Examples of Dialogue Conversation

In order to write dialogues successfully, the writer has not only to see both sides of a question but also to put himself inside two imaginary persons so as to make them express their opposite opinions naturally and in keeping with their characters.

He has in turn to be each one, and see the point of view of each on the question. Here are the top 22 Examples of Dialogue Conversation

Examples of Dialogue Conversation

Examples of Dialogue Conversation

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #1

Q. A dialogue between a post-master and a boy about the non-receipt of a registered parcel

Parimal: I sent a registered parcel to Burdwan about a month ago. I got a letter today from the friend to whom it was addressed, and he said he had not received it.

Post-Master: Have you brought the receipt?

Parimal: Yes sir, here it is. You can see that the parcel was dispatched on January 12, and it was insured for Rs. 100

Post-Master: It should certainly have reached the recipient about a week ago.

Parimal: Will you please make inquiries? I’m very anxious about it, and my friend is annoyed as he has not received it.

Post-Master: Yes, I will write to the Head Office and let you know by a registered letter as soon as we hear anything, please give me your address. Parimal Here it is on my card. Thanks. (126 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #2

Q. A dialogue between an officer and a candidate for a job.

Officer: Have you come in response to our advertisement in The Statesman of July 16, for a typist?

Candidate: Yes, sir.

Officer: What’s your name and how old are you?

Candidate: My name is Arindam Sen and I’m twenty-four.

Officer: What are your qualifications?

Candidate: I passed the Higher Secondary Examination in the first division, and am now doing B. Com. with Honours in Accountancy.

Officer: Have you any professional training? Candidate: Yes, sir, I have had training in typewriting, with a speed of 80 words a minute.

Officer: Have you any experience in office work?

Candidate: No, sir.

Officer: Have you brought your certificates and testimonials?

Candidate: Yes, sir. Here are they.

Officer: (Seeing the certificates and taking notes) Well, you may go now. We shall let you know in time.

Candidate: Thank you, sir. (124 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #3

Q. A dialogue between two friends on the choice of profession/their plans for the future.

Bimal: Well Ratan, what profession do you want to take up after your education?

Ratan: I want to be a professor. It’s an interesting profession. It keeps you reading all along like a student. What are you going to be?

Bimal: My ambition is to be a lawyer.

Ratan: Law! It’s a profession that has no attraction for me. Why do you want to be a lawyer?

Bimal: It’s a respectable and independent profession. Moreover, a lawyer can make more money than a professor.

Ratan: I’m not sure of that. There are very few lawyers who do earn a lot of money; the majority of lawyers have to sit and talk away their time. They find it difficult even to make a simple living. (118 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #4

Q. A dialogue between two friends about holiday plans.

Bimal: Hurrah! only five days to summer recess.

Samir: I know. I am eagerly looking forward to it.

Bimal: So am I. How do you plan to spend the vacation?

Samir: I intend to go to Darjeeling for a change for a fortnight at least. My parents and sisters will accompany me.

Bimal: I’ve no mind going to a hilly place or to a seaside town for a change.

Samir: Then what are you going to do with yourself in recess?

Bimal: I want to start a night school at my house and teach illiterate villagers the three Rs.

Samir: Yours is really a noble plan. I wish I could have done the same.

Bimal: Thank you for your wish. Wish you a happy tour of the queen of hills. (129 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #5

Q. A dialogue between two girls on the approaching annual examination.

Pompi: Well Sheela, our examination is only a week away now. How are you prepared for it?

Sheela: No, I’m not pretty well prepared for it. I’ve revised chemistry and physics, but I’ve hardly touched compulsory English, and as for mathematics I feel quite hopeless. But what about your preparation?

Pompi: Well I’m pretty well-prepared for it. I’ve finished all my combination subjects as well as compulsory English. I don’t know how to finish all my courses. I have been burning the midnight oil for a month; still, I find no end to my courses.

Pompi: Well, you know I have been studying methodically and in earnest, since I joined college. So I find everything easy. But you did very little in your first year and not much in your second.

Sheela: You’re fortunate! I must suffer for not taking my study seriously from the beginning. (138 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #6

Q. A dialogue between a principal and a student who has asked for a certificate.

Principal: Hello Kalyan, I’m glad you’ve passed the B.Sc. examination so well. First division, isn’t it?

Kalyan: Yes, sir, thanks to the good coaching by the lecturers and readers of your college.

Principal: Well, I’m glad if the college helped you; but no amount of teaching would have helped you to pass the examination if you had not worked well yourself.

Kalyan: Thank you, sir. I’ve come to you to have a character certificate and a strong recommendation for a post.

Principal: But have you any special post in view?

Kalyan: Yes, sir, There is a vacancy in Islampur College for a clerk, and I think I have a chance of getting it.

Principal: What pay is offered?

Kalyan: Rupees 5000/- a month, to begin with.

Principal: Not bad for a start. Well, I will strongly recommend you for the post.

Kalyan: Thank you, sir. Good-bye. (137 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #7

Q. A dialogue between two friends about a film show.

Biman: Hello, Ratan! Where are you coming from?

Ratan: I’ve just been to the cinema and had a grand time. The Metro Cinema Hall is showing a very fine film of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. It’s most impressive.

Biman: Surely it is. It is full of action and suspense. The acting of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is superb.

Ratan: I’ll never forget the pathetic cry of Lady Macbeth in the sleepwalking scene.

Biman: So will I. Tears rolled down my cheeks when she rubbed her hands and cried, “Here’s the smell of the blood still; all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”

Ratan: I wonder what a huge expense it must mean to produce a film like that. Will it pay?

Biman: Oh! it pays right enough. Every cinema hall where it’s shown is crowded night after night. (133 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #8

Q. A dialogue between father and son about luck in the examination.

Father: I’m sorry to hear you’ve failed the examination, Benoy.

Benoy: So am I father, it was just my bad luck.

Father: So you think that to pass or to fail an examination is a matter of good luck or bad luck?

Benoy: Yes, father.

Father: You’re wrong, my son. You’ve studied enough science to know that nothing happens by chance.

Benoy: Well, I don’t know. Some people seem to be lucky and others unlucky. I think I’m one of the unlucky ones.

Father: You talk nonsense. Most of the people who are called “lucky” have good fortune, because they work for it; and the so-called unlucky people miss it because they are lazy or stupid.

Benoy: Then you mean that I failed because I was lazy and stupid?

Father: Well, I think you were probably one or the other. (133 words) .

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #9

Q. A dialogue between two friends on the merits and demerits of watching television.

Ratna: Hello! Soma, What’s the matter with you? You didn’t attend the coaching class yesterday evening.

Soma: I was busy watching the cinema, “Charitraheen” on the TV at the time.

Ratna: Do you watch TV programs regularly? Soma: Yes, I do. You also see TV programs, don’t you?

Ratna: No. I don’t watch TV programs. I think television is a curse like gambling

Soma: How can you ignore the importance of television in modern life? It not only entertains us but also educates us. Television is a useful medium of mass education.

Ratna: But you can’t say the television is without evil effects. It exerts a harmful influence on the young, especially on the students.

Soma: I don’t deny its evil effects. I only mean to say you shouldn’t equate the box with evils like gambling. (138 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #10

Q. A dialogue between two brothers about sticking a postage stamp on a letter and posting it.

Ramen: Did you call me, Baren?

Baren: Yes, Ramen. Will you just run upstairs and get me a five rupee postage stamp? You’ll find it on my table near the window. [Ramen ran upstairs and brought Baren the stamp.]

Ramen: Here’s the stamp.

Baren: Stick it onto this envelope.

Ramen: Is this the correct place for the stamp, Baren?

Baren: Yes, it’s. Now, will you please go and post the letter for me?

Ramen: Where should I post it?

Baren: Why, don’t you know? You’ve to put it into the letterbox.

Ramen: And where’s the letterbox, Baren?

Baren: Surely you should know where the letterbox is. It’s just outside the post office. Have you seen the post office?

Ramen: O yes, I’ve. It’s down the road, just near my school. (114 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #11

Q. A dialogue between two friends on a trip.

Amal: Hello Bimal, What’s the matter with you? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Where have you been?

Bimal: I’ve been to Jaldapara on an adventurous trip with eight other students and the headmaster of our school.

Amal: How did you get there?

Bimal: We got there by bicycle.

Amal: Where did you sleep?

Bimal: We spent each night at a Border Security Force Camp at Malda, Berhampore, Kadamtala, etc.

Amal: Where did you stay at Jaldapara?

Bimal: We stayed in tents in the forest.

Amal: Who Organized the trip?

Bimal: Our Headmaster.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #12

Q. A conversation between a ticket checker and a ticketless passenger.

T.C.: Your ticket, please.

Passenger: Ticket! Sorry, sir, I couldn’t buy the ticket at the Sealdah station. When I reached the station, the train was about to leave. If I tried to buy the ticket I would have surely missed the train.

T.C.: You should have come to the station earlier.

Passenger: I caught the Sealdah-bound bus in time, but it broke down on the way, and I was compelled to walk all the way to Sealdah station.

T.C.: You’ll have to pay the fine in addition to the fare.

Passenger: Can’t you waive the fine?

T.C.: No, I can’t.

Passenger: What’s the train fare to Ranaghat?

T.C.: It was Rs. 25/ – You’ll have to pay Rs. 50/- as fine. So it’s seventy-five rupees in all.

Passenger: Here’s the money. Won’t you give me the receipt?

T.C.: Yes, I’ll. (Writing the receipt)

Passenger: Thank you. (129 words)

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #13

Reporter: Hello, my name is Mr. Thomson. I am a reporter for IBN and would like to meet Mr. Jack.

Secretary: Do you have an appointment?

Reporter: I do not have a formal one, but I spoke to him on the phone and he said that I could come today.

Secretary: You will have to wait for some time since Mr. Jack is in a meeting right now.

Reporter: How long will the meeting last?

Secretary: It should be over in about 15 minutes.

Reporter: That’s fine with me.

Secretary: Would you like some tea or coffee?

Reporter: No, thanks for asking.

Secretary: You’re welcome. Please have a seat. I will let you know as soon as he is free.

Reporter: I appreciate your cooperation.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #14

Anjuna: Hi Sweta, what a pleasant surprise! It’s a pleasure seeing a school friend after so many years.

Sweta: Indeed it is. How are you and what have you been up to?

Anjuna: I am great. Do you remember the paintings I made for pleasure in school?

Sweta: Yes I do, and I always told you what a great artist you would be one day.

Anjuna: Well, I guess you were right there.

Sweta: What do you mean?

Anjuna: After college, I studied painting at J. K. School of Art and today I am a professional painter.

Sweta: Oh really? That’s great news. I never doubted your potential.

Anjuna: I know, and I believe that the confidence you showed in me was one of the factors which encouraged me to conquer my dreams.

Sweta: Don’t flatter me. This is all the fruit of your hard work.

Anjuna: I am not. Believe me. I never considered my drawings of any consequence. It was you who saw the talent in me and gave me the boost I needed.

Sweta: Well then, I guess I deserve a treat.

Anjuna: You deserve more than that, but a treat is surely in order.

Sweta: Let’s have coffee.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #15

Omkar: Hey what are you doing? Would you like to come out to play?

Arvind: No. I’m a little busy right now. I’m writing a story for tomorrow’s storytelling competition.

Omkar: You have been working on that since the last week. How much more will you edit it?

Arvind: It’s a suspense story, Omkar. It has to be perfect or else it will lose its charm.

Omkar: That is true, but I have full faith in your skills. After all, you have been winning this competition for so many years now.

Arvind: That’s true. But that does not give me a reason to be careless with my work, does it?

Omkar: Yes you are right, but overdoing it is also dangerous, don’t you think?

Arvind: What do you mean?

Omkar: I mean you are so focused on this competition that you are neglecting every other thing like food, play, and your studies.

Arvind: I guess you have a point, Omkar. Come on, let’s go out.

Omkar: Finally! Let’s go.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #16

Teacher: Ranita, are you ready for the interschool history quiz?

Ranita: No Miss, I am not. I had jaundice last month, and therefore, I couldn’t prepare for it.

Teacher: You are our best student, Ranita. You have to participate. How long will it take to prepare?

Ranita: Miss, please give me an extension. I am working on it, but I need some more time.

Teacher: Ranita, I would love to give you time. But I’m sorry I cannot; the date for the quiz is finalized by the principals of all the schools participating.

Ranita: I would really love to participate, but I am not prepared and it will be wrong on my part to spoil the school’s name this way.

Teacher: I appreciate your dedication. Also, I am confident that you will be able to do well. You just need to work a little harder. Besides, we are here to help you. Feel free to approach any one of us whenever you need.

Ranita: Thank you for your support, Miss.

Teacher: You are most welcome. Work hard and make us all proud.

Ranita: I’ll try my best, Miss. Thank you once again.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #17

Priya: Hello! My name is Priya. Can I speak to you for a moment?

Police Officer: Yes, how may I help you?

Priya: I have a robbery to complain.

Police Officer: What exactly happened?

Priya: My handbag was stolen in the local market this afternoon.

Police Officer: Describe your handbag and give me a list of any important belongings that it contained.

Priya: My handbag is blue. It had my cell phone and about three thousand rupees.

Police Officer: Is that it? Did it have any other things?

Priya: Nothing of much importance. But I need my cell phone; the data in it is extremely important to me.

Police Officer: I will look into the matter and see what I can do. Did you see the thief?

Priya: Yes, I noticed that he was of average height, middle-aged, and wore a dirty grey t-shirt. He had medium-tangled hair and a small bruise over his right eyebrow.

Police Officer: Will you be able to recognize him if we find them?

Priya: I think so.

Police Officer: Okay then. We will call you when we get a lead on him.

Priya: Thank you!

Police Officer: You’re welcome!

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #18

Bank Manager: Good morning! Please come in. How may I help you?

Raj Singh: Good Morning! I would like to open a savings account with your bank, but I find the process very confusing.

Bank Manager: Please take a seat. The process is very simple actually. All you have to do is fill out a savings account opening form and submit it with photocopies of your ID proofs and two passport-sized photographs.

Raj Singh: Which ID proofs should I get along with?

Bank Manager: We will need one photocopy of each of your ration cards, pan card, and Aadhar card.

Raj Singh: Ok, that sounds easy. Where will I get the account opening form?

Bank Manager: The clerk sitting at the desk opposite the cash counter will give it to you.

Raj Singh: What is the minimum deposit amount for opening an account?

Bank Manager: For a savings account, it is only 500 rupees. However, this amount cannot be withdrawn unless you wish to close your account permanently.

Raj Singh: What are the other facilities that I would be provided if I open an account?

Bank Manager: Apart from your chequebook, SBI will provide you with an ATM/debit card, internet banking, and phone banking facility.

Raj Singh: Thanks a lot! You have really simplified the procedure for me.

Bank Manager: The pleasure is entirely mine.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #19

Dr. Sunil: This is the third time in two months you have come to me complaining of stomach ache, Rakesh. Have you been eating frequently from outside?

Rakesh: I have my lunch from the school canteen, doctor.

Dr. Sunil: How is the food in taste and appearance?

Rakesh: The food tastes good, except that it is spicy sometimes. Often, it is soaked in excess oil.

Dr. Sunil: No wonder you are falling sick so often, Rakesh! Eating spicy food regularly upsets your digestive system. Does the oil in the food smell abnormal?

Rakesh: I don’t know really. But yes, my throat often aches after eating a meal that had excess oil.

Dr. Sunil: That is due to the poor quality of oil being used to make the food. Rakesh, you should stop eating from the canteen at once. If possible, eat home-cooked food and for a few weeks only eat light meals.

Rakesh: Okay, doctor. What can I include in my diet for the next few days?

Dr. Sunil: Have home-cooked food with minimum spices. Avoid over-intake of fibrous foods as they are heavy to digest. Have plenty of water and fruit. In a couple of weeks, your system will be back to normal.

Rakesh: Thank you, Doctor. I will avoid eating from outside henceforth.

Dr. Sunil: Yes, you should. Here are your medicines. In addition, please also engage in light exercise once a day so that you remain fit.

Rakesh: I will do that, doctor. Thank you for your time and consultation.

Dr. Sunil: Take care and get well soon Rakesh!

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #20

Mother: Looks like you had a lot of fun at school today. How was the Christmas party?

Riya: It was a truly spectacular mother. The children from the primary section enacted the Christmas story at the assembly.

Mother: Oh! That must have been really beautiful.

Riya: It was! Not only that; after a short speech by our school leader on the significance of Christmas, the school band played carols on their instruments. Mumma, you should have heard them, for a moment I felt like heaven had come down to Earth.

Mother: That does sound exceptional. I understand what you mean. Your school has the reputation of excelling in whatever it does.

Riya: Yes Mumma, it was! After that, we went to our class. There we played games with our teacher. It was great fun. We also had crib-making and classroom decoration competitions.

Mother: So, they kept y’all busy the whole day. Did they give y’all any snacks to eat?

Riya: Yes, they gave us Fruity, samosas, wafers, cake, and chocolates. I got many gifts from Santa Claus as well. He kept throwing them in all directions.

Mother: Well Riya, I’m glad that you had so much fun.

Riya: That I did, wait for Mumma there is more. I forgot to show you the gift I got. Every standard received a different toy. We received Brainvita. Playing this game is so much fun.

Mother: So, I see you opened it in the school itself.

Riya: Yes! Everyone did. We were so engrossed in it that we did not even realize when the bell rang at the end of the day.

Mother: That’s very nice. Be sure to thank your teachers when you go to school next for all the effort they put in.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #21

Rajesh: Excuse me, what is your name, sir?

Beggar: My name is Dinesh Kumar. Why do you ask? You don’t need my name to curse me.

Rajesh: I do not wish to curse you, Mr. Kumar. I never saw you here before. You intrigue me; therefore, I want to know more about you. Who are you and why are you begging here?

Beggar: I cannot recollect the last time somebody called me by that name.

Rajesh: Tell me something about yourself.

Beggar: You know my name. Many years ago, I used to be a successful businessman dealing with scrap metals. The business was booming and I was surrounded by friends. I got married to a woman I loved and she bore me two children. I was a very good father fulfilling every desire my children had.

Rajesh: What changed that?

Beggar: I had a daughter and a son. When they got married, things started changing. Both of them vied for my business and property which I bequeathed to them. Once my son had control of my business, he ousted me. My daughter too, whom I gave my palatial house, threw me and my wife out.

Rajesh: Where did you go from there?

Beggar: My friends deserted me since I had no money. So, I begged for a living making enough to buy us two meals a day. My wife eventually succumbed to illnesses leaving me all alone in this world. At this age, I cannot beg. Sometimes I wait for death to catch up with me.

Examples of Dialogue Conversation #22

Sushant: Hello! May I speak to Mr. S. Kaushik?

S. Kaushik: Yes, who is this?

Sushant: Hello Sir. My name is Sushant. I saw the advertisement for your activity club in today’s newspaper and would like to enquire more about it.

Mr. Shah: Oh yes! We have recently opened an activity club for children of all age groups. I will be able to explain it to you further if you can tell me what exactly you are looking for.

Sushant: My son has a lot of free time, and since both my wife and I are working we would like to enrol him in a creative club.

S. Kaushik: We would be happy to oblige. What would you like to know?

Sushant: First, where exactly are you located?

Mr. Shah: Our club is located on the ground floor of Pravin Apartments which is about a 2–3 minute walk from the Santa Cruz railway station.

Sushant: Okay, could you give me some more details about the place?

Mr. Shah: We have converted a 1BHK flat into our club area furnished with colourful toys and other amenities. We also have a large garden at the back which can be accessed only through our flat.

Sushant: The place sounds safe enough. What activities do y’all teach?

Mr. Shah: We teach all forms of dance, singing, and craft. It’s an extensive list. I suggest you visit us once since it is impossible for me to list everything we do on a call.

Sushant: Okay, I will do that. Thank you for the information. I will call you back once I make up my mind.

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