India is known as the land of festivals because of its cultural diversity, faith, and religious beliefs among people of different religions.


India is known for its festivals because of its diverse cultures and religious beliefs. One of the biggest and most famous festivals celebrated by billions of people is Deepawali, also known as the festival of lights. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India and by Indians in foreign countries. Deepawali signifies the victory of good over evil.

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Deepawali Essay in English

Story of Deepawali

According to Hindu mythology, Deepawali has a historical significance. Lord Rama, an incarnation of the God Vishnu, was the son of King Dashratha of Ayodhya. Due to a conspiracy by his stepmother, Lord Rama was sent into exile for fourteen years. His wife, Sita, and brother, Lakshman, accompanied him to the forest. Towards the end of their exile, Ravana, the powerful king of Lanka, kidnapped Sita. Lord Rama, along with Lakshman and Hanuman, defeated Ravana and rescued Sita. Upon their return to Ayodhya, the people celebrated by lighting clay lamps and setting off fireworks. This event symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Deepawali Celebration

In present times, Deepawali is celebrated with a similar spirit. People clean and decorate their homes in preparation for the festival. They buy and wear new clothes and light up their houses with lamps, candles, and tube lights to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness. Hindus believe that Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, visits their homes during Deepawali to bestow prosperity. Therefore, they worship Lakshmi, light lamps at the entrance of their homes, and keep their doors open to welcome the goddess.

Deepawali brings people closer to their loved ones and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Sweets are prepared at home and shared with friends and relatives. People invite their near and dear ones and exchange gifts and dry fruits.

Drawbacks of Deepawali

However, there are some drawbacks to the celebration. Careless bursting of firecrackers can lead to accidents and cause harm to people. The smoke and noise from the fireworks can also have adverse health effects and contribute to pollution. The government advises caution and encourages the use of eco-friendly alternatives like sky candles.


Deepawali is a festival celebrated throughout India and by Indians around the world. It signifies the victory of good over evil and promotes the belief in good deeds. It is a day of happiness, joy, and the end of darkness. Deepawali unites people and has been celebrated in India for thousands of years, continuing to be a significant cultural event even today.

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