Why do We Need to Study History Essay

The study of history is very important to know about the major events which have happened within the nation and the world. An educated man ought to be aware of significant events of the past.

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Why We Study History

Why do We Need to Study History Essay (1000+ Words)

History is a very important and interesting subject. Those who are keen to know about the past events and heroism of great people, generally opt for history. History gives curiosities about the noble deeds of noble people who could make themselves fit to be chosen, by the excellence of their remarkable performance, for a record in the books of history. Such people and their acts, through which they could show wonder, always rouse others to follow. The study of history influences one’s character.

No doubt, the present generation has become materialistic as a result of modern science and very few students are going to study history. Their goal has changed. They are keener to earn more and more money for enjoying lavishly rather than philosophizing about historic events.

The modern man is seeing no gain in the study of history unless his goal is to win the competition for accomplishing a task or get an education to make himself ready to work for a respectable goal. A man with his tendency towards history conveys a thought process to work on something for humanity. Their motto is for historic achievement and they work for the nature of being perfect. A man can be recognized only when he works in an unprecedented way, for which history is the subject, which gives motivation through past occasions.

A host of our ancestors have accomplished incredible work for mankind. History speaks about their admirable performance. Many emperors made history by ruling the country gloriously. They did considerably more for the prosperity of mankind. A few others likewise got a place in the books of history by virtue of their acts of bravery, extreme sacrifice, remarkable management, and noble deeds.

The study of history is very important to know about the major events which have happened within the nation and the world. An educated man ought to be aware of significant events of the past. The study of history makes a man savvy on various additional matters like religion, legislative issues, sociology, literature, economics, foreign policies, unity, freedom, trade, commerce, geographical aspects, and various indigenous and foreign races. A number of wars, victories, and treaties, which happened in the past inside the nation and outside, have been kept in the books of history. The reader of history knows all about these occurrences exhaustively after he goes through them.

History isn’t just an account of the battles and accomplishments of a common man, it contains sentiments towards the cause that makes him determined to act for it. It conveys worth and importance for that man who puts his gigantic strength and conceivable risk to accomplish the difficult objective. That makes the reason qualifies him to be kept in the books of history. And people quote him as anas an illustration that rouses them to follow.

History is a subject that is full of facts and fiction. It is as interesting as a novel or a drama. Every reader experiences the good taste and worth of history. Gandhiji considered history vital even in the changed circumstance and said education is incomplete without history. He thought that an educated man should be aware of past events which happened within his country and the world so that he can understand the truth. It always gives them experience and empowers them to confront similar circumstances, if they come in life.

History features differently. We know from history that in the past this world was a turning chunk of fire and a fragment of the Sun. It solidified after so many years and turned out to be increasingly cool step by step. Then life appeared with creatures, other living things, and plants. They were followed by apes and remote ancestors of man. There are countless different realities and happenings that are contained in the books of history.

For example, the advancement of man at all points. The primitive man was hairy and naked. He meandered like an animal. His main work was hunting and eating the animals. After a period of so many years, he could light a fire as a result of chance. It was a significant stage forward throughout the entire existence of human civilization. The following step came when he learned cultivation and started eating food grain. The past of the man is romantic and it is an interesting subject to study.

History must be studied for many important reasons. Its study increases our understanding of caste, religion, tradition, and customs. Its study clarifies that all were man-made. The fundamental point behind it was to make a framework as per work, feeling, and civilization in society. There is no religious sanctity attached to anyone. It is changing with the difference in time.

The study of history gives us a judgment that the division on the basis of caste and religion has no obvious importance. It is an obstacle to advancement, as a matter of fact. It requires introducing a reform wisely. The study of the history of other countries gives information about their way of life and their lifestyle. We can include their good and beneficial things in our system to make our lifestyle healthy.

The study of history teaches us the lesson of courage, determination, and hope. A man may be feeble, however throughout ages, he has struggled against heavy odds and never looked back. He faced many disastrous wars and revolutions, yet, he has advanced. The study of history uncovers us the heroism of the man who empowered him to accomplish so much in different fields.

Great leaders like Jawahar Lal Nehru, John. F. Kennedy and Mahatma Gandhi were students of history. All these leaders could show what they can do as extraordinary statesmen not only in their nation but in the whole world. Nehru was an extraordinary historian. His understanding was fully grown to the point that he could lead in addressing numerous world issues effectively. His knowledge of history played a great role in his success.

Let us encourage the study of history in our country with a positive and helpful point. Let us arrange the study of history to give courage and strength to our childhood empowering them to grasp the element in it for making good use in building up a strong and prosperous country.

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