My Family 10 Lines

Family is the place where you learn your first lesson in life. Your family members are the only assets that will remain with you forever.

I am attached to my family greatly and everybody in my family is educated enough and has a beautiful nature.

Essay on My Family

My Family 10 Lines

I live in a nuclear family of five members and I am attached to my family greatly, everybody in my family is educated enough and has a beautiful nature.

My father is a teacher who heads and leads our family and predicts the need of the time and raises his family by bearing all the responsibilities and discharging all the duties for giving a required shape.

My father does not force me to go for a career his choice, and he wants that his son should go according to his own choice, suitability, and capability.

My mother is a housewife as well as a beautician who shapes me, to become a nobleman through her great, insightful, and elegant activities.

Sometimes my mother uses specific hard measures to discipline me and teach me valuable lessons but I know, she is very soft from the inside.

I give deep respect and pay the highest regard to my father and mother not just because they are my parents, but for their unmatched parenthood and incredible sacrifices for me.

My grandmother is the cutest person of all and she is fond of making sweet dishes and we love what she does.

My brother, who is a Youtuber, is fond of cooking, loves to play cricket and is a gadget freak he doesn’t study much but is a very sweet gentleman.

Despite the fact that I am a student in my final year, my family always treats me like a child but this provides me with a sensation of so much love and care.

My family is the best family for me and whatever the circumstances are, we are always there for each other to support us.

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