India is the largest democracy in the world

India is the largest democracy in the world – Essay

India prides itself on being one of the greatest democratic countries in the world and the greatest in Asia. India is the largest democracy in the world. The three limbs of democracy in India are the legislature, the executive, and therefore the judiciary. The primary formulates policy and enacts it as law, the second carries out policy in action and therefore the third applies the law consistent with rules of procedural justice and resolves disputes.

Judiciary is the guardian of the constitution of India which is rooted within the rule of law. The judiciary is the interpreter of the constitution. For successful democracy like India, the existence of a free judiciary may be a must. Without an independent judiciary, the system could also be practically like a dictatorship.

The proper functioning of democracy depends on its electoral system. In India elections to the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies are held at regular intervals on the basis of adult suffrage. As a result, the Central and State Governments derive their power from the people who choose their representatives for Lok Sabha and State Assemblies.

The fundamental rights guaranteed to the people by the Indian Constitution impose limitations on both the legislature and the executive. The Directive Principles of State Policy give economic content to political democracy in India. In India, a remarkable experiment in people’s democracy has been introduced under the banner of the Panchavati Raj. Thus Indian democracy is “the Government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

India is one of the greatest democratic countries in the world. But democracy in India has not been very successful. There are certain factors that stand in the way of its proper working. It is feared that some of these factors will grow so strong in the future as to throttle Indian democracy.

Democracy is meaningless to a people whose life is a continual round of poverty. Despite the implementation of a number of five-year plans, the majority in India still live below the poverty line. Machines will produce abundance in the future, but this abundance in India will make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The ever-increasing poverty of the masses will reduce Indian democracy into a failure. The other factors which will sap Indian democracy are the people’s apathy towards the country’s affairs, their illiteracy, the presence of a personality cult, the absence of effective opposition, Centre’s growing interference in State Governments’ working.

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