalities, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda, and Pandit Nehru, achieved success by strictly following their well-planned strategies. They have become an inspiration for an entire generation. On the other hand, those who neglected discipline in their lives have been forgotten.

In sports, an umpire or referee ensures that the game is played within the spirit of the rules, and every player must adhere to them strictly. The absence of discipline, even in off-field activities, can affect a player’s destiny. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli began playing together in school and were considered equally talented. However, Sachin’s disciplined approach led him to become the world’s greatest run-getter and century-producer in both ODI and tests, whereas Vinod’s career ended abruptly despite a good start. Kambli failed to handle his priorities in a disciplined manner.

One of the key aspects of discipline is physical cleanliness. True physical purity involves engaging in good actions. Good actions and thoughts lead to a pure mind and intellect. According to Gandhi, brahmacharya is the discipline that involves controlling all the senses in thought, word, or deed.

Another important aspect of discipline is practicing self-restraint in any activity. While true freedom is highly valued in society, absolute freedom cannot be granted. Discipline requires limiting freedom, which is necessary for the greater good of society. The government enforces rules that ensure justice and equal opportunities for all, thus proving that discipline ensures fairness and impartiality.

In conclusion, discipline is not just desirable, but essential. Moral and material decay sets in wherever discipline and rules of conduct are absent. A disciplined person is not prone to bad habits. Children growing up in loving and disciplined homes become responsible adults. The increasing rate of crime in society can be attributed to the lack of discipline.

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