Paragraph on the Happiest Day of my Life

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Paragraph on the Happiest Day of my Life

We have a saying in our country that means when God wants to be generous, he tears down the roof. This happened to me on the 13th of last month. Many consider number 13 as inauspicious but for me, it has proved to be most benign and beneficial.

I woke up early in the morning with the newspaper in my hand and saw that the results of the 10th grade had been announced. Hastily read the columns and found my name on the merit list. Soon a postman came with a telegram telling me that I had won a lottery of one million dollars in a quiz competition.

In the afternoon I was told on the telephone that my elder brother has been selected for the national hockey team to play against Pakistan.

In the afternoon the telephone rang again. It was a call from the P.A. to the Chief Minister. The State Government intended to recognise my father as the Most Honest Man. It was the happiest day of my life, full of pleasant surprises.

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