Essay on Disaster Management

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In this post, we present you with a brilliant essay on disaster management.

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Essay on Disaster Management

Essay on Disaster Management (700+ Words)

People and properties are being struck by numerous disasters, causing great loss, and we often watch helplessly due to the absence of prior management planning. Despite spending vast amounts of money on various issues, governments are disinterested in planning for anticipated disasters.

Poor disaster management is incapable of handling situations during their occurrence. Effective disaster management requires a prior preparation, including good training, the latest equipment, assigned responsibilities, readiness, drills, fast communication, financial arrangements, order of precedence, security, medical coverage, rehabilitation, and standing orders for essential services such as transportation, food, supplies, and medicine.

Teams should be established independently for each anticipated disaster to empower individuals with the skills to handle the situation effectively.

Disasters occur due to natural causes or accidents. Natural disasters are widespread and more terrible, requiring significant infrastructure and establishment arrangements. In contrast, accidental disasters require limited arrangements, but time is critical in executing rescue operations.

Earthquakes are destructive natural disasters that can demolish homes and cause widespread devastation within seconds of striking. People are unable to protect themselves and their possessions due to the suddenness of the event. Those who live closer to the location of the earthquake’s epicenter suffer more extensive damage.

If a well-planned disaster management system were in place that could provide people with advanced warnings of the earthquake and its severity, they could take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. With a disaster management system that has prepared guidelines, fewer people and animals would lose their lives, and properties would remain undamaged by timely rescue operations.

Earthquakes are terrible natural disasters that require dedicated disaster management plans. Disaster management teams should ensure that people are well-prepared in case of any emergency, and relief efforts are provided promptly and in an organized manner. People should be made aware of earthquake-prone areas and taught to take preventive measures, such as building homes with light materials and other techniques that can withstand the impact of an earthquake.

Individuals should immediately leave their homes when they sense the onset of an earthquake and alert their neighbors to do the same. They should seek refuge under the open sky until the earthquake subsides completely. By following these safety measures, the potential loss of life and property damage can be minimized.

Floods are a type of natural disaster that occurs in various regions of our country. Unlike earthquakes, flooding can be prevented or mitigated if certain measures are taken in advance through disaster management. There are numerous ways to control floods. The disaster management team should have a plan in place to immediately alert people when rivers begin to rise above the danger level, so they can move to safer areas.

The responsibilities assigned to the flood relief and disaster management teams should include measures such as building barriers to prevent overflow during the rainy season, distributing river water through canals for irrigation, and planting trees to prevent soil erosion along river banks.

Floods can cause loss of life and property in many areas. The disaster management team should consist of well-trained and qualified individuals who can evacuate people from flood-affected areas efficiently and effectively. They should carry out rescue operations in a quick and demonstrative manner to save as many lives and essential items as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

The nation has encountered several natural disasters such as drought, forest fires, landslides, epidemics, and famine in the recent past. If these disasters occur again in the future, disaster management teams can be formed to assist affected individuals, preserve property and protect forests.

Numerous accidental incidents have resulted in significant disasters in the country. These include airplane and bus accidents, mine explosions, mishandling of ammunition scraps, accidents involving nuclear substances, disposal accidents, and hijackings. Establishing disaster management forces is essential to manage these situations and rescue individuals and materials as quickly as possible.

Developed countries such as America, Britain, and France have incorporated disaster management subjects in their school and university curricula to equip students to handle emergency situations. Adopting a similar approach to education in other countries can prepare citizens to face and overcome difficulties effectively during disasters.

It is important to train students through drills and practice to build confidence in handling real-life situations on the ground. With the increasing impact of science, having preventive measures and adequate disaster management forces are vital in today’s world to tackle emergencies caused by disasters.

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