Science and Technology in India Essay

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Indian Government gave high priority to developing Science and Technology in India visualizing that in a fast-changing world, it is necessary to have scientific and technological advances for meeting modern needs and competing ourselves globally.

Science and Technology in India Essay

Science and Technology in India Essay (1000+ Words)

This is the age of science and technology. Its benefits have arisen as a significant determinant of the wealth and power of the nation. The development of science and technology has significant ramifications on the management of the future pattern of social and economic growth.

In a fast-changing world, the fate of the country can be moulded through our ability to harness modern science and technology, which is a road to boost the development programs of the country.

Rapid technological advances have reduced the dependency on natural resources or the factors in proportion to it. Man is performing precisely by machines with a regular improvement in his work because of quick technological changes by virtue of scientific advancement all around the world.

The foremost important aspect that the world is perceiving today is consistent endeavours to consolidate the gains of science for improving the human condition. Scientific discoveries have to be converted by human efforts into technological innovation which have to be developed to achieve significant improvement in the human condition.

Indian Government gave high priority to developing Science and Technology visualizing that in a fast-changing world, it is necessary to have scientific and technological advances for meeting modern needs and competing ourselves globally.

The most effective contribution of the Government, which has appeared through its policies during the last 60 years of its independence, has been the creation of a large reservoir of scientific and technological skills which has significantly helped the nation in diversifying its economic structure. By virtue of technological progress, we have established our position in the worldwide market, and it has had an extraordinary impact on the developing economy of India.

India’s major occupation is cultivation. Around 70% of its population is working on farms. Agriculture has great relevance with our economy being the country’s major profession. The Government of India has drawn special attention to this direction for promoting science and technology in order to achieve the goal and make India self-dependent on food grains. Our agricultural scientists have the liberty for working on research work freely.

They have proactively made an exceptional commitment to giving new innovations for growing the crop with scientific methods, which have developed our national economy and human welfare by empowering ourselves completely independent in food grains. This could be accomplished through related technology and scientific methods by providing machines and developing quality seeds, fertilizers, and insecticides, which are suited to bringing a green revolution to the field of agriculture.

India has accomplished desired scientific and technological advancement and has succeeded in boosting various important national activities like information and telecommunication, television, meteorological services, medical advancement, industrial development, nuclear research, Space Research Oceanographic Research, etc. India is the only developing country that has the qualified manpower for inventing ocean energy. India has already set up a National Institute of Ocean Technology at IIT Chennai for undertaking research in the areas of ocean energy, marine instrumentation, ocean engineering system, etc.

Over the years a strong science and technology infrastructure base has been established for giving modern shape to Indian industries for better products to empower India to stand in the world market. It covers a chain of national laboratories, specialized centres, various academic and research institutes, training centres, and useful development programs, which continuously provide skill, technically trained manpower, and technological support to industries for better execution.

By virtue of it, India has had the supreme privilege of progressing fast in the field of industrialization. India has truly shown remarkable progress on the ground which made India ready to be in the vanguard of numerous countries of the third world furthermore has accomplished a high degree of solidarity making this country a power to reckon with in global affairs.

Science has advanced a great deal in the field of medical care. New technology has given a compelling medical care framework at a reasonable cost. The new technology that medical science has invented provides the system, under which critical cases can be handled Confidently for saving human life.

Medical research has been carried out, broadly on nutrition, tuberculosis, reproduction, child care, leprosy, drugs, communicable diseases, cholera, and malaria, which has an extremely certain result. Man is in a position today where he can undertake to treat these dreaded diseases according to the new invention which has given an established method of treatment and care.

India has progressed in the field of civil engineering through Research and Development works. The newly invented technology and the scientific method, mainly in the construction of roads, provision of shelter, and sanitation, have facilitated getting it at an affordable cost and within a reasonable time limit. There are a number of institutes in India, which are exceptionally presumed for research and development work on Structural Engineering. These institutes have achieved significant improvement in the construction work at a lesser expense and guaranteed durability.

India is in the emerging world order. Its dream is of becoming the financial power of the world. Its dream is also of capturing the world of the 21st century in trade, commerce, economy, military empowerment, international decisive role, ability to deal with worldwide undertakings, and becoming India to be a vanguard of countries that have accomplished a high degree of solidarity making this country their representative for dealing with global affairs for securing the interest of those nations.

If we look at the global scenario, the modern world is moving exceptionally fast. There are rapid scientific and technological changes that are occurring in a steady progression. India, as a global competitor, in the race to become a world power, needs to accomplish more in the area of Science and Technology emphasizing it as its foremost national priority in order to accomplish its objective.

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