Health Article for Students

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” _______Mahatma Gandhi. If we see the details, we find that individuals having good health could perform better in their life regardless of the profession they belonged to.

‘Health Article for Students’ will tell you everything you want to know about health.

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Health Article for Students

Health Article for Students (1000+ Words)


With his highly developed brain, man has been able to control nature, and his predominance over other creatures lies in his superior mind, making him a reasonable creature. However, in order to maintain his physical and mental health, man must keep his body and mind fit. It is often said that “a healthy man is a wealthy one,” and regular exercise is a key component in achieving good health and keeping a vigilant mind.

A sound state of health not only guarantees an agile and active mind but also reflects an individual’s state of mind and emotions. Conversely, a weak and unhealthy body can have detrimental effects on an individual’s psychological well-being. Recent studies have revealed that the increased stress of modern, fast-paced lifestyles is resulting in various medical conditions, especially heart and neurological problems. Good health, therefore, enables an individual to maintain a positive outlook on work and life in general.

Regardless of the difficulties and obstacles we encounter in life, it is meant to be positive and joyful. However, to enjoy and appreciate life’s wonders, we need the energy and enthusiasm for life. This can only be achieved when the body is healthy enough to tackle life’s challenges.

Good health care is crucial for children, and it starts from infancy. The mother’s maintenance of her health is essential, including a balanced diet with necessary nutrients and a hygienic environment. These two basic requirements are fundamental for both the feeding mother and the baby. Preventative measures are necessary to avoid children falling ill with dreaded diseases like polio, diphtheria, and typhoid.

Parents view their children as their best hope and love them dearly. They aspire to have healthy, bright, and intelligent children, and it is their responsibility to ensure that their children grow up physically and mentally fit. However, as children are the future of the country and everyone’s hope, others also have a role to play in ensuring their good health.

The phrase “a kid is the dad of a man” implies that a child’s development determines their adult life. Thus, a healthy child will grow into a healthy adult who can contribute positively to society and humanity. It is beneficial if others extend their services to promote children’s good health. Educators, neighbors, athletes, teachers, trainers in physical and mental health, media personnel, social workers, doctors, and gymnasts all have a significant role to play in inspiring children to maintain good health.

In school, children have the opportunity to develop their physical and mental abilities. In this competitive age, good health is even more crucial to meet modern requirements. Life has become fast-paced and stressful, starting at an early age. The educational syllabus is vast, and expectations from children are high, with competitions becoming increasingly difficult.

Under these circumstances, students must study hard and sit for long periods in the classroom. Therefore, educational institutions must give equal importance to physical exercise and recreational activities to promote students’ overall well-being. These activities are crucial for students to learn effectively and maintain good health.

An educational institution is considered good when it provides ideal facilities for sports and other activities that offer physical exercise and entertainment to the students. After long hours of mental work, students need outdoor activities to refresh their minds and remove mental fatigue.

Having good academic records and sound health enables young people to achieve their life goals, regardless of the career they choose. Good education and good health provide individuals with the confidence to face challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.

Regardless of the profession one chooses, good health is crucial for better performance and results, both physically and mentally. Everyone needs to take care of their health to become a result-oriented individual.

Good health is a valuable asset that can benefit even an average person in their profession. Many individuals with strong physiques work hard all day on farms to support themselves and their families, leading to mental satisfaction and sound sleep at night. Furthermore, individuals who are physically fit and mentally sharp can provide better service to society and gain admiration from others.

Several occupations require health as the primary qualification to meet the job criteria. The armed forces, paramilitary, police, and other similar forces prefer well-built and mentally fit individuals. We have witnessed numerous people in these forces being recognized for their exceptional performance and bravery while fighting against the enemy or exhibiting courageous behavior under extreme circumstances.

Healthy individuals have numerous job opportunities in both public and private sectors. Even in the private sector, where professional skills are the main criterion, a powerful and robust appearance is sought after. Health has significant value everywhere and pays off for an individual throughout their life.

The negativity and cancerous thoughts in a person’s mind manifest on their face, while positive thoughts of a healthy mind give a sparkle to the individual’s face. Since the mind and body are closely connected, they constantly influence each other, and unless controlled, can trigger a chain reaction.

Improving good health is of great value and should be prioritized, especially in areas lacking healthcare centers. Hospitals in rural regions are often operating without adequate medical resources and personnel, leaving many individuals with multiple illnesses or injuries untreated. The cost of treatment at private hospitals in big cities is unaffordable for the poor, exacerbating the issue.

To address this problem, it is not enough to rely solely on medical facilities. People need to be aware of the importance of regular physical exercise for maintaining good health and productivity. Those who are mindful and knowledgeable about their health often join Gymnasiums and Yoga camps, inspiring others to adopt these practices and achieve disease-free, robust health.

A person who can rid their mind of negative and unhealthy thoughts such as self-indulgence can motivate themselves to improve their physical health, potentially eliminating most illnesses with psychological origins. As they progress towards better health, they will also experience mental clarity and a superior mindset.

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