Speed Reading Test 9


  • Click “Start Reading” to start the timer.
  • Maintain a steady pace and focus on comprehension.
  • Click “Stop” to stop or end the test.
  • Click “Restart” to start the test again.
  • Click “Show Results” to see your performance immediately.
  • Review the number of words read, reading time and reading speed in the results.
  • Reflect on your reading skills and compare your performance to the general level.
  • Retest if desired.

Speed Reading Test

Stress has a different meaning depending on the stage of life you’re in. The loss of a toy or a reprimand from the parents might create a stress shock in a child. An adolescent who fails an examination may feel as if everything has been lost and life has no further meaning. In an adult, the loss of a companion, job, or professional failure may appear as if there is nothing more to be achieved.

Stress can be seen in the attitude and behavior of the individual, such as muscle tension in various parts of the body, palpitation and high blood pressure, indigestion, and hyperacidity, and ultimately in self-destructive behavior such as eating and drinking too much, smoking excessively, relying on tranquilizers, trembling, shaking, nervous blinking, dryness of throat and mouth and difficulty in swallowing. The professional under stress behaves as if he is a perfectionist followed by depression, lethargy, and weakness for further work. Periodic mood shifts also indicate the stress status of students, executives, and professionals.

Compare Your Reading Speed Test

Performance LevelReading Speed
Average Reader200 – 300 WPM
Good Reader300 – 500 WPM
Excellent Reader500+ WPM
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