Essay on the Role of a Father

A father is the male parent of a child, the one who leads and guides the family, bringing it into existence.

Here, we present you with a brilliant essay on the role of a father.

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 Role of a Father

Essay on the Role of a Father

The word ‘Father’ carries immeasurable importance and worth within a family. We call Mahatma Gandhi the father of the nation and Jawahar Lal Nehru the father of modern India because of their pre-eminent work for the people of the country which was linked to an extraordinary cause and everything was based on honor.

In its simplest sense, a father is the male parent of a child, the one who leads and guides the family, bringing it into existence. However, in a deeper sense, a father is the one who anticipates the needs of the time and shapes the family by shouldering responsibilities and fulfilling duties. His children consistently show respect for him due to his significant deeds and care toward them.

Even if a father is financially disadvantaged, he ensures the genuine needs of his children are met, ensuring they do not feel inadequate. These devoted fathers do not hesitate to work tirelessly to increase their earnings for the sake of their children. They willingly make sacrifices and prioritize their children’s well-being.

Modern fathers are evolving into sources of inspiration and support for their children. Their children love and respect them for their nurturing, guidance, and positive influence. They actively participate in their children’s activities, ensuring they make the right choices and imparting valuable life lessons. They listen to their problems and provide guidance, instilling a sense of goodness in their minds. Their primary concern is their children’s successful future. They are educated, possess logical vision, and have broken social barriers. Today’s fathers embrace new thinking that aligns with the times. They utilize their knowledge and modern outlook to raise their children appropriately, making them capable and confident to thrive in today’s competitive world.

In the present scenario, fathers no longer impose their career choices on their children. They encourage their sons and daughters to follow their own paths based on their interests, suitability, and abilities. The tradition of specific family professions is fading away. A doctor does not necessarily expect their child to become a doctor, a professor does not pressure their child into the same profession, and an army officer does not force their son to join the military. However, fathers still desire a bright future for their children.

While children often love and respect their fathers, values, and feelings have declined in modern times. Children often choose to live separately from their fathers, even distancing themselves from their duties and responsibilities towards their ailing fathers, who rely solely on them.

We celebrate Father’s Day every year on 19 June to strengthen the relationship and remind a father of the sacrifices he endured towards his kids when they were in need.

It is crucial that we deeply respect and hold our fathers in the highest regard, not merely because they are fathers, but for their unparalleled fatherhood and incredible sacrifices towards us.

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