Story of Holi

‘Holi’ is the festival of colours that always looks forward to. Holi is one of the main festivals celebrated in India that has great importance and impact on Hindu mythology. There is a history that tells us about the story of Holi.

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Story of Holi

‘Holi’ is named after ‘Holika’ the sister of savage King Hiranya Kashyap. Long ago, king Hiranya Kashyap had a son named Prahalad was a young prince. Hiranya Kashyap was a devil and he did not believe in God as well as Lord Vishnu. he asked people and his son to worship him instead of God. But Prahalad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and he worshipped God, not the king Hiranya Kashyap.

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Consequently, Hiranya Kashyap decided to kill his son Prahalad as he was not worshipping the king and worshipping Lord Vishnu instead. Hiranya Kashyap called his sister Holika who was blessed not to be burnt in the fire. Hiranya Kashyap asked his sister Holika to kill Prahalad by taking him in her lap and setting him ablaze. Instead of Prahalad, Holika was burnt to ashes as Lord Vishnu was protecting Prahalad. Therefore, Holi teaches us that every evil spirit has an end and marks the victory of good over evil.

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