Future of Democracy in India

India is proud to be considered one of the top democratic countries in the world and the best in Asia. This post will help you understand what the future holds for Indian democracy.

For democracy to function well, its electoral system needs to work properly. In India, elections are regularly held for the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies, where adults are given the right to vote.

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This means that the Central and State Governments gain their power from the people who elect their representatives for Lok Sabha and State Assemblies.

However, democracy in India has not been entirely successful. In this post, we will discuss the future of democracy in India.

Future of Democracy in India

India is considered to be one of the greatest democratic countries in the world. However, it has not been very successful due to certain factors that hinder its proper functioning. In the future, these factors may become stronger and pose a threat to Indian democracy. Poverty is a major issue in India, despite various efforts to address it through five-year plans. The majority of the population still lives below the poverty line, rendering democracy meaningless for them.

The advancement of technology may lead to abundance, but it could also widen the gap between the rich and the poor, resulting in increased poverty among the masses and ultimately causing Indian democracy to fail. Other factors that could weaken Indian democracy include the people’s lack of interest in national affairs, their low levels of education, the cult of personality around certain leaders, the lack of an effective opposition, and the increasing interference of the central government in the functioning of state governments.

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