Speech Writing Format

A speech is a spoken discourse or an expression of ideas that is delivered in front of an audience by the speaker.

A speech can perform one or more of the following functions:

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  • To convince the audience: ‘Reasons why I Believe Indians don‟t have Civic Sense’
  • To provoke the audience to take an action: ‘Report Corruption to Kill Corruption’
  • To inspire the audience: ‘Do One Good Deed A Day’
  • To inform the audience: ‘Beauty Magazines Promote Low Self-esteem’
Speech Writing Format

Speech Writing Format

Like other forms of composition, a speech also comprises an introduction, a Body(supporting ideas), and a conclusion.


INTRODUCTION – Address the Audience | Introduce the Audience to the Issue.

BODY – Give One’s Own Views.


Speech Writing Samples

Sample 1

Reservation: Hindrance to Democracy

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear friends,

Today I am going to speak about whether the Reservation system should be abolished in India or not. In India, the reservation was introduced to uplift the lower strata of society. However, over the years, the reserved classes have been enjoying privileges offered by the government without really contributing to the country’s progress. The equality of opportunity has turned into a chance to misuse the relaxations offered to the lower classes. The result: the lower classes glorify their so-called ‘low’ status and eat into positions at various levels in the country.

In modern times, people receive education irrespective of their caste; they are informed and can fight for their rights. The current reservation system then becomes an obsolete way of evaluating who needs aid from the government. The government should amend the reservation system and make a person’s financial status the parameter to offer or withdraw privileges. Positions in schools and government offices should be filled taking into account a candidate’s education and financial background.

This is a huge change, but if brought about, will only produce better citizens who could do the nation proud at the national and the global level. It is time that the present reservation system is abolished in India.

Thank you.

Sample 2

Terrorism can only be countered by War

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear friends,

Today I am going to speak for the motion terrorism can only be countered by war. The prime goal of the defence system of a country is the safety of the region and the people. Terrorism has always been jeopardizing lives. Therefore, if a country needs to fight against such groups, war is justified. The attack is the best form of defence.

Terrorist groups have a strong and sophisticated network, which can be counteracted only with an equally strong defence system. Therefore, military operation is crucial in breaking the network completely.

Terrorist groups have no regard for rules of international harmony and concord. Therefore, the use of force in the form of war is justified. The number of terrorists and terrorist groups present in the world today is mind-boggling. The world can be freed from its grips only if they are attacked and wiped out completely.

With this, I conclude my speech. I would like to thank you all for being a patient audience.

Sample 3

Pollution – Bane of the Machine Age

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

Today, I wish to speak about a rather uncomfortable topic. Deep inside, we are guilty of partaking in it. Our dependence on machines has made us live in denial that fears about pollution are unfounded. I am here to dispel that comfortable lie we have told ourselves.

Progress and development come at the cost of the environment—a maxim that we have reluctantly come to agree upon. Man exhibited resourcefulness by using his intellect to tap the resources of the planet for his own purposes. But he lacked the foresight to envision the day when his own endeavours may leave him at the precipice of destruction. We hailed industrialization as the force that brought forth a change in the socioeconomic structure of society. Human greed has not only begotten industrialization but also caused the degeneration of the ecosystem. A world without technology is unimaginable today. We are growing increasingly dependent on gadgets and automobiles.

But all this comes at a big price. Pollution is slowly killing our environment with every passing minute. Substances such as gases, chemical by-products, and harmful aerosols are contaminating the air we breathe, the water we consume, and the land we walk on.

Pollution occurs at a rate faster than the environment can accommodate and is degrading the quality of our lives. Instead of being in denial about our situation, each of us should make concerted efforts to decrease our dependence on technology. Making green choices can mitigate the damage that has already been done. To save our environment from implosion, we need to be aware of the problems caused by the machine age. With this, I conclude my speech. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

Sample 4

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

I wish to talk today about the slack justice dispensing system of our nation. More than being machinery to maintain peace in society, the justice system of the country should be able to instil a sense of security among its citizens. It is a watchdog that makes examples out of offenders and discourages instances of crime. It does so by punishing criminals, thereby giving closure to the victims and imparting a sense of justice being done. The Salman Khan case, the Jessica Lal case, and the Nitish Katara case are examples of justice being twisted to serve the people in power! I wish to use a phrase today, ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ to prove my point.

The above idea means that a delay in dispensing justice is akin to justice not being done at all. Being a social animal, man has created a legal system to maintain harmony in society. But this legal system often lags in the delivery of justice, thus becoming a cause of agony for the common man. In India, there are about three crore cases that are pending. The sword of Damocles hangs perpetually over the heads of those awaiting justice. The perpetrators of the crime exploit this delay to find ways to circumvent the laws, thus bolstering the resolve of anti-social elements.


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In addition, the victims run out of money to pay for legal representation if their case is protracted. People will be mistrustful of the judiciary and lose faith in the government. Frenzied mobs may take the law into their own hands when they find the judiciary failing and may resort to rudimentary forms of dispensing justice. In conclusion, I wish to say that In the absence of a good legal system, anarchy and chaos will become the order of the day.

Sample 5

Are Smartphones Status Symbols?

Dear friends,

What exactly is a status symbol? It is an object that a person uses to add value to his or her social status. The very existence of this term speaks volumes about the values of our present generation. There are things an average individual can be proud of—his intelligence, his moral rectitude, and his personality. But in today‟s world, where a man‟s achievements are measured by the wealth he possesses, we often find ourselves flaunting our materialistic possessions and using them as extensions of ourselves. One of those things is the smartphone.

When the phone made its entry into the market, it was a thing of wonder. Today, the smartphone has become a fairly ubiquitous device. It is no longer the prerogative of gizmo freaks and the rich. Today, even school-going children own cell phones. One may think that if something becomes commonplace, it may no longer have a special status. One cannot be more wrong.

Today, the smartphone category has diversified and we have phones to suit everybody’s budget. From the low-end phones that only facilitate phone calls and SMS, to the expensive high-end ones that have one too many features; there are so many phones to choose from. However, we have gone beyond the functional use of a smartphone; it stands for our social status and our spending power.

Devices like the iPhone have created a sub-section among cell phone users. The ownership of such phones promises the users to enter into an exclusive elite group. Such is the madness that the youth often go to any lengths to clinch a fancy phone for themselves. They create an illusion of affluence. Sadly, the youth fail to realize the hollowness of such endeavours. The illusion thus created lasts only as long as the phone does. A phone that was coveted by many this year may no longer interest them when its upgraded version arrives. An iPhone 5 may seem less desirable in front of the iPhone 6.

Like chasing a mirage, we shall never achieve the permanent glory of owning a fancy phone. Let us open our eyes to this bitter reality and shun these shallow ways and focus on the glory that can be achieved by our perseverance and hard work. On this note, I conclude my speech. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

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