Benefits of Co Education Essay

Co-education is a system of education where boys and girls study together in a common school or college. Co-education was not prevalent in ancient times.

There are several Benefits of Co-Education. The people of the country have realized that boys and girls should walk shoulder to shoulder in every step of life in a free world.

Benefits of Co Education Essay

Benefits of Co Education Essay (600+ Words)

Co-education has various advantages. It is useful in producing a sensation of solidarity and a feeling of equivalent obligation among boys and girls. When young boys and girls come closer to each other, they take more care in understanding each other. That helps in creating a friendly atmosphere between the two. The boys and the girls partake in their joint exercises consistently in schools and universities.

Co-education is exceptionally practical. The number of schools required is less. The strength of the teaching staff is diminished. The government spends less money on infrastructure and laboratories. The balance of money so saved is spent on better maintenance of schools and colleges, which facilitates the students for better study.

Co-education assists in carrying out the change in society according to the need of modern times. Young boys and girls get the opportunity to blend in with one another frankly and conveniently. They act together on different events and occasions in society. They demonstrate examples of cooperation before individuals, which inspires and produces a healthy spirit of working among the masses.

The boys and the girls come into close contact with each other in such institutions regularly. They know the characteristic qualities of all the fellows of their class. There are cases where the boys and the girls feel comfortable choosing soul mates of their decision. Such relationships are most successful. The co-educational institutions have become genetic platforms in society for the determination of soul mates.

That takes care of the issue of many guardians about the marriage of their kids. It is seen that such relationships last long because of a better understanding between the two. It also helps in reducing injustice and crimes against women which are created by demanding dowry in marriages.

Co-education produces good citizens who have sufficient quality and development in them. That is a direct result of acquiring various experiences of good and terrible nature during their student life in coeducational institutions. This sort of value in an individual separates him respectably during his further course of life. Such citizens are mostly successful in their work because of their characteristic potentiality and maturity.

Ours is a male-overwhelmed society. There is a sensation of mediocrity among women. There is a need to educate the public opinion that the rights of women and men are equal and that they have an equal role to play in society. Their aim and interest are one, and both the men and the women possess the equal ability to act. The aim should be to remove the feeling of an inferiority complex and bring oneness between the two. That will generate confidence in the female community and will give great working strength to the country.

Co-education is the only answer to this issue. When the boys and the girls live and study together for a long time, the disparity of gender goes off and the feeling of equality is seen apparently among them. By prudence of this improvement, both the young boys and the young girls speed up their working with their equivalent and joint endeavours during their life and accomplish their objectives all the more without any problem.

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