Science and Technology in India Essay

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With a focus on meeting modern needs and competing globally, the Indian Government has given high priority to developing science and technology in India.

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Science and Technology in India Essay

Science and Technology in India Essay (750+ Words)

In today’s era, science and technology play a vital role in determining a nation’s wealth and power. The management of future social and economic growth heavily relies on the development of science and technology, and its impact cannot be overlooked.

The ability to harness modern science and technology can mold a country’s fate in a rapidly changing world, which can significantly boost its development programs. With the swift progress in technology, the dependence on natural resources or related factors has diminished, and machines are taking over human work with continuous improvement due to scientific advancements worldwide.

The most crucial aspect currently observed worldwide is the consistent efforts made to utilize scientific gains to enhance the human condition. It is crucial to convert scientific discoveries into technological innovations and develop them further to achieve significant improvements in human life.

With a focus on meeting modern needs and competing globally, the Indian Government has given high priority to developing Science and Technology in India. Over the last 60 years since gaining independence, the Government’s policies have been effective in creating a vast reservoir of scientific and technological skills, which has significantly aided in diversifying the nation’s economic structure. This progress in technology has enabled India to establish its position in the global market, contributing significantly to the developing economy.

Agriculture is the primary occupation in India, with around 70% of the population working on farms. Given its relevance to the country’s economy, the Government has placed special emphasis on promoting science and technology in agriculture to achieve self-sufficiency in food production. Agricultural scientists in India have the freedom to work on research projects without constraints.

Through proactive efforts, India has made exceptional contributions to developing new innovations in agriculture using scientific methods. This has significantly improved the national economy and human welfare, making India self-sufficient in food grains. These accomplishments were made possible through advancements in technology and scientific methods, such as providing machines and developing quality seeds, fertilizers, and insecticides, which brought about a green revolution in agriculture.

India has achieved significant progress in science and technology, resulting in the advancement of critical national activities such as information and telecommunication, television, meteorological services, medical research, industrial development, nuclear research, and Space and Oceanographic Research. Notably, India is the only developing country with qualified manpower for inventing ocean energy. To undertake research in ocean energy, marine instrumentation, ocean engineering systems, etc., a National Institute of Ocean Technology was established at IIT Chennai.

Over the years, India has established a strong science and technology infrastructure base that has enabled its industries to produce better products and compete effectively in the world market. This infrastructure includes a chain of national laboratories, specialized centers, various academic and research institutes, training centers, and development programs. These entities provide skilled manpower, technical training, and technological support to industries for better execution.

Due to its industrialization progress, India has been privileged and is now at the forefront of several third-world countries, with a high degree of solidarity and significant influence in global affairs. In the field of medical care, science has made great strides, and new technology has provided an effective medical care system that is affordable. This new technology has also made it possible to handle critical cases confidently and save human lives.

Research in medical science has been focused on various areas such as nutrition, tuberculosis, child care, leprosy, reproduction, communicable diseases, drugs, malaria, and cholera. This research has yielded extremely positive results, and with the new inventions, man can confidently undertake to treat these dreaded diseases with established methods of care and treatment.

Through research and development efforts in civil engineering, India has made significant progress in utilizing newly invented technologies and scientific methods for constructing roads, providing shelter, and sanitation at an affordable cost and within a reasonable timeframe. Several renowned institutes in India are dedicated to structural engineering research and have achieved remarkable advancements in construction at a reduced cost while ensuring durability.

India is an emerging power in the global order and aspires to become a dominant financial force. Its vision includes dominating the 21st-century world in areas such as trade, commerce, economy, military strength, international leadership, ability to handle global issues, and being at the forefront of countries that exhibit a high level of unity, with India representing them and safeguarding their interests.

Considering the rapid pace of scientific and technological advancements across the globe, India must prioritize science and technology as a national priority in order to achieve its objective of becoming a world power and compete effectively with other nations.

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