Disaster Awareness Essay

Numerous disasters are striking people and properties, which are causing great loss and we merely watch helplessly in the absence of proper disaster awareness and prior management planning.

In this post, we have written Disaster Awareness Essay.

Disaster Management in India

Disaster Awareness Essay (700+ Words)

Numerous disasters are striking people and properties, which are causing great loss and we merely watch helplessly in the absence of disaster awareness and prior management planning. Every government is spending immense cash on different issues, yet it is uninterested in chalking out the necessities against anticipated disasters.

The disasters, which are generally occurring are either natural causes or accidental.

Disasters, which are caused due to natural reasons are always wide-ranging and more terrible. It needs greater arrangements by setting up an appropriate establishment and infrastructure. On the other hand, disasters which are caused accidentally need limited arrangements, but the time factor is more important to executing rescue operations in it.

The Earthquake causes large devastation since it requires a couple of moments in shaking the earth fiercely and demolishing the houses to the ground. Individuals can’t save themselves and their fundamentals because of its sudden action. Those, who are closer to the site of the fountain of liquid magma, face more annihilation. If a system is set up to aware people well in advance of the occurrence of an earthquake and its gravity, they can take possible safety measures.

There ought to be dedicated disaster management, which should guarantee that individuals are aware of in case of any disaster; relief is provided timely and in an arranged way; they are informed about the earthquake zones and educated to take remedial measures such as building up the small houses by using light materials and other preventive techniques which can sustain during the effect of an earthquake when the earth is shaken violently.

Individuals ought to come out promptly from their homes when they notice the quake and yell or give a wide-running caution to their neighbours for comparable activity. They ought to hold themselves under the open sky till the overwhelming impact of the earthquake comes to an end completely. These sorts of security measures could limit the misfortune account of such possibilities.

The other sort of cataclysmic event that is occurring in various pieces of our nation is flooding. It is unlike earthquakes. It can be prevented or its effect reduced if proper disaster awareness is given and certain measures are taken in advance through disaster management against this calamity.

In the recent past, the nation has experienced various other regular disasters like drought, forest fire, landslides, epidemics, famine, etc. All these if they occur in the future, can be handled by giving proper disaster awareness and forming disaster management teams in order to help the affected people, save property and protect the greenness of forests.

Various other accidental occurrences have been occurring in our nation bringing about enormous disasters. These are chiefly accidents of aeroplanes and buses, blasts in mines, explosions due to mishandling of ammunition scraps, accidents while dealing the nuclear substances and during their disposal, hijacking, etc. There is a necessity to aware people of accidental disasters and set up disaster management forces, which can manage the circumstances and salvage men and materials as timely as possible.

If we look at developed countries like America, Britain, France, etc, they have previously presented different subjects on disaster awareness and management in schools and universities with the aim to train and equip the students for handling emergency situations. There is a necessity to follow a similar arrangement of schooling in other countries for empowering the country to prepare every single resident to face and battle difficulties effectively during any sort of disaster.

As a matter of fact, the students ought to be prepared by training, drill, or practice for growing more certainty to deal with the circumstances in the genuine term on the ground. It is vital in the present life to have precautionary measures and adequate disaster management forces for tackling emergency situations when disasters are on increase due to the virtual effect of the advancement of science.

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