How I Celebrate My Birthday

I always look forward to my birthday as I feel very happy and important on this day. For me, that day is when I am considered very important.

After reading this post, you will know how I celebrate my birthday.

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How I Celebrate My Birthday

How I Celebrate My Birthday Essay (250+ Words)

I am very excited as it is my 20th birthday on April 9th. I have a lot of things to do like sending invitations, arranging games, and decorating the drawing room for my birthday celebration. My sister helps me by decorating the cards and writing addresses in beautiful handwriting. She also invites her friends to the party.

My father has a different idea about my birthday. Last year, he took me to an orphanage and made me contribute to their welfare fund. This year, he plans to take me to a school for the blind.

My friends start coming around 5 p.m. I greet them warmly and make them comfortable in the beautifully decorated drawing room. They bring gifts wrapped in colorful paper. Sometimes my uncle who lives abroad sends me a nice set of pens or a pair of jeans.

After all my friends have arrived, my mother brings out the cake and we light the candles. We sing “Happy Birthday,” and I blow out the candles. I cut the cake into small pieces and we enjoy it with some snacks. We also play games that are full of laughter and fun.

As the evening shadows lengthen, my faraway friends start saying goodbye. My father then takes me to a charity home, a school for the disabled, or a hospital in the city. He wants me to remember those people as my brothers and sisters and help them in their time of need.

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