Speed Reading Test 7


  • Click “Start Reading” to start the timer.
  • Maintain a steady pace and focus on comprehension.
  • Click “Stop” to stop or end the test.
  • Click “Restart” to start the test again.
  • Click “Show Results” to see your performance immediately.
  • Review the number of words read, reading time and reading speed in the results.
  • Reflect on your reading skills and compare your performance to the general level.
  • Retest if desired.

Speed Reading Test

Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide—greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Three-quarters of all hungry people live in rural areas, mainly in the villages of Asia and Africa. An estimated 146 million children in developing countries are underweight—the result of acute or chronic hunger. Poverty trap, lack of investment in agriculture, natural calamities, war and displacement, unstable markets, and food wastage are the major causes of the presence of hunger in the world. Hunger leads to malnutrition, which in turn causes diseases. Malnutrition is the largest single, According to the UN’s Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN), a contributor to disease in the world.

Compare Your Reading Speed Test

Performance LevelReading Speed
Average Reader200 – 300 WPM
Good Reader300 – 500 WPM
Excellent Reader500+ WPM
Daily Reading Comprehension Test - Attempt Now

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