Importance of Games and Sports Essay in Points

Games and sports are also extremely valuable for good health. The outdoor games are more helpful, where the students share the company of nature and inhale fresh air.

Importance of Games and Sports Essay in Points

Importance of Games and Sports Essay in Points (800+ Words)

  1. Games and sports are essential for children’s development and should be considered as important as food, education, and other essential things.
  2. Games and sports provide entertainment and act as a change from the routine of studying.
  3. Outdoor games and sports help students regain their lost energy and produce mental freshness, which aids in concentration.
  4. They are vital for good health and physical exercise, keeping students physically and mentally fit.
  5. Games and sports develop traits of personality such as discipline, collaboration, leadership, judgment, courage, and determination to win.
  6. Games and sports teach the requirement of sacrifice, elegance, liberality, and solidness, enabling individuals to lead effective lives.
  7. Sports provide an outlet for excess fat and weight and keep students healthy and active.
  8. They are the best means to utilize time positively and avoid undesirable activities.
  9. Schools and colleges are the best institutions to create sports activities and make them compulsory.
  10. It will facilitate the country to select the best teams from the crowd and improve the image of the country in sports.
  11. Great athletes become well-known in the public arena, earning name and fame for themselves, their institutions, and the country.
  12. Sportsmen are given preference over others in job opportunities and get to travel to different destinations and countries.
  13. Children should be provided with opportunities to participate in sports activities right from primary school.
  14. Making sports a compulsory subject with marks added to the result can attract students towards hard work with an interest in succeeding in sports.
  15. The government and school administration should ensure adequate sports facilities in all schools and colleges to inspire students to take part.
  16. The nobility of the games should be maintained, and a sports atmosphere should be created in all schools and colleges to attract students.
  17. Teachers should ensure that students are given the opportunity to show genuine ability, effortlessness, nobility, and liberality in sports.
  18. Students should be motivated to participate in sports to gain a genuine advantage from them.
  19. Indian sportsmen have won laurels for the country in many events, and the aim of every student should be to accomplish a good position in sports activities.
  20. Games and sports have extraordinary value in life and should be given equal importance to education and other essential things.

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