Paragraph on Impact of TV on Children

Impact of TV on Children

Television is one of the latest inventions of science and technology. It was invented in England by the Scottish scientist J.N. Baird in 1928 and the British Broadcasting Corporation was the first to broadcast television images in 1929. Previously the radio helped us hear things from far and near. But all this was done through sound only Television combined visual images with sound. Today we can watch games, shows and song and dance programs from all corners of the world sitting in our drawing-room. TV can be used for educating the masses, for bringing to us the latest pieces of information audio-visually, and can provide us all kinds of entertainment even in color. We know the adage: “Too much of anything is bad.” Too much televiewing may prove harmful, especially for children. If the children make the habit of watching TV their study habits are ad- adversely affected. Televiewing of children should be very limited and selective. Today TV programs are shown 24 hours, entertainment programs like telefilms, serials, reality shows occupy maximum showtime. Moreover, the advertisement programs are interwoven with all the programs, even the news. In modern cinemas and serials, violence, murder, dance, and absurd scenes like flying in the air, falling from the high-rise building, climbing the vertical walls are shown. If the children watch all these things on TV they think of these and try to imitate them. Their study and other daily works are hampered. This may also dull their intelligence.

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