100 Words Paragraph

A paragraph is a short collection of well-organized sentences which revolve around a single theme and is coherent. A good paragraph expresses everything it has to say briefly.

In this post, you will find the top 10 ‘100 words paragraphs’ that will leave a mark.

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100 Words Paragraph

100 Words Paragraphs

100 Words Paragraph #1


Coal is a valuable hard, black material extracted from mines. Wood that has been buried for a long time becomes coal due to a chemical change. Earthquakes cause vast forest areas to sink underground and contribute to such changes as a result of tremendous heat and pressure. Coal mines can be found in our country at  Dhanbad, Jharia, Giridih, Chaibasa, and other locations. Coal is exported from India to Japan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Coal is used as a fuel in both homes and factories and industries. The majority of trains and steamers move by burning coal in steam engines.

100 Words Paragraph #2


Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. It does not mix with soil and reduces soil fertility. It cannot be automatically recycled and harms the Earth’s life cycle. However, plastic is replacing the traditional use of jute, cotton or paper materials and is becoming a threat to the living world. Children run the risk of suffocation when playing with plastic bags. Coloured plastic carry-bags cause food poisoning. Plastic waste, if not disposed of carefully, often clogs sewage systems.

100 Words Paragraph #3


Newspapers are the mirror of the world. It plays an important role in modern civilization. Newspapers are published in different languages ​​in our country. It helps us to gain common sense. Provides reviews and puzzles on newspaper reports, speeches, business, movies, sports, etc. Newspapers are read for both profit and pleasure. It brings to the public valuable perspectives, acts of injustice, oppression and maladministration. It angered the people and criticized the authorities for their failures. It forms public opinion. Therefore freedom of the press should not be hampered.

100 Words Paragraph #4


The computer is a miraculous scientific invention. It can store data and perform complex calculations in a very short period of time. Its primary characteristics are speed and accuracy. As a result, computers facilitate quick transactions and communication. It’s now common in schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, offices, and banks. It is used in factories to save manual and mental labour as well as for quality control. It is also used in various fields of research, such as space research. Computer courses at various levels are now being introduced in schools and colleges. The use of computers in specific fields is required for efficient service.

100 Words Paragraph #5


There are a number of distinctions between reading books and watching television. The time allotted to each programme on television is limited. On the other hand, there is a large selection of books that can be chosen from. Reading fulfils a man. Reading books does not have a time limit. TV provides visual images, but viewers have a limited selection of programmes to choose from. He must adapt to the scheduled programmes of a specific television channel. However, in the case of the book, the reader’s imagination is crucial. He is free to read a book as a personal activity.

100 Words Paragraph #6

Television Programmes

The standard of television programmes for commercial purposes has steadily declined over the years. Many mega-series have taken the place of educational programmes. Even during the newscast, commercials are common. The majority of the programme revolves around music and soap operas based on popular Hindi films. The glitter of the programmes so captivates the youth and children that they become addicted to a cheap culture. As a result, they become disconnected from their own cultural heritage. The authorities of various TV channels should reconsider airing the programmes for their own benefit as well as the national interest.

100 Words Paragraph #7

Strike when the Iron is Hot

The proverb refers to how the blacksmith heats the iron in order to make it malleable. When it cools, the blacksmith loses the ability to shape it into the desired shape. Our lives are like iron; when an opportunity arises, we must be prepared to seize it in order to change our lives. There is no point in moping about missed opportunities after time has passed. Wise men remain alert and recognise opportunities as they arise. The foolish, on the other hand, sit back and watch as opportunities pass them by. Our unwillingness to take risks can frequently leave us empty-handed.

100 Words Paragraph #8

Why do Atoms Explode when they are Split?

Radioactive elements’ atoms can be split. Albert Einstein proposed that mass and energy are interchangeable under certain circumstances. Nuclear fission is the process by which an atom splits. A small amount of mass is converted into energy in this case. The energy thus released is insignificant. During this process, however, a number of subatomic particles known as neutrons are also released. Each neutron will collide with a radioactive element, releasing additional neutrons in the process. This causes a chain reaction, releasing a massive amount of energy. This energy is converted into heat, which rapidly expands, resulting in an explosion.

100 Words Paragraph #9

Breakfast and it’s Importance

You may already be aware of the importance of eating a king-size breakfast every morning. Do you understand why? Because you haven’t eaten for about 8-10 hours, your body is hungry in the morning. Breakfast is thus the first meal of the day, and thus the most important. Consider driving without gas; This is how your body feels when it lacks the fuel provided by a nutritious breakfast. Nowadays many people skip breakfast to lose weight. Nutritionists are alarmed by this trend, as it is mandatory to eat breakfast within two hours of waking up.

100 Words Paragraph #10

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mindset or attitude that is characterised by optimism and happiness. A positive person expects and hopes for the best in his life. Although many people dismiss the idea of always being positive, it has numerous advantages not only for the mind but also for the body. Positivity brings joy to the soul and makes one feel lighter. As a result, we exude goodwill and joy. People gravitate towards such people. Being negative in one’s words and actions has the opposite effect. It is common knowledge that people avoid people who spread negativity.

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