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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” _______Mahatma Gandhi. If we see the details, we find that individuals having good health could perform better in their life regardless of the profession they belonged to.

‘Health Article for Students’ will tell you everything you want to know about health.

Essay on Health

Health Article for Students (1200+ Words)


Man is a reasonable creature. His predominance over different creatures lies in his superior mind. As a matter of fact, man has been able to control nature due to his highly developed brain. But man needs to keep his body and mind fit and healthy. It is said that “A healthy man is a wealthy one”. Regular exercise helps us to keep fit and simultaneously keep an alarm in mind. Good and sound well-being would guarantee an agile and active mind. Just as an individual’s state of mind and feelings are reflected in an individual’s health, a body that is feeble and ill-suited plays devastation on an individual’s psychological prosperity.

Recent studies have shown that the increased stress of the present speedy life is leading to various medical conditions. Major among those are heart and neurological problems. Good health assists an individual to keep a positive attitude toward work and life in general.

Regardless of anything else difficulties and obstacles, we go over, life is intended to be positive and cheerful. To enjoy and appreciate the wonderful things of life we need the energy and zest for life. This can happen only when the body is healthy enough to take on the difficulties of life.

Care for good health begins right from childhood. It depends on how the mother of a baby is maintaining her health, whether she is taking a balanced diet containing required nutrients, and whether the area and surroundings where they are residing are hygienically fit. These two are the fundamental necessities for a feeding mother and baby. We see that various kids are experiencing some feared illnesses like polio, diphtheria, typhoid, and so forth. Care in order to prevent such diseases is a foremost requirement for keeping children healthy.

Children are the best hope of parents. The parents love their children. Every couple has the dream in their life of having healthy, brilliant, and intelligent children. However, they need to see that their children grow physically and mentally well. Though child care is the basic responsibility of parents, others are equally responsible for their good health as the children are the future of the country and the hope of everyone.

A kid is the dad of a man. As you grow a kid, you get a man comparable to its development. It formulates that a healthy child develops into a healthy man. A man who has been developed from all the angles right from his childhood can show what he can do as a resource for the country, who can perform well for society and humanity, Nothing wrong if others could come forward for extending their services, which can help the kids in keeping up with their good health. An educator, neighbour, companion, athlete, teacher or master in physical and mental training, media, social worker, doctor, and gymnast can play a significant role in inspiring children to good health.

On the other hand, a child gets a chance for developing his physical and mental standards in his school. However there has ever been a value of good health, it is more important in this competitive age for meeting modern requirements. Nowadays, life has become exceptionally quick and stressful right from the beginning.

The educational syllabus has been vast, expectations from children are more, and competitions are becoming harder day by day. It has become important for a student to study hard and sit for a long time in the classroom under these conditions. It is for educational institutions to give equal importance to physical exercises and amusement programs for the students. It is the main way by which students can learn well and maintain good health.

We can recall a good school or a good educational institution if it has the ideal facilities for sports and other activities, which give physical exercise and entertainment to the students. The students after a long study and mental work need open-air exercises for a change in order to remove their mental weaknesses.

Each young fellow with a decent academic record and sound health makes certain to accomplish his objective in life whatsoever the career he chooses. In fact, good education and good health enable a person for facing challenges unhesitatingly, which positively turns towards progress and the ideal outcome.

If we see the details, we find that individuals having good health could perform better in their life regardless of the profession they belonged to. Both physical and mental health is similarly significant for better execution and result. Everybody needs to take care to have good health for proving himself as a result-orientated man.

An untalented man can also deal with his occupation through the excellence of his good health. We see a number of people having good physiques working on the farm the entire day by putting their energy into earning bread for themselves and their family members. It gives them mental satisfaction and a night of sound sleep during the night. Not only that a physically strong and intelligent man can stretch out better help to society and gain appreciation from individuals.

There are various professions for which health is the main eligibility to meet the job requirement. A well-built and mentally fit person can do better in the armed forces, paramilitary, police, and like forces. We have seen a number of persons of these forces decorated with awards for their extraordinary performance and heroism shown while fighting with the enemy or for their courageous acts shown under incredibly odd conditions.

There are more options available for jobs for a healthy man. Even the private sector, where professional skill is the main criterion, seeks a well-built man with a powerful appearance. There is an extraordinary value in health all over the place. And it truly pays a man throughout his life.

The disappointment and malignancy in a person’s mind get reflected on his face whereas positive thoughts of a healthy mind bring on sparkle to the person’s face. Since mind and body are so closely intertwined, both keep influencing each other and unless controlled can set off a cycle of reactions.

We realize that there is value in good health, so it ought to be improved. There are areas where people are badly suffering for want of healthcare centres. The hospitals in many rural areas are running without doctors and medicines. There are people who are suffering from multiple diseases or injuries but are not getting treatment, in the absence of proper medical facilities. The poor people can not afford the treatment after going to big cities. The treatment of major diseases in private hospitals is beyond their reach.

The medic.. facility alone can not solve the issue. There is a requirement for awareness among people for carrying out regular physical exercises to have sound health and efficiency to work. People who are cautious and aware of their health join Gymnasium and Yoga camps. The inspiration will intrigue others to follow these good frameworks for making them disease free and enabling them to enjoy robust health.

If a person can figure out how to free his mind of unhealthy and negative thoughts like self-indulgence, he can stir up the will to improve his body. That will free him of most illnesses that are of psychological origin. When he is on the way to good health, he will encounter a superior mind.

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