Importance of History as a Subject Essay

History is a very important and interesting subject. Those who are keen to know about the past events and heroism of great people, generally opt for history.

After going through this post, you will be able to know the Importance of History as a Subject.

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Importance of History as a Subject Essay

Importance of History as a Subject Essay (900+ Words)

The subject of history is both important and fascinating. Those who are interested in learning about past events and the heroism of great people often choose to study history. Through the remarkable performance of noble individuals, history showcases their deeds, which inspires others to follow in their footsteps. The study of history has the potential to influence one’s character in a positive way.

However, in today’s materialistic world, fewer students are opting to study history as their goal has shifted towards earning money for a lavish living instead of contemplating historic events. People nowadays only see the benefits of studying history if it helps them accomplish a task or aids them in achieving a respectable goal. Nonetheless, individuals are inclined towards history, it encourages them to work towards achieving something for humanity and strive for perfection.

History is a testament to the incredible accomplishments of our ancestors. Many rulers and emperors have made history by governing their countries successfully, contributing significantly to the prosperity of mankind. Others have earned their place in history by displaying acts of bravery, sacrifice, remarkable management, and noble deeds.

Renowned historical figures such as Ashoka, Maha Rana Pratap, Shershah Suri, Akbar, Rani Laxmi Bai, and Razia Begam performed exceptionally well in their respective fields. Their personalities, acts of bravery, sacrifice for their nation, and other noble deeds continue to inspire us today.

The study of history is crucial in understanding major events that have taken place in our nation and the world. An educated person should be aware of significant events that occurred in the past. History teaches us about religion, politics, sociology, literature, economics, foreign policies, unity, freedom, trade, commerce, geography, and various indigenous and foreign races. Wars, victories, and treaties that occurred in the past, both within the nation and abroad, have all been recorded in history books, and studying them can provide a comprehensive understanding of these events.

History goes beyond just documenting the achievements and struggles of ordinary individuals; it also reflects the sentiments and values that drive them to pursue a cause. It honors and elevates those who exerted great strength and took enormous risks to achieve seemingly impossible goals, and their deeds qualify them to be enshrined in the annals of history as models for future generations to emulate.

History is a subject that blends fact and fiction and can be as engrossing as a work of fiction or a theatrical performance. Anyone who reads history can savor its richness and significance. Even Gandhi, who recognized the changing times, believed that education is incomplete without history. He felt that being knowledgeable about the past events of one’s country and the world can provide a deeper understanding of truth and enable individuals to face similar situations with greater experience and courage.

History is a kaleidoscope of diverse themes and narratives. It informs us that the world was once a molten ball of fire and a piece of the sun. Over time, it cooled and gave rise to life, with creatures, plants, and animals appearing in succession. The journey of humankind from its primitive origins to its current state is another fascinating story contained in the pages of history.

For example, the evolution of man is a saga of progress. Initially, our prehistoric ancestors were hairy, naked, and roamed like wild animals. They mainly subsisted on hunting and eating animals. Eventually, after many years, they accidentally discovered how to create fire, a significant milestone in human civilization. The next breakthrough came with the invention of agriculture, which allowed them to cultivate crops and eat grains. The history of humanity is rich with romance, and it remains a captivating subject of study.

There are many compelling reasons why the study of history is essential. Firstly, it enhances our comprehension of caste, religion, tradition, and customs, illuminating the fact that they are all human constructs. The primary objective of these constructs was to establish a societal framework based on work, sentiment, and civilization, and not on any religious sanctity. As time progresses, this framework must adapt to the changing needs of society.

Furthermore, history teaches us that divisions based on caste and religion are obstacles to progress and require intelligent reforms. The study of other countries’ histories provides valuable insights into their ways of life and lifestyles, which we can adopt for our benefit.

Most importantly, the study of history imbues us with courage, determination, and hope. Despite facing overwhelming adversity throughout the ages, humanity has persevered and made significant strides in various fields. Through studying history, we learn about the heroic feats of individuals that enabled them to accomplish so much.

Prominent leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, John F. Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi were all avid history students. Their comprehensive understanding of history equipped them to be exceptional statesmen not only in their own nations but on the world stage as well. Nehru, in particular, was an outstanding historian whose knowledge played a crucial role in his success in addressing many global issues.

In conclusion, we must encourage the study of history in our country with a positive and constructive outlook. We should make history lessons more empowering and inspiring for our youth, enabling them to gain valuable insights and make good use of them in building a strong and prosperous nation.

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